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Repo info
    Markus Wendorf
    Was anyone able to get the child categories association via /store-api/v3/category/{id} (field name is: "children")? Tried with association "children" and "category"
    Mergim Doroci

    Hi everyone, while trying bin/console sitemap:generate I receive the following error:

    07:24:12 CRITICAL [console] Error thrown while running command "sitemap:generate". Message: "Provided language 3596b9b6539e4211b0b54e3 is not in list of available languages: " ["exception" => RuntimeException { …},"command" => "sitemap:generate","message" => "Provided language 3596b9b6539e4211b0b54e3f57bb1f63 is not in list of available languages: "]

    In SalesChannelContextFactory.php line 484:

    Provided language 3596b9b6539e4211b0b54e3 is not in list of available languages

    I saw that also many other people had this problem. Does anyone know the solution ? Thank you

    Ali Hassan

    Hello guys I am using shopware 6 apis to insert/update product data, but I am getting the following error
    /4/sales This field is write-protected.

    Any trick or method to bypass this so that sales field of products can be updated via api, thanks?

    hello, i'm trying to get the default development server settings working (localhost:8080) using the docker-compose approach, however i can't reach the server from my host, localhost:8000 does work
    This message was deleted
    Yogesh Makwana
    Is it possible to fetch a product from product number in shopware 6 using API?
    2 replies
    Levon Atoyan
    Hi there, guys check our new powerful tool for shopware 6.
    Bob Maier
    For some reason only two countries are displayed in my registration form in shopware 6. I've got about 250 active countries in the admin backend, and they're all in the database, with a "1" in the "active"-column, but only Germany and Spain and displayed in the drop down menu. The menu-form iterates through page.countries and there are only those two countries in said location (I checked with dump). I can't find any significant differences in the country-table in the database. So whyyyy are only those two countries ín page.countries?!
    1 reply
    Hello all, I have installed shopware on my server using CLI and I get following error. Key path "file:///home/user/public_html/shopware6412/config/jwt/public.pem" does not exist or is not readable
    I tried changing it's permissions to 0777 but then I get error "User Notice: Key file "file:///home/user/public_html/shopware6412/config/jwt/public.pem" permissions are not correct, recommend changing to 600 or 660 instead of 777
    1 reply
    Hi everyone,
    I have an issue, i'm extending from product slider in shopware default.
    Currently, i want to set up dynamic products in a slide (from 1-4 products), how should i write css or javascript? Shopware uses default 3 products/slide.
    Thank everyone.
    when i am trying to create a custom page using controller i am getting this error Argument 1 passed to SwagQuickstartTheme\Storefront\Controller\ExampleController::__construct() must be an instance of SwagQuickstartTheme\Storefront\Controller\ExamplePageLoader, instance of Shopware\Storefront\Page\GenericPageLoader given, called in /var/www/html/var/cache/dev_h89d500b84530a5dcf60d76ed1a15bcf1/ContainerXmEQ7va/Shopware_Production_KernelDevDebugContainer.php on line 8871
    please anyone help me with this
    Hello, we have a little Shopware 6 shop where we want to keep synchron a few sales channel in another Shopware 6. Ìm not a developer but I have heard there is a solution way over sales channel and twig. Can anyone help me here and what is the effort to do this?
    can anyone tell me how to fetch categories from repositori
    i want to load these categories on storefront can any one help me which steps should i have to follow to do this?
    how to load 10 products on page load on storefront with category filter and page number?
    I am new to coding in shopware. Can someone kindly advise me how to add breadcrumb in product-detail-page? Thank you.
    The breadcrumb is only showing in categories page, not in product-detail-page...

    Hello, can somebody tell me where the price rules for the articles are used?
    We have a shop where all product prices are 0€ because each customer is assigned an price list (1-10) and we have a price rule for each price list.

    In the Listing, Detail, Search, Cart simply everywhere the price is printed as 0€.
    Even in the Cart.

    It looks like the Price Rules are completly ignored and not used… or am i missing a config or something else to get this working?

    Alexander Lausten

    Whats your issue with the OneToOneAssociationField?

    I just used it without any problems on

    Hi everyone, I am new to Shopware 6. I've been working on a project for a week and a half I had added custom css styles imported into all.css file. The custom.css file I placed it in /public/css/ directory and there was no problem. Once I decided I wanted to change the theme colors from the backend, it must have overwritten all my changes after the change and now it says it can't find my custom.css file (404 not found). Can you help me where exactly I need to import the custom.css file to get it detected. I read the documentation that by default Shopware 6 searches in base.scss and that is where it should be added, but nothing comes up. Could you give me some advice. Оne of the biggest problems is that I don't even have a backup to bring back the old version of the site before I change the theme colors.
    :( . Thanks in advance.
    1 reply
    can somebody help me how can I extend twig block 'AAA' plugin in my 'BBB' plugin ?
    {% sw_extends '@AAA/storefront/test.html.twig' %}
    it doesn't work
    Sumit Khunger

    I am new to Shopware community

    Can anyone please tell me where to get "sw-context-token" in Shopware6 using store APIs, I need to fetch orders but the order API gives the following response :
    { "errors": [ { "status": "403", "code": "CHECKOUT__CUSTOMER_NOT_LOGGED_IN", "title": "Forbidden", "detail": "Customer is not logged in.", "meta": { "parameters": [] } } ] }

    Says you will get "sw-context-token" after login but this API response throws the following error.

    "errors": [ { "status": "400", "code": "FRAMEWORK__MISSING_REQUEST_PARAMETER", "title": "Bad Request", "detail": "Parameter "sw-context-token" is missing.", "meta": { "parameters": { "parameterName": "sw-context-token" } } } ] }

    Mubashar Ahmad
    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Doctrine\DBAL\SQLParserUtilsException: Value for :shopId not found in params array. Params array key should be "shopId" in C:\wamp\www\tie-solutions\vendor\doctrine\dbal\lib\Doctrine\DBAL\SQLParserUtilsException.php:21
    I am facing this exception on localhost
    anyone can help me
    Mubashar Ahmad
    ./psh.phar administration:watch
    Can you write where you compile it according to your own systems?
    I'm about to go crazy...
    Ingo Steinke
    Hi all, hi @fanetwork @zanysoft @khungersumit:matrix.org , sorry to tell you this chat is deprecated, but there is an active slack community with friendly people who might have answers to your questions at https://shopwarecommunity.slack.com/
    I'm experiencing a weird error right now. All my api requests to the admin api end in a 504 Gateway timed-out
    How do I use the ApiService base class?
    In the past I could simple do MyService extends ApiService and the super constructor. But now the Shopware object only returns the api-service.factory.js and not the base class. How can I still use the api.service.js class when I'm not allowed to use src importy from the shopware core.
    1 reply
    Ben Le
    I has custom enity and create custom page in backend for listing, but i have problem with cache in production mode, listing change in database but not change in list backend, how clear cache only for list entity every time reload browser ?
    What is the right dockware image to administration plugin development? Actually i'm using the contribute image. I've pulled the custom module example from github and build with "./psh.phar administration:build". In the debug window of my browser (Chrome/Firefox) i can that the created js file was load. But there is no new entry in the menu below "Settings"
    Is this the right place to ask for help with shopware 6 api search?
    Dominik Hilser
    @mitrovicsinisaa someone answered your question about the composer certificate/cafile problem on Mac OS using docker and docker-sync? Because i am running in the same issue right now. Have you found a solution so far?
    I'm trying to get a product using the Admin API with inheritance. The attribute that seems to be missing is name, but even when I use sw-inheritance: 1 as a header it doesn't deliver the name. Any help?
    Hello, I have installed the Shopware 6 developer Version on a vHost Server. The steps on the docs are finished - but I can't open the admin in the Browser. App URL in the .psh.yaml.dist are "http://xyz.com:8000" - the conf File Directory is the public Folder from Shopware 6.
    Nils Harder
    From some version of shopware 6 the overriding of Component.override('sw-order-line-items-grid', { does not work any more. Did anyone experience the same?