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Repo info
    in the docker-compose.yml i find:
    build: dev-ops/docker/containers/mysql
    MYSQL_USER: app
    but the login credentials are wrong. or the server/DB name.
    @GaboCapo The server is: mysql:3306
    user: app
    pwd: app
    Works. <3 Thanks a lot!
    i updated shopware on my dockware.io container.
    I cant use use the build-storfront command anymore:
    ./bin/build-storefront.sh: Permission denied
    @Paddy65305: Download zip und unpack and request /recovery/update
    @reineltchris, default copy issues. You have copied without permissions. Maybe just correct them with chmod
    @shyim it worked, thanks
    instead of showing an error message for the page user it throws an exception when the captcha failed, is that right?
    Freddy Rommel
    Hello !
    i still miss a opportunity to add some fields for a payment method during the checkout. is there something planed?
    Is there a way to extend the shopware.yaml? I want to add more file extensions to the filesystem
    @PhenomEY Add your custom extension configuration in config/packages/shopware.yaml
    Yafar Valverde
    since I updated to 6.2 I get this error message on cache clear
    In Filesystem.php line 181:
      Failed to remove directory "/var/www/html/production/var/cache/dev_hb87e4236db06b441b4758f0ceaef2184": rmdir(/var/www/html/production/var/cache/dev_hb87e4236db06b441b4758f0ceaef2184): Directory not empty.
    any ideas?
    Edgardo Palza

    I am trying to install SW6 DEV in MACOSX with MAMP PRO, but I get an error in step 25/38. The message is

    Cannot download "https://github.com/sass/node-sass/releases/download/v4.13.1/darwin-x64-83_binding.node": HTTP error 404 Not Found

    Does anyone know what the mistake might be?

    1 reply
    Has someone already created a one-to-many associations wiht inheritance for products?
    Bartosz Sosna
    Hi! :) I have a question. In Shopware 6 is not alow a menu plugin icon in main menu (adminissartion). So which level is fine and how to do it?
    Oliver Uppenkamp
    Hey everyone, does anybody know how to get the sales channel id within a backend component in the plugin configs?
    Enzo Perrotta
    Hi guys, I am pretty new to Shopware: could you kindly point me towards the best way to override a core file?
    Specifically, i'd like to modify a method in Core/Checkout/Cart/Tax/TaxDetector.php, what's the best practice?
    thank you!
    25 replies
    is there an issue with the frontend search? I can’t find many products even when literally typing their names in the search. Sometimes it even finds other products but not the one it should
    Ben Le
    How use Psr\Log\LoggerInterface in service ?
    26 replies
    can i manipulate the position of a javascript plugin in the storefront?
    I want to bind my plugin last, but it is the first.
    and i cant listen to emitted events, this doesnt seem to work:
    document.$emitter.subscribe('onFormSubmit', this.onFormSubmit.bind(this));
    pgm katumba
    how can i get the urls of all products using the seoUrl function in shopware 6?
    {{ seoUrl('frontend.detail.page', { productId: '1035e9ee7d27486e9f30ed88939fece1' }) }}
    As window.accessKey and window.contextToken is getting/has been removed, how do we get these values for HttpClient so we can make calls to the storefront api?
    2 replies
    guess we should use the apiAccessUrl going forward
    Peter Meijer
    Good morning,
    I have a UNIQUE combination of two columns in my database table. How can I create this UNIQUE with the Database Abstraction Layer?
    And if it can not be achieved with the DAL, how can I add a check before data is inserted into the database that duplicate records can be prevented?
    Is there a way to extend the "allowed_extensions:" in the shopware.yaml file?
    Peter Meijer
    Haha @vttn, didn't saw your question :)
    I also did the same to do some refactoring, but can't find any leads.
    The problem I'm having is a ugly SQL query that's being returned when the insert fails on the UNIQUE
    Friedemann Stoffregen
    Hi everyone, I'm using this Guide: https://docs.shopware.com/en/shopware-platform-dev-en/system-guide/system-installation-guides/docker-sync?category=shopware-platform-dev-en/system-guide/system-installation-guides to run the dev environment under MacOS. Now I've updated a file and the changes are not synchronized. I've installed both rsync and docker-sync. Any hints how to fix this?
    ah, it took some time :O
    Peter Meijer
    @Donderda What @vttn is saying. The current docker setup Shopware is providing for the Mac is, in my opinion, not the best solution. I've tried a couple of solutions and we are also sticking to our own setup.
    Maybe try https://dockware.io/
    Peter Meijer
    @vttn I've requested official developer support from Shopware, but they are a little slow with responding to all the questions, so I need to be patience
    Friedemann Stoffregen
    nice! thank you for your hints!
    Niklas Teich
    Does anyone know how to make a mail template configurable via plugin configs? The sw-entity-single-select does not work :( (empty entries) ...
    <component name="sw-entity-single-select">
    Is there hope for a call center plugin for Shopware 6?
    Peter Meijer
    @aleckscastro Whats the purpose of this call center plugin, what does it need to do?
    What do i have to do to get my shopware.yaml in config/packages/shopware.yaml to get loaded?
            allowed_extensions: ["exe", "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "webp", "gif", "svg", "bmp", "tiff", "tif", "eps", "webm", "mkv", "flv", "ogv", "ogg", "mov", "mp4", "avi", "wmv", "pdf", "aac", "mp3", "wav", "flac", "oga", "wma", "txt", "doc"]
    I have some own entity with a grid and create/update form in the admin. I would like to add the sales channel (single select) to it but I'm not sure which component is the correct one and which params I have to provide.
    I think I have to use one from vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/src/module/sw-sales-channel/component/
    But which one is the correct for an simple single select and how and which params do I have to provide.
    @peter-bztrs ability to take and process orders and track them internally. Ability to split, merge and edit orders. Cross/up selling options, order return. Live chat connected to the call center.
    Don Bosco van Hoi
    Hello i was not able to find a documentation about how to import categories and products via the shopware-api. Can anyone recommend a good starting point?
    @PhenomEY, maybe forgot to clear the cache?
    @shyim i did already. If i add "exe" in the main file it works fine. But it doesnt seem like my file gets loaded or it doesnt override the allowed_extensions. Plugin/src/Resources/config/packages/shopware.yaml is the right directory tho?
    Peter Meijer
    @aleckscastro This are indeed some very common questions we are also receiving from our customers. Maybe Pickware will support order splitting.
    Live chat could be a seperate service you can implement on your webshop
    1 reply

    @peter-bztrs @aleckscastro Agreed. I am building a shop to replace a Magento shop and I know they will need to edit orders, refund partially, ship items separately, etc.

    From the db structure, all this seems to be possible - but it is VERY unclear how these things are supposed to work in the admin and/or what is supported and what is not

    Michael Burton
    hello everyone, i am trying to add a new route and template to shopware 6 - but I get no CSS when loading the new route.
    9 replies
    There is no documentation about how this should work. Adding a 'document' for an order, for example a delivery .. it has no options to select products that were shipped or anything like that