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Hey. Hi. Hello. Is functional testing even possible in shopware? Im struggling with DIs as heck. During functional testing core classes are not reachable for example You have requested a non-existent service "Shopware\Core\Framework\Event\BusinessEventRegistry".
Shopware 6 ofc :D
Vishnu Das
I'm getting a 503 while running a function inside a controller in a staging site. anyone knows how to solve it?
I have already used set_time_out and ini_set('maz_time_out','0')
Is it possible to integrate Keycloak with Shopware?
Payal Patel

Hello all,

I have one custom module and I need to get properties list in this module as a multi-select.
How it's possible in shopware 6?

Matthias Kallenbach

Is it possible to integrate Keycloak with Shopware?

very good question.

Do pro/enterprise versions of shopware have multivendor (marketplace) features ? Or do we have just that 300 eur extension ?
Ali Hassan

Hello I need some help
is there any way to hook a public method of core shopware 6 class into our plugin in sw6

i need to hook this one
public function match(RuleScope $scope): bool
vendor/shopware/core/Checkout/Cart/Rule/LineItemCustomFieldRule.php line 39

Hello all,
i need to api of multiple image upload in shopware6
Lukas Kahwe Smith
how does local development work on projects with a professional or enterprise license? ie. what do I need to do to configure the license?
when i import the articles for custom profile, am getting following error.
The media file extension "HTML "is not allowed
Please help me
Ali Hassan
Hi how can I increase the request size from 25 in shopware 6 api request
This message was deleted
Is there no function like "show all products without an image" in shopware 6 like it was in shopware5?
is there a special place where the stateMaschineState texts are located? I can’t find the translations.. can anyone help me?
i need the translations for Italian
Bo Weber
Hello everyone,
I am trying to fetch products by categories using the ../store-api/product-listing/ endpoint. The header is complete with values for sw-access-key, Content-Type and Accept. Running the request as is, results in the desired response. But when I try to set a page number other than 1 in the request body including a limit number, I always receive the products for page 1. If I change the limit number, I weirdly receive the correct amount of desired products (but still only for page 1). I am out of ideas. Any help is much appreciated.
Atilla Boz
Download the release package for your version and replace the themes/Backend folder
@shyim Thank you this helped me with a problem after updating from Shopware 5.5.10 to 5.6.0 - thanks alot :)
I've created a plugin implementing several new custom CMS blocks for a customer. This is working fine but now I need to take care that those custom CMS blocks are available in Twig templates (just using sw_include on the plugin template doesn't work because of the missing element-context or is there any possibility to pass this via "with"?) and would appreciate more information about the "official"/best-practice way.
My best guess is CmsElementResolver :/
Emanuel Seibold

Hello. when trying to update shopware to the latest version it gives this error when calling the update page. I logged out and in again to ensure i am logged in. What might be wrong? "{"errors":[{"code":"401","status":"500","title":"Internal Server Error","detail":"Client error: POST https:\/\/api.shopware.com\/swplatform\/autoupdate?shopwareVersion=\u0026language=de-DE\u0026domain=www.my.shop resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response:\n{\u0022success\u0022:false,\u0022code\u0022:\u0022ShopwarePlatformException-1\u0022,\u0022title\u0022:\u0022Nicht authorisiert\u0022,\u0022description\u0022:\u0022Die durchgef\u00fchrte (truncated...)\n"}]}" on .

Can still press update, but what is the reason for the alert?


hey guys, im having trouble accessing my plugin configuration within a doctrine event subscriber. (Shopware 5)

Circular reference detected for service "dbal_connection"

Is there any way to deal with this?

I am trying to update category of a product but getting below error..Can anyone help.
{"success":false,"data":[{"result":[{"entities":[],"errors":[{"code":"FRAMEWORK__WRITE_CONSTRAINT_VIOLATION","status":"400","detail":"This field is write-protected.","template":"This field is write-protected.","meta":{"parameters":["crud",""]},"source":{"pointer":"\/0\/categoryTreecategoryTree"}}]}],"extensions":[]}],"deleted":[],"notFound":[],"extensions":[]}
I'm in the process of developing my first plugin for Shopware 6. I would like to create a service for this that should be executed with every page view (StoreFront).
I have created a new service for this (extends EventSubscriberInterface) and would like to know which event or events I have to subscribe to?
I've already tried: app.loaded, kernel.request and a few others, but nothing happens at all.
I registered the service in the services.xml - also with the tag: <tag name="kernel.event_subscriber" /> ... but unfortunately I don't really know how to test it in a meaningful way, where the error is? Because nothing happens at all. No error message at all.
Hi everyone, I have an issue about zipcode digits in customer address.
If customer registered with 'AT' shop (austria) , zipcode must be validated with 4 digits and validated with 5 digits for 'DE' shop (german).
I used BackendSubscriber but I can't detect current address is 'AT' or 'DE' to validate.
Can everyone help me?