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hrm...how do I get back to my previous room?
Pedro Diaz
anyone here
Varun Kumar Yadav
Hello All,
I have a critical issue in wordpress multisite.
I have created the WP multisite and given the facility to a single users to create multiple sites and add their custom domain name and link with this.
But my problem is same user can login in any of his website without re-login in admin dashboard.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone ! is there anyone to help me with WordPress Android Api ?
thanks @hrichaverma
Mehdi Sabbagh
Hi All!
Is there anyone here that can help me with gravity form development
i bought / downloaded gravity forms over a year ago
Omos Aziegbe
Hi Guys, If you are looking for a Similar Project to The great Wordpress Hybrid Client with Ionic 4, you can clone this project and use it - https://github.com/omoz4real/ionic4wordpress
Any contributions and suggestions are welcome. Also working to add more features.
For now, it displays your wordpress posts and categories
@OAziegbe_twitter thats an awesome headless man

Save the word as text file after applying font with UTF-8

i have a word file which shows boxes when i opened. However when choosing a particular font, the text is being displayed. I selected all the content of the document with ctr+a and changed the font and save as .txt file with UTF-8.

Everything works fine.

Is there is any macro can do this automatically? Basically applying a font for entire document and save as .txt file with UTF-8?

Any tool or software does this?

Can someone please help me with your valuable feedback about https://jio.nexedi.com/ ???? Planning to build a full text static search engine for the given files....
'hola, anyone here?
Nada since October 9th, guess not. Bye poof
does anyone understand developing with wordpress? struggling to change the default email on the contact form despite using plug ins and changing the default email address everywhere


Is anyone interested in joining an another active community?


I'm working in angular front-end.

Sometimes the back-end API sends response with HTML tags and we are rendering as such.

I'm not sure in which are the use cases back-end API sends response with HTML tags....

Is there is complexity in front-end because of it??

Please help


How to disable right click and sharing options in all youtube embedded videos on my website?
@TheCodingAlien Yes I can. please connect me over <skype : live:sofia_6831