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Repo info
    osama arif lone
    hey guys i am doing my masters in Pakistan does anybody know of a job or an internship that i can do remotly from Karachi ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Alan Singfield
    Hello, I've open-sourced a utility for generating Shouldly tests, it's at: https://github.com/alansingfield/UnitTestCoder
    Hi, I am a .NET developer, working mostly on commercial apps, and I would also like to contribute to open source. I think shouldly is very nice project, I like the assertion syntax you invented. Can you recommend any issue which I could help you with? It would be my first open source PR.
    is anyone familiar with the subsection of the Shouldly src that has to do with formatting the exception string messages and embedding the appropriate values in a context-appropriate way? And particularly with grabbing stack trace manipulation
    Gabriel Milani
    Someone here to answer a question about the project?
    Jason Murphy
    Hi. I have an enhancement for issue 482, but don't have permission to push to a feature branch. Could I please have access so I can issue a PR? Thanks. (shouldly/shouldly#482)
    Jason Murphy
    Nevermind. I forked and submitted a PR from there.
    Patrick Uzuwe
    Hello Guys, am a software developer with NHS Wales Informatics and we doing lots of sturfs with unit testing. I am currently interested in contributing to this projects.
    Hello, I am interested in learning more about this project.
    Uri Goldstein
    Hi @puzuwe . You're welcome to jump in and help. You can pick one of the GitHub issues that are marked "Up for grabs". The one also marked "First Timer" is particularly suitable for first timers :) https://github.com/shouldly/shouldly/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22Up+For+Grabs%22
    Hello, I am .Net developer and I want to contribute to this project, is there any guide about that?
    Hello, I am .Net developer and first timer to open source, how can i help to contribute in this project :-)
    I recently submitted a PR to shouldly that adds a getting started guide to the docs, but the CI tests failed, can someone help me with that please?
    I only changed the docs, so it seems strange to me that the tests failed, btw it's my first PR, so I don't know a lot about all of that stuff.
    Joseph Musser
    @elyassaf I had the same problem. See shouldly/shouldly#589.
    Ivan Maximov
    @jnm2 Hi
    Joseph Musser
    @sungam3r I was confused about something and had a question about ApiApprover, but then I figured it out. Then I realized that this is the Shouldly gitter channel 🤦‍♂️ sorry!
    Hi all! I'd like to use this project and contribute but I was a little unsure if it is being actively maintained?

    My PR build is failing with the following message -

    Can anyone help with the issue?

    Joseph Musser
    @carllaw6885 Yes, it is. The maintainer is working on a release and is planning to include my C# 8 annotation PR.
    @hrai I happen to know from other OSS projects what that is. You can link to shouldly/shouldly#605 from your PR with a note that the problem is in the master branch, not in your PR.
    Jason Finch
    Hiya, just a heads up, i did 2 unrelated PR's and the merge failed twice on appveyor, seems to be around outdated Microsoft.SourceLink.GitHub ie. https://github.com/shouldly/shouldly/pull/606/commits/ea53c6492299723276391596e2d0c0376176ce90 so i included that in both PR's just to go green.
    What's the process for having PRs merged? I have this PR approved but the approver doesn't have merge rights.
    Joseph Musser
    The process is to wait until the sole maintainer has time to look at it.
    Of course.
    This is an open source project and I know people contribute on their free time which is hard to get these days. I was wondering if the maintainer has considered pulling in long term contributors to help out with the PR merges. This would enable faster resolution of issues.
    Joseph Musser
    I don't know, but it's a question I asked in one of the issues. Maybe it's worth starting a discussion issue about it?
    Simon Cropp
    @JosephWoodward @JakeGinnivan seems shouldly supports some really old dotnet versions. eg 4.5.1 was released 10/2013 and support ended in 2016. just wondering is you have considered dropping some of those in v4?
    Alan Hemmings
    Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 18.57.54.png
    hi all, anyone experience where Shouldly suddenly doesnt know how to find a diff tool. It's been working perfectly fine in visual studio, then suddenly stops working for no visible reason? the tests still work, as in they verify or fail, just doesnt launch the default visual studio diff tool anymore.
    1 reply
    Nathan Keir
    Hi all. I have a little fix for FindMethodUsingAttribute which allows it to correctly discover async test methods. How do I go about getting permission to push the branch and submit a PR?
    2 replies
    Hello, So i'm looking at a test method called "ShouldBeSameAs" for comparing objects, however i can't find any documentation on this anywhere? anyone able to assist?
    Joseph Musser
    @benjaminroesdal ShouldBeSameAs compares whether two references point to the same object instance. It's a ReferenceEquals test.
    George Kinsman
    Hi there, is the TypeInitializationException in v4 with ShouldMatchApproved a known issue? About to raise a GH issue for it :)
    George Kinsman
    Ah, looks like a net5.0 issue
    Joseph Musser
    @gkinsman This is fixed now in v4.0.1
    George Kinsman
    thanks @jnm2!
    Hi - im using the lates version 4.0.3 i have IEquatable<class> implemented when i test i use expectedValue.ShouldBe(actualValue) i know that thay dont match becuse thay have diffrent values but shouldly wont output any of that information. Do anyone know way ?
    or wont it list out the actual diffs of property values ? now it only shows the hashcode
    seams to work better when u go directly on the properties, would be nice if it worked directly on the object tho but now i get more info at least
    Joseph Musser
    That's more the way ShouldBeEquivalentTo would work. Shouldly doesn’t know which properties are relevent to the IEquatable implementation.
    I assert on properties myself.
    André Silva
    Hey all! Why isn't ShouldyCoreExtensions externally visible? It seems to be defined on the Shoudly.dll assembly and is public
    whelp, that's because i'm not using the latest version