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    @koltyakov - Thanks. I'm using MS Flow to break inheritance and clear all permissions with an uploaded file, then JavaScript attempts to rename the FileLeafRef of the doc. Problem is....timing. MS Flows are slow to start so the triggering user doesn't have permission on the file and the JavaScript cannot rename the file. I have to clear permissions on each file because it's a shared lib. The limitations of client side coding with SharePoint!!!!
    Tom G

    Is it possible to get user photos from the graph without having my SPFX web part needing to be authorised by admin? I guess I need clarification on this:

    By default, the service principal has no explicit permissions granted to access the Microsoft Graph. However, if you request an access token for the Microsoft Graph, you get a token with the user_impersonation permission scope that can be used for reading information about the users (that is, User.Read.All).

    Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/spfx/use-msgraph#available-permission-scopes

    The problem I have is that I'm working with an NHS (Health Service) client in the UK - they use the government's Hybrid 365 offering, which melds NHS Mail with Office 365. The central administration / azure stuff is all handled by Accenture, so I don't have easy access to any of that. Its possible to apply via their desk to have something approved but its such a pain and if there's a way to avoid it I'm all ears...

    All I want are profile photos. I am finding /_layouts/15/userphoto.aspx?size=L&username=workemailhere a bit unreliable. https://outlook.office365.com/owa/service.svc/s/GetPersonaPhoto?email=workemailhere works - but I'm finding that if users haven't opened Outlook OWA in addition to SharePoint - the images don't necessarily load. Same thing with Delve.

    Any help most appreciated!

    probably a long shot but it is absolutely impossible to build a spfx webpart using the yeoman generator but instead of building a .sppkg it creates a html/css/js build we can use in a CEWP instead?

    Hi Team. I'm having a problem when trying to retrieve information from a list on sharepoint. The following code was working correctly before, and works on my colleague's machine.

    async function getUserIDs (sprequest,spInfo) {
        const credentialOptions = {
            username: spInfo.sp_user,
            password: spInfo.sp_password
        const spr = sprequest.create(credentialOptions)
        const tableInfo  = 'GetByTitle(\'delimitados_qas\')//items?'
        const selectParams  = `U_ID,Title,Subinfotipo`
        return await spr.get(spInfo.sp_url + tableInfo + selectParams)

    I'm using the correct credentials, but i'm receiving this error:

    Error: <s:Fault>
    <s:Value xmlns:a="http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/ws-trust/200512">a:FailedAuthentication</s:Value>
    <s:Text xml:lang="en-US">MSIS7068: Access denied.</s:Text>
    <IssuanceAuthorizationFault xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ws/2009/12/identityserver/" xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"/>
    at c:\Users\flor_active_msg\node_modules\node-sp-auth\lib\src\utils\AdfsHelper.js:32:23

    nik sur
    Hello. Is it possible to only download the files that are new? Like comparing the files from destination folder. I want it to work in a way that it doesn't download the same files over and over again? Thank you. =)
    Andrew Koltyakov
    nik sur
    Thank you!
    Andrew Koltyakov
    NP! =)
    What would be good knowledge base for beginer sharepoint online?
    Hi, I am new to node, is there a way to create folders and upload documents using Node.js in Sharepoint?
    Are there any tutorials which explain these, and what npm modules to use?
    Andrew Koltyakov
    @Burnfireblaze please check spsave https://github.com/s-KaiNet/spsave
    Hello everyone,is there a way to automatically authenticate the user from the sharepoint context without giving hard coded login and passwords?
    @koltyakov Thanks a lot for spsave, finished uploading of files. But , now I need to download files, any library to do that? I tried using sppull but I am facing an error.

    This is the code I used:
    const { SPPull } = require('sppull');

    const context = {
    siteUrl: "http://contoso.sharepoint.com/subsite",
    creds: {
    username: "user@contoso.com",
    password: "Password",
    online: true

    const options = {
    spRootFolder: "Shared%20Documents/Contracts",
    dlRootFolder: "./Downloads/Contracts"


    • All files will be downloaded from http://contoso.sharepoint.com/subsite/Shared%20Documents/Contracts folder
    • to __dirname + /Downloads/Contracts folder.
    • Folders structure will remain original as it is in SharePoint's target folder.
      SPPull.download(context, options)
      .then((downloadResults) => {
      console.log("Files are downloaded");
      console.log("For more, please check the results", JSON.stringify(downloadResults));
      .catch((err) => {
      console.log("Core error has happened", err);
    As given in sp pull library example
    Screenshot (535)_LI.jpg
    This is the error^
    Any help from anyone would be appreciated
    @koltyakov Anything which would help me?
    I need to get the files in the folder in sharepoint and display them for download in react front end
    tried sp-download but couldn't make it work
    I have solved the above error in the image, but no files are downloading, its 0 out of 0 always
    Any proper examples for sp-download?
    other than the npm examples
    Andrew Koltyakov

    Hi @Burnfireblaze,

    Thanks for the interest in the libraries.

    This is the error^

    This looks as if you were provided a wrong creds or a wrong strategy.
    Is it SharePoint Online or Onprem?

    sp-download examples


    It's just it. There could be no other examples. sp-download is a bare minimal one use case lib and cli.
    In tests, there is a bit more, https://github.com/koltyakov/sp-download/blob/master/test/integration/tests.spec.ts, yet in terms of examples it's the same exactly pattern.


    The different examples can be checked in the manual tests https://github.com/koltyakov/sppull/tree/master/test/manual
    Or in integration tests.

    While you're experiencing the issues with a straightforward scenario which just works for others, my guess you're providing a wrong path to site or folder or file, or wrong creds or strategy.

    Please check this wiki for the auth strategies https://github.com/s-KaiNet/node-sp-auth/wiki

    I'd suggest separating a possible issues by checking auth first - https://github.com/koltyakov/node-sp-auth-troubleshoot - this project setup allows quickly check if auth works. Don't try populating config manually, but use the wizard and then check what the private.json ended up with.

    And is there anyway to get the names of files inside the folder?
    Andrew Koltyakov
    Hello everyone, I have been experiencing a strange issue with the node-sp-auth package and I am hoping to get some help here hopefully.
    The issue is that when calling the getAuth() with client_id and client_secret only, everything seems to be working ok (in that I don't get any errors back), but when the promise resolves, the access token comes back as undefined, so the "headers" object looks like this: {'Authorization': 'Bearer undefined'}.
    Do you have any idea as to why this could be happening? Also worth mentioning that I have been observing this behavior only since yesterday, and that my integration was working fine before.
    Andrew Koltyakov
    Hi @mmorandini, did you prolongate the add in? By default an add-in registration is actual per a year, then needed secret update.
    Hi @koltyakov, I didn't and this could be te case actually. I'll look into that. The thing that scared me was not receiving any errors back. I'll let you know how it goes :)
    Rushabh Wadkar
    Hello guys! I have a problem statement where I want to upload a file to company's sharepoint and also retrieve the public url of that file using node/python. Can anybody suggest me how to achieve this ? I tried reading the docs but didn't understand it. It would be great if someone points me to the right direction. Thanks :)
    Rushabh Wadkar
    I tried spsave but it isn't working properly. getting this error - " spsave: Error: No XML to parse!" Please help!
    Hi @koltyakov I have an urgent need. Are there any npm modules to rename a folder?
    on sharepoint
    would spsave or sppurge or sppull or any oher modules work?
    Andrew Koltyakov
    A raw query via sprequest or PnPjs
    HI Andrew but am not aware of the exact process, do you have any documentation?
    Can you please elaborate what I should do??
    Andrew Koltyakov
    https://github.com/SharePoint-NodeJS/pnp-auth - how to authenticate in Node.js environment
    Hello, everyone.
    I have to create a react native app with which I can upload files to sharepoint 2019. Sharepoint is authenticated with adfs.
    the user must be able to authenticate himself with adfs in my app. is that possible? if so, do you know any documentation or a tool?
    Danny Foncke
    Hi all - I wonder if(how) I could get following scenario to work:
    • user is on local pc in browser logged on to SP2019 onprem (ADFS)
    • in SP page a js script connects to a nodejs api
    • Can the js script pass the user authentication to nodejs ?
    • Can nodejs check the authentication with SP ?
    any sharepoint developers here ???
    is there anything Mac + Visual Studio Code + SharePoint Framework cannot do in terms of developing SharePoint Add-ins compared to Windows + Visual Studio + Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio. ???
    Hi Andrew, I am really grateful to you for developing spsave, sppull, and sppurge, using this modules I was able to establish a full stack solution for uploading files to sharepoint with ease. I was just an intern and now I have received a good job offer, your modules helped a lot.
    The full stack project I did for the company was solid and liked by the team a lot
    Thank you for helping me out also when needed in this chat, really appreciate the work.