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class ListProductServiceDecorator implements ListProductServiceInterface

     * @var ListProductServiceInterface
    private $coreDecorator;

    public function __construct(
        ListProductServiceInterface $coreDecorator,
    ) {
        $this->coreDecorator = $coreDecorator;

     * {@inheritdoc}
     * @throws \Exception
    public function getList(array $numbers, Struct\ProductContextInterface $context) {

        $products = $this->coreDecorator->getList($numbers, $context);

        //Add some custom data here foreach product
        foreach($products as $product){

@bunower I don't know what have you done, but afaik the list product service is also used in the PDP, so you might want to add all of your logic here, the difference is that on the listing page getList is called, but in the PDP get is called
that should be it
@swissmaker_twitter i never used cpanel and not plan to use it
Alexander Tiutiunnyk
Hi all,
I am developing a payment plugin for Shopware 6,
and found Shopware 6 application system.
My question is: can I develop an application that would add a new payment method and allow it to be processed as if it were a plugin.
Examples that I refer to: Ecwid web-application and Shopify applications
3 replies

Hello, we're updating Shpware to 6.2 from 6.1.6, and me got major issue - all template overriding in plugins don't work :x eg. something like this:
```{% sw_extends '@Storefront/storefront/page/product-detail/description.html.twig' %}

{% block page_product_detail_description_content_properties %}{% endblock %}
Doesn't seems to work. But when we're creating new blocks in existing templates it seems to be woorking. Can you give me any hint where to look for the solution?

2 replies

Hi @all,

is it possible to call the shop from outside of the local machine if running in the docker dev environment?

From the Linux Server it is possible to curl localhost:8000 and localhost:9998 (hot-proxy), but when we try the domainname example.com:8000 or example.com:9998 we can't access the shop.

We tried using apache2 as a reverse-proxy which worked fine for proxying localhost:8000 to example.com:80. But the hot-proxy has links set to example.com:9998 and we cant proxy to the same port number, because its already in use

10 replies
Lukas Kahwe Smith
FYI the SSL certificate on https://shopware.storefrontcloud.io/ seems to be invalid
Hello @all,
i want to upload image through url , is it possible please let me know .

Gitter got replaced by Slack. Please use following invite link https://slack.shopware.com to rejoin the awesome Shopware community! https://www.shopware.com/en/news/an-introduction-to-the-shopware-community-slack/

you shouldn't expect anyone to continue reading here :0

Well, it's not like anyone read anything here either

Hello, I need to get all subcategories of a category, im only getting the child count but not the array of child elements, if someone could help, I would appreaciate so much!

My request url:

Azam Alvi
I am working on Shopware 5, and no idea if I am on right place. I have issue related to my site.
Right now google insight shows 55-60 for Mobile version and 85-90 for Desktop. I want to increase my Mobile percentage. How can I increase it?
Michael Telgmann
@ArtNushi_twitter @azamalvi please be aware, that we moved to slack. check the channel description :blush:
@azamalvi you need to get rid some of the JS/CSS. 50-60 mobile isn't that low if you compare it to shopware showcases
Azam Alvi
@__xaver_twitter thanks for your response. I checked those css/js coming from web/cache folder how can delete the web/cache files.
Hello Team,
Is there any library for fetching data from XLS file .
please let me know i am waiting for your response.
@azamalvi less - you can "remove" the inherited theme and load what you need for less/css. Can be done in a less file after removing it in Theme.php. JS you can remove it in a similar way, but including it again is a little mit complicated. I use the mechanism in Theme.php and load all file with an exclude list and replace (shopware responsive initializes the modules and some lines need to removed, if the module got removed)
Azam Alvi
@__xaver_twitter thanks for your help. I will sure try to exclude those files from Theme.php and then check.
@azamalvi you need a lot of js stuff. Some parts is really easy to overwrite with an simpler version. One of worst Plugins is PayPal. Loads everything. With/without context mode everything, because saving something won't recompile the theme.
if i add a column as foreign key, i can't seem to be able to "see"/filter that field from api
Ruben Wagner
@ArtNushi_twitter Slack sucks - I cannot reactivate my account. I deactivted it because slack didn't stop sending useless messages, which I couldn't unsubscibe from.
@ouven lol
Ruben Wagner
So I ask here again as in shopwareDE was no answer given:
I try to integrate a "put-into-cart-button" into an existing page. It works so far, I can put things into the cart via Channel-API. Now I like to do the checkout with shopware. So how can I link to the checkout, so the cart keeps its contents (onky having a context_token)?
Hello everyone, Can anybody let me know on the api part , I am using multi-shop scenario. I want to access a particular shop data, how things work in this case. Eg I have shop with id: 1, 2,3 etc. Also I want to make post request to a particular shop. Does shopware5 provides different api key and url for every shop? Kindly help me in this regard.
Hello, someone got an idea if its OK if i would move the gross price into the net price by SQL in shopware 6? Got 12000 products, wich i imported from CSV, price was in the wrong column by customer.

i just don't understand, why SW 5.6.7 is not removing a remarketing cookie:

public function addComfortCookie(): CookieCollection
    $pluginNamespace = $this->container->get('snippets')->getNamespace('consenttool');
    $collection = new CookieCollection();
    $collection->add(new CookieStruct(
    return $collection;

The cookie is listed in the configuration of the consent manager, but the cookie is alwas set.
Any suggestions?

Daniel Sánchez
Hello everyone, can someone help me with this question. I am trying to let's say, display a specific <div> only for a subshop, for that I added that div into the specific .tpl file and then compiled but choosing the specific subshop only. That didn't work, so is there another way?
if i know something has changed an order, can i somehow reinitialize the whole order detail window? like closing and opening up again
another question: how would i create a downloadeable link inside ExtJS Backend Controller?
$criteria = new Criteria();

$criteria->addFilter(new EqualsFilter('active', 1));
$criteria->addFilter(new EqualsFilter('products', 'NOT NULL!!!!'));

$filteredCategories = $this->categoryRepository->search($criteria, $context);
How can I filter it where products not null ?
I mean - it should get the categories which have products.
Mohit Full Stack Developer
Hello everyone.
I have a query regarding shopware 5. I need to add a country with manufacturer And design a page where all manufacturer are visible. Could you please help me with this.
Mohit Full Stack Developer
another question . Is shopware store form submitted data in the database ?
Michael Telgmann
Hello /@all please be aware that this channel is no longer used. see the channel description.
I have language shop English and Arabic
I want when customer using Arabic the website css change automaticllay
can you guide me where I put condition for css change like if customer using Arabic shop arabic.css file call and if English shop then english.css file call

is there a way to preview the document templates without having to create and download a document in the administration every time. I found the route
but whatever I use for the orderId I get an error saying:

The order with id EA8409F4237642F9B15D6A55FB648207 is invalid or could not be found.

Hi is there a way to use colorpicker as Freetextfield? or somehow in Backend?
I'm trying to add custom field in document repository. Shopware 6 php process eat maximum memory and die. Why this happens?
$update = [
'id' => $doc->getId(),
'customFields' => $customFields,
$documentepository = $this->container->get('document.repository');
$documentepository->update([$update], Context::createDefaultContext());
$documentepository->update will lead out of memory
i do it in 'document.written' event
any suggestions why this happens?
may be event called recursively?
any suggestions skip event?
I want to configure scheduled task in shopware
I change
public static function getDefaultInterval(): int
return 1;