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Repo info
    Joshua Behrens
    I am out of options :( sorry
    Uwe Kleinmann
    \Shopware\Storefront\Controller\ContextController::switchLanguage indicates that a storefront language switch simply is a URL switch.
    But that doesn't help out api calls much , does it :(
    besides, check this
    I believe any other urls would have a record in here
    with the respective language
    Are their any known problems in context of products with this.$super.('onSave') ? I only receive javascript errors..
    i dont know that the problems are
    just send a languageId to that endpoint and its switched
    Hüseyin Demirci
    Did someone know why iam not able to execute javascript at the offcanvas-cart.html.twig? a simple console.log will not work!
    @shyim yeah dude great idea didnt think of that :D but no srsly, try doing it and share the results with me. I'd love to see u get a different language in the response
    that you should work
    its intented so
    well it should, but it doesn't
    I will repeat -- I call the context endpoint with GET, then call it with PATCH and a languageId as a parameter, and the returned context token is the same. After that, I call it with GET again, and the languageId property of salesChannel object in the response hasn't changed either
    @shyim got any insights mate?

    Hello All,

    I have create custom element but display in backend and frontend


    i try to using this ref. link :

    and create custom element same as given example in ref. link



    When i am trying to execute these query in mysql

    SUM(order_line_item.quantity) AS totalQuantity

    I got the following error

    Error in query (1055): Expression #2 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'shopware6_demo.order_line_item.label' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

    Can you please help me?

    Its just a simple query. why this happens

    David Fecke
    if you group by in a query all the fields in select, also have to be in the group by clause
    this is not a shopware problem, more like a knowledge problem of sql ;)
    Christopher Dosin

    Good Morning,
    i can't get my head around head: If i want to add a manufacture (or many) to a category where the user is able to choose from manufacturers - same like with the existing product assignment or tags:

    Would i need to create a pivot table like category_manufactur which contains the category_id, product_manufacturer_id - So same like with tags?

    I don't think so, because a manufacture is part of the product and the product is already connected to the category in some way right?
    Or with an Entity Extension and a relation something like

    (new ManyToOneAssociationField('manufacturer', 'product_manufacturer_id', ProductManufacturerDefinition::class, 'id'))
                    ->addFlags(new Inherited())

    So same as within a ProductDefinition ?

    Matthias Burgmeier
    @ChristopherDosin sorry for the late reply, i fixed my cms element meanwhile <3
    How would I go about including scss for a custom cms element tho?
    Christopher Dosin
    Glat you found the issue :)
    Just create a scss file and include it
    Matthias Burgmeier
    For Frontend I mean
    @ChristopherDosin yes you will need a table
    if that entity has an versionfield you will also need a x_version_id
    Matthias Burgmeier
    I'm only finding this 10 months old thread where someone stated that theyre implementing custom scss/css for plugins in the storefront with a high priority but cant find any documentation and the linked swagpaypal example doesnt give much either
    Christopher Dosin

    @shyim Okay. So i would need a table with
    category_id, category_version_id, product_manfacturer_id, product_manfacturer_version_id right?
    Because category and product_manufacturer both having a version_id

    And can you tell me what the version_id exactly does?

    @matthiasburgmeier_gitlab Just place your scss file here Resources/app/storefront/src/scss/base.scss This should do the trick
    You can have multiple versions of the same entity
    An idea could be a cms page
    You could prepare it for an event and make just that version life when its necessary
    Matthias Burgmeier
    @ChristopherDosin thanks, but it doesnt.
    Christopher Dosin

    Okay. And can you also tell me how i would connect my new table with the category - only with a new ManyToOneAssociationField?
    Or do i also need to write some Definitions etc.?

    Within Laravel i would just write a simple model and connect those via Eloquent, that's it.
    But i am still not getting it within Shopware 6 with custom entities :D

    There isn't a how-to isn't it?

    @matthiasburgmeier_gitlab If you make a storefront:build - Is your plugin injected?
    Sebastian Schreier
    "src/Resources/app/storefront/src/scss/base.scss" is the correct path and works, when you do a storefront:build @matthiasburgmeier_gitlab
    Matthias Burgmeier
    even for a regular plugin? shows src/Resources/app/storefront/scss/main.scss
    Christopher Dosin
    Then try a main.scss. Not sure if Shopware is looking for a specific file, but i guess so
    If you use storefront:build you see a list of injected plugins - By default it's only the storefront plugin. Just have an eye on it if you plugin is injected or not.
    If not, the path/file is wrong :D
    Matthias Burgmeier
    @sschreier was right, for some reason it didnt show up in hot-proxy
    Christopher Dosin
    if i am not wrong the hot-proxy doesn't show the injected plugins, only storefront:build
    Matthias Burgmeier
    true, but what i'm trying to say is calling my dev env without the :9998 for hot proxy showed it and hot proxy hadnt