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Nov 2017
Nov 16 2017 06:50
This usually happens when the link you try to add has been added already. In this case, Shaarli offers you the possibility to edit the link since you cannot add it twice.
Shawn P. Conroy
Nov 16 2017 12:27
Thank Kalvn, but I don't think I explained it right. What I see is not an example of a previous link. I just see the main screen of the most recent links. So I cannot edit it because the link is not shown. So the URL bar says I'm at ?post however, all I see is the ? home listing of links.
Using the demo I have done what you said. When I go to add a link already present I get the edit screen. But that's not what is happening to me. I'm adding a new link to a new article that just came out today, but when it goes to ?post it shows only the main screen of the most recently added links (imported).
Shawn P. Conroy
Nov 16 2017 12:55
I decided to delete the old files and install the application it. I dropped in the datastore file and got an error: it said that links require a URL and ID. This implies that something went wrong with the import, and that might be why adding links wasn't working.
I decided to reimport my links. Just now it imported 1283 links. But it says 435 links were over written. 0 skipped. So now I'm concerned about what links were over written. This happened last time as well. I checked the log file, but sadly it doesn't list overwritten files. That would be nice to add.
Shawn P. Conroy
Nov 16 2017 18:17
I installed from scratch. Didn't import or delete anything. The first thing I did was try to add a link, but I got the same thing. When I paste the URL and click the button, it just reloads the main page and never adds it.
Shawn P. Conroy
Nov 16 2017 18:48
Most be something incompatible on my shared hosting setup, thought I can't image what.
Nov 16 2017 23:00
@ShawnPConroy_twitter From what I understand, your problem is that clicking Menu > + Shaare, pasting an URL (let's say, and clicking Add link sends you to the main link list page, instead of showing the Edit link dialog. The URL displayed in your browser address bar at this point is ? Is that right?
If that is the case, feel free to open a new issue at, including 1. Web server and PHP versions 2. Steps on how to reproduce the problem 3. Expected result 4. Actual result. If you could provide excerpts from your webserver error log, that would also be nice (if you have access to such logs)
I suggest we try to tackle this problem before trying to address your import problem. Both may be related and it will be easier to debug both problems separately. TIA