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    Thomas Lohner
    🔥🔥🔥 Start E-2-E-Testing VERY EASY with https://github.com/leichteckig/sw-cypress 🤖🤘🚀
    Uwe Kleinmann
    Thomas Lohner
    Presentation PDF E2E Testing.pdf
    cypress communication interface between project owners and developers: https://github.com/TheBrainFamily/cypress-cucumber-preprocessor
    Jannis Leifeld
    The headless storefront demo for GraphQl you seen in the presentation: https://github.com/jleifeld/graphQL-Demo
    It was very nice and helpful. Thank you!
    Alexander Wolf
    Repository from the salesChannel Team for the Instagram Integration: https://github.com/eemzet/instagramShopping
    Thanks for the nice 3 days and I hope to see everyone back at the SCD !
    Thanks for the 3 nice day Schöppingen. It is possible to get the group photos to show my colleague how nice it was? :)
    thx for the 3 days. nice SW6 workshop and many nice peoples. hope to see you on SCD.
    Nico Allers
    Thanks as well. It was great to talk a lot about technical insights with the swag devs. Hopefully you can do something valuable with our feedback ;)
    Jochen Manz
    Hallo Guys!
    Jochen Manz
    Hallo Guys, as promised: https://github.com/jochenmanz/SwagPipelineExample the gitlab ci pipeline with unit tests
    anyone help me with shopware 6 manufacturer slider usage in shopping experiance
    Hi all... in shopping experience how to put mutiple items slider...that is an image slider with multiple items say something like this
    "responsive": {
    "xs": {
    "items": 1
    "sm": {
    "items": 3
    "md": {
    How to use script in shopping experience?
    Thorben Pantring
    Hi @Nandhuprasanna, sadly this is not yet possible The Slider will always show one Image.
    However If you need to realize this you could create a Plugin and implement this logic for your current need.
    Hi. Could anyone please help. I wonder how to get the content of a shop page with special page-id. I would like to include only the content and title into frontend/detail/content.tpl . Is a smarty option?
    Pascal Thesing
    @ArturJo please use one of the another channels. Since it is Shopware 5, i would recommend shopware/shopware.
    when i am trying to create a custom page using controller i am getting this error Argument 1 passed to SwagQuickstartTheme\Storefront\Controller\ExampleController::__construct() must be an instance of SwagQuickstartTheme\Storefront\Controller\ExamplePageLoader, instance of Shopware\Storefront\Page\GenericPageLoader given, called in /var/www/html/var/cache/dev_h89d500b84530a5dcf60d76ed1a15bcf1/ContainerXmEQ7va/Shopware_Production_KernelDevDebugContainer.php on line 8871
    please anyone help me with this
    here is the the link https://developer.shopware.com/docs/guides/plugins/plugins/storefront/add-custom-page
    how to load 10 products on page load on storefront with category filter and page number?
    Hello, I have installed the Shopware 6 developer Version on a vHost Server. The steps on the docs are finished - but I can't open the admin in the Browser. App URL in the .psh.yaml.dist are "http://xyz.com:8000" - the conf File Directory is the public Folder from Shopware 6