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Repo info
    I'm trying to embed shellinabox in my website
    so I used <iframe>
    how can I get cmds from shellinabox?
    already applied.
    please help me. thanks
    who have experience on that?
    @SkyClean I have done something like that, what you would mostlikely need to do is set a proxy config inside your Apacheconfig, and set the port you have for Shellinabox to something like MyDomain.com/shell and iframe that, so that the iframe can be set to MyDomain.com/shell
    but i need help doing that again, i had done it before but i forgot how to exactly
    And thats not a bad idea, i just might do that,
    Zachary Heine
    hey guys I have been trying to setup my raspberry pi to be a home file server and i am having an issue where shellinabox is set up and will show up in a browser but as soon as it opens in two seconds it says session closed. I am running it on archlinuxarm.
    Collin Warren
    Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to use Shellinabox to stream a terminal without allowing input or giving a login prompt. Basically, I want to livestream a terminal rogue-like on my website without having to actually stream bandwidth-heavy video.
    Frédéric CHAMPREUX

    I noticed at my customer's organisation that there is a proxy breaking the https flow. Certificates do not belong to the https web site, but to the organisation itself. They are using it for scanning data and avoid viruses and guess other things.

    I provide some cloud services, which I manage through Shell in a Box: an Ajax terminal emulator, over https. Obviously, the passwords I use will be read in clear text thanks to the proxy.

    How can I avoid this weakness? Could we imagine to implement end-to-end encryption at Shell in a Box level?

    Larson Carter
    Hello, Is there any possible way that I can get this to work on a MAC?
    Larson Carter
    I would still like my questoin to be answered
    Sammy Hajhamid
    Hi! I require some help
    I keep getting an empty response after trying to access it through the port
    Same! I'm doing it on a raspberry pi
    HI ALL
    If anyone of you could shed some lights on the enquiry it'll be really great:
    What's the recommended way of automating the interaction w/ browser base shellinabox
    @larsonthekidrs Simple, VirtualBox or compile it yourself
    whow. this place has veen almost dead
    HI ALL
    Is there a way to upgrade Shellinabox 2.20 on FreeBSD to v2.21 ?
    Compile it
    Hi I am using shellinabox in a ubuntu based OS . My secutity team has detected the following vulnarabilities in it :
    Medium SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported tcp 4200
    Low SSL RC4 Cipher Suites Supported (Bar Mitzvah) tcp 4200
    is it an known issue with shellinabox service ?
    version is 2.14-1
    Jonny Rimkus
    will there be a new deb package for all systems (including arm) with the current pr's merged?
    I already did that in my fork and built a .deb package, but I'd like to have an officialish one :)
    Hi, I get this error when i try to open a file usins gedit, in the shell in a box
    could anyone help !
    Hi, How to setup SIAB to untick by default the "Unicode" menu ?
    Mathew Knoop
    anyone have issues with ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE on a fresh ubuntu install?
    @novelkumar I suggest using a reverse proxy with OAuth 2.0 if you want to secure shellinthebox for public facing internet access.
    Elhay Efrat
    there is any chance someone knows if you can connect this app to ldap ?
    Doctor Linux
    Forgot to update version number in the source code from 2.21? There is still 2.20.
    Grant Handy
    hey I am trying to run shellinabox on devuan linux ASCII, I've tried the .deb file from the debian buster repositories, the .deb file from the devuan repositories, and compiling it from source, and it still doesn't work for some reason. When I do "sudo service shellinaboxd status" it doesn't recognize it, but when I do "sudo service shellinabox status" it just skips to the next line.
    What should I do here?
    Collin Warren
    Hey, is anyone active here?
    I was wanting to use shellinabox as a way to live-stream things happening on a terminal without the viewer being able to make input.
    How would I go about disabling keyboard input with shellinabox? Thanks.
    Faizan Amin
    Hi. can any body help me about autologin in shellinabox on startup. And also, how to automatically execute commands in terminal

    Hi, I have installed SIAB 2.20 version in redhat linux server to use the CGI mode using shell script which works fine. But, when I do the same in Ubuntu 18.04 server its throwing "Unable to connect" error in browser. It's development environment so I even disabled firewall.

    Here is the link I followed to set up SIAB: https://www.tecmint.com/shell-in-a-box-a-web-based-ssh-terminal-to-access-remote-linux-servers/
    my shell script similar to this one: shellinabox/shellinabox#260
    command I'm using in script: shellinaboxd -t --cgi -s /:SSH:$parms
    URL to access script: http://<server-ip>/cgi-bin/ssh.sh?<destination-server-ip>


    Please let me know is there any known issues with SIAB 2.20 and Ubuntu 18.04 versions?
    If not please help me out to make it work.

    thanks in advance!

    Vishal Varshney

    Hey guys
    when i tried running following command
    shellinaboxd --port 4201 --disable-ssl

    it do nothing , screen hanged no response comes up..

    first of all you missed equal to "--port=4201"
    you should mention --service which should be either of "LOGIN", "SSH" or "telnet" and then provide hostip you want to login
    command should be like "shellinaboxd --port=4201 --disable-ssl --service=/:LOGIN:<your hostip>"
    Now open browser and enter url as follow "http://<hostip of server running shellinabox>:4201"