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    how to get placed order details from OrderEvents::ORDER_WRITTEN_EVENT => 'onOrderCheckout'?
    86 replies
    Gitter got replaced by Slack. Please use following invite link to rejoin the awesome Shopware community!
    Diogo Gomes

    Hello good morning.
    Im new to SW community.

    Im working with an API route.
    I need to disable the bearer token auth for that specific route.
    What is the way to do t?

    I tried to use the Annotaion:

    • @Route("/api/v{version}/whic/tastings/archive/init", name="api.action.whic.tastings.init", methods={"POST"}, defaults={"csrf_protected"=false})
    11 replies
    What’s the best way to refresh snippets from a plugin theme, i just managed it by reinstalling the plugin theme
    2 replies
    Friedemann Stoffregen
    Hi everyone. Just a quick question: I created a new theme and a new file (src/Ressources/views/storefront/page/product-detail/test.html.twig). This file contains a simple block. Now I want to include this file from another file but it can't be found. What am I doing wrong?
    what is the event when an order is updated (click on the 'save' button) in the backend.
    But there is not the one I am looking for.. Did anyone already use it?
    Kenny van Ooijen
    How to use a background image in your plugin?
    Mike Wink
    @KennyH1 better ask on Slack. This is chat is now abandoned.
    Bartosz Sosna
    Hi guys! My first plugin is released today! I'm so happy :)
    hello. any1 solved the problem with logging in to the admin in SW 6.2 when using watch? I found a thread in the forum, but even with the suggested changes its not working.
    Steven Matz
    Hey guys, does anybody know how to pass a variable to the custom twick extension sw_icon? {% sw_icon VARIBAE-HERE %} instead of {% sw_icon 'iconname' %}
    Michael Telgmann
    @DannyDan @PublicStm please consider moving to our Slack :wink:
    the link is in the description of the channel
    Yafar Valverde
    @brtsos Congratulations!!! :tada:
    is it possible to reserve an article when a customer has it in the cart? so when the article only has 1 stock left, then the first customer who put it in the cart should have reserved it for him
    1 reply
    Emel Jahaj
    do you guys know if there is a way to check if its homepage but not with body class "is-act-home"?
    Ben Le
    how we add custom attribute to customerRepository ?
    Ex: $customer->getCustomAttribute() ??
    Mike Wink
    @Emel-isi I am not sure, but maybe if you have a look in the page object that Twig offers? {{ dump(page) }}
    @Emel-isi, @goben2489 It's best to ask on the new Shopware Slack channel:
    If I make an insert query in the database the newly created entity is not showing up in the administration in my module on the list view, only after a bin/console cache:clear. The env is set to prod, does somebody know how I can handle this without a cache clear everytime?
    Is there a way to make a redirect from a subscriber?
    6 replies
    Hello, is there any way to run a cronjob inside shopware?
    @alexconstantin yes, it's called "scheduled task":
    Jonas Moltke Sørensen
    Got this error "Please make sure the domain mapping is correct." .. then changed sales_channel_domain to http://localhost:6100 which my docker app is running on. Still getting the error. Do i need to clear cache or something?
    @jonassorensen_gitlab changed localhost to - its working now :-)
    Sebastian Basler

    Hey there, :wave:

    I have a little problem with the system mails. The mails for order, registration and so on are send in DE, which is correct, but when I change e.g. der Payment-Status to "paid" that mail comes in EN and does not include header and footer. User language is DE and my admin is also in DE. Shopware currently running on 6.1.5

    Does someone got any hints for me how to solve this?

    3 replies

    Hi there,

    I extend the ProductDefinition and ShippingMethodDefinition

    Following the ProductExtension

    class ProductExtension extends EntityExtension
        public function extendFields(FieldCollection $collection): void
                    (new ManyToManyAssociationField(
                    ))->addFlags(new Inherited())
         * @inheritDoc
        public function getDefinitionClass(): string
            return ProductDefinition::class;

    When I override the sw-product-detail plugin I add a criteria.getAssociation('shipping_methods') but I get an Error FRAMEWORK ASSOCIATON NOT FOUND.

    What I may miss to add the new association between the Product and ShippingMethod?

    services.xml is defined

    Hello guys, i have question, how to correctly use Shopware_Controllers_Api_Orders and insert xcusrtom data to it to make post request and insert order?
    i use shopware 5.5.6
    Nawaz Awan
    Hi @all, can anyone provide me the new API route for product update? in the shopware documentation, the route is "api/v1/product/productID" but I am getting the error that route is not found.
    BTW: I am using PATCH method
    Hi @dav9449 for Shopware 5 please visit :)
    @dav9449 @zepcomNawazA @devonede Gitter got replaced by Slack: Please ask new questions there
    Nawaz Awan
    Thanks @timothydc Last time I got to know that there is a slack channel for such stuff but I thought that we also can use Gitter.
    Hey guys, I have question related to orderDelivery. I try to update tackingCodes on orderDelivery but I get following error:
    Code = FRAMEWORK__WRITE_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION | Status = 400 | Detail = This field (stateId) is write-protected. (Got: "user" scope and "system" is required) | Pointer = /0/stateId
    Here is my patch request , any ideas?
    @paprykasz as Timothy mentioned: Gitter got replaced by slack. Take a look at the channel description :slight_smile:
    Ah, thanks @jinnoflife :)
    Hi, guys! the documentation used to have a table with field types for the database, does anyone know where to put it in the new documentation?
    Gitter got replaced by Slack. Please use following invite link to rejoin the awesome Shopware community!
    Gitter got replaced by Slack. Please use following invite link to rejoin the awesome Shopware community!
    Gitter got replaced by Slack. Please use following invite link to rejoin the awesome Shopware community!
    has anything changed in 6.2 im unaware of because my theme isnt being applied. It is active but none of the files are overriding core? only styling.
    David Spiola
    Good moring! Can someone tell me what this error is about? Got the error in in middle of an 6.1 to 6.2 update :-(
    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Flag\next6050() in /sw6/vendor/shopware/core/Content/Content.php:38
    3 replies
    Johannes Reiter
    does some setup within wsl2/docker? I got a problem with the mysql container, which cant be reached and i dont know why.
    hi all after shopware version update,
    i have faced this issue PageController can't be requested
    kindly help me
    Moritz Preuß
    Hi, when changing the order status from „open“ to „in progress“ an error occured. Does anybody have the same issue?
    :::::::::: Hi !! need help with simple thing: after I created my plugin and add the routes and the controller do I need to do anything else to make the routes work?? for not it gives me No route found for "GET /cart/clear/"
    anyone can help!!
    Michael Telgmann
    @skr-brandcrock @habundloot @bkh2js please be aware, that we moved to slack. check the channel description :blush:
    Vineeth Krishnan
    Hello, Good morning
    I have an issue regarding the profiler. I'm getting "An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar." only on one navigation page. The profiler toolbar has no issue on other pages.