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Feb 2016
Feb 22 2016 09:39

1 failure になると思いますが。

rspec ./spec/features/workflow/branch_spec.rb:30 # workflow_branch with auth branch #branch_create
  1) workflow_branch with auth branch #branch_create
       Unable to find button "警告を無視する"

bin/deploy 修正

  • fingerprinting 32 -> 62
  • .sprockets-manifest

scope :public #794

  • scope :and_public


  • Style/MultilineMethodCallIndentation: Disabled
  • W: Useless public access modifier.
  • C: Prefer to_s over string interpolation.
  • C: Use %w or %W for an array of words.
  • C: Use yield instead of
  • C: Favor modifier while usage when having a single-line body.
  • C: Use array[:k] = v instead of array.merge!(k: v)
  • C: Use empty? instead of size == 0.
  • C: Prefer skip_action_callback over skip_filter.
  • C: Move %code out of the conditional.
  • C: Use tr instead of gsub.
  • C: Use alias instead of alias_method in a class body.