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or do you pull the project into the temp folder, build it there and deploy only the output afterwards?
Ingwie Phoenix
@capira12 not really. You build your app in a temporary folder using shipit, and that gets deployd then. That, at least, is how I do it.
@IngwiePhoenix so how do I integrate my gulptask into shipitjs?
Ingwie Phoenix
I never work with gulp or grunt…i only use shipit because it automates a compile task and scp for me. so i dont have experience in this field, sorry ^^
ah it is as easy as shipit.local('gulp build')
Ingwie Phoenix
Probably. o.o

I'm trying to create a shipitfile for deployment, but it looks like things are happening out of order. I've got a fetched event which updates npm modules but the deployment continues before this is finished.

More than likely I need to create a blocking task which prevents deployments from continuing, however I'm not sure how to hook that up to the fetched event.

Anyone got any pointers?
Here's what I did:
grunt.registerTask('npm:install', function() {
    var done = this.async();

    grunt.shipit.local('npm install', {
      cwd: grunt.shipit.config.workspace
    }).then(function() {
that is just using grunts native async - http://gruntjs.com/creating-tasks#custom-tasks
that is called via
  grunt.shipit.on('fetched', function() {
    return grunt.task.run('npm:install');
@jwhitmarsh I ended up using the shipit-npm module which seems to have the issue solved and does exactly what I need
It would help if there was some kind of example documentation on how to do this though, as I'd imagine it's a quite common use case
Daniel Winter
hi there
i'd have a question as i'm not completely sure how shipit works
Diogo Afonso Barroso
hej guys how do I run tasks synchronously?
  shipit.task('install', function () {
    shipit.start(['build-server', 'prepare-admin','clean-admin', 'prepare-client','clean-client']);
I want to run them in order
Ingwie Phoenix
@icylabsDev You dont. x) Chain async callbacks...that is what you can do. Unfortunately, that is...
Greg Bergé
Hi, just for you information, I don't provide support for Windows, I don't have Windows environment to test so I can't, Windows support for Shipit is brought by community
Also I am not very active on Shipit because I don't use it right now, maybe in near future I will
For now if some user want to contribute actively on Shipit please let me know by sending me an email
Thanks all for using Shipit!
Diogo Afonso Barroso
thank you @IngwiePhoenix
hey guys, I have this super odd situation where I am trying to run npm install remotely
my npm installs just throw tons of errors, kind of like the node 0.12.x to node 4.x transition
but, if i run npm install while i'm on the destination machine, it runs fine
very bizarre, and I don't know where to look
i defininitely only have one version of nodejs installed, and that's 4.2
hm.. nevermind it seems like i can't do it over plain ssh at all
figured it out. it was a bash_profile issue. However I do have a question: I can't seem to run sudo commands over remote because it won't run the tty option. looking around, I can't seem to find how to enable it for shipit. thoughts?
ah, looks like this is the issue. I have to start the command with "sudo" because of this regex: https://github.com/shipitjs/ssh-pool/blob/master/lib/connection.js#L56
that's a little odd
hm.. shipitjs doesn't seem as active as i'd hoped for. oh well
Naveen Singh
my shared tasks suddenly stopped working
      shared: {
        overwrite: true,
        dirs: [
        files: [
            path: 'server/config.production.json',
            overwrite: false,
            chmod: '755',
Leandro Isotton
Hellow, someboby online?
Yury Chernikov
hi all
Greg Bergé
Hi, I am sorry I don’t have so much time to take care of Shipit, if someone want to be a maitainer, please tell me
This message was deleted
Eric Howard
is it possible to deploy directly to a folder, without adding a releases folder?
Luke Bond
Hey guys. Just started using shipit, really like it! I have a question though. What would be the best way of maintaining a directory in my project, for example, say in the root of the project there is an api/uploads folder. How would i make sure that when i deploy a new release that folder and its contents get copied to the new release? any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Humberto Ribeiro
hey guys, is possible to deploy angular 2 apps with shipit?
Fabian Becker
@inforserver2 I don't see why not
Zhomart Mukhamejanov
Hello, how to build locally? shipitjs/shipit-deploy#125
ahmar siddiqui
hello guys
i've a question
I'm using shipit-deploy
want to run some commands once everything is done