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Oct 2015
Shaurya Arora
Oct 21 2015 18:14
this is to discuss RTL/prepareStyles
I don't really have anything specific to discuss on the issue. Just wondering if we could adopt some "best practices" to avoid potential issues with RTL support
Louy Alakkad
Oct 21 2015 18:29
Sure. I think it's fairly simple to use but can easily be misused. I've added a warning when a misuse is detected anyway. And (as mentioned in the function definition) it should only be used when passing style objects to DOM elements. It shouldn't be used when passing styles between components — that was the mistake fixed in #1922.
Shaurya Arora
Oct 21 2015 18:40
@louy you should mention that with examples of misuse and correct usage in the documentation that you were going to add (right?)