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Repo info
    what do you mean?
    did I set something wrong? Or not the chat?
    Diederik Loerakker
    congrats for receiving grant :)
    Paul Hauner
    Thanks @thojest!!
    Andrew Quentson
    Hi, are we expecting an eth2 testnet launch this week?
    Age Manning
    We are debugging and experimenting interoperability between clients. There are a number of stages to this. It's unclear if a long standing multiclient testnet will be made at the moment
    Paul Hauner
    [for the record: inapproriate comments were reported and are no longer visible]
    Andrew Quentson
    Hi, are we expecting the testnet to launch anytime soon? Sounds like next month at best now?
    Age Manning
    By "the testnet", I assume you are talking about a long lived public multi client testnet? If so, yes. We will be doing some internal multi client testnets before then
    Andrew Quentson
    Hi, just saw the latest update, is that referring to the multi-client public testnet? As in the final stage before launch @AgeManning
    and this will be out next week?
    Age Manning
    This is referring to our single client public testnet. We will be on boarding other clients as it progresses
    Max Johansen
    Hello all, I'm trying to sync the lighthouse docker image, but I'm having trouble discovering peers
    Age Manning
    The old testnet is down. We will be updating the docker soon for the new testnet.
    We are more active in our discord server, so you'll get faster responses there for future issues
    Andrew Quentson
    So have you guys gone to discord now or somewhere else @AgeManning ?
    Was also wondering how that 100k testnet is progressing?
    Naeim Ahmed
    How to do i update my profiles
    Dumb question: Does anyone have a hint for a parameter to set a remote Eth1 RPC when starting the client?
    Diederik Loerakker
    --help shows everything
    But for real help, try the lighthouse discord
    The gitter is very inactive
    Hi guys, I am running lh programatically, it ok on local machine but I need to make it work on a remote. Does lh accept something like an endpoint in order to pass the full url? the url to connect to a remote looks like : hostname:port/devtools/${browser.sessionId}/
    George Carder

    Hi I am encountering an error when I run lighthouse vc --testnet medalla

    According to msg board posts I have seen, this error is supposed to be routine/expected before genesis, but it is now after genesis. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
    the error:
    Sep 29 12:15:02.463 ERRO Unable to connect to beacon node error: "ReqwestError(reqwest::Error { kind: Request, url: \"http://localhost:5052/node/version\", source: hyper::Error(Connect, ConnectError(\"tcp connect error\", Os { code: 111, kind: ConnectionRefused, message: \"Connection refused\" })) })"

    Nicolò Paternoster
    Hi everyone! Good night!
    I'm running a validator on a raspberry using lighthouse for beacon and validator. The thing is pretty stable 24/7 online, with power monitoring wired ether connection and optic fiber. Still, my node missed all the "blocks proposals", despite getting most of attestations
    The last missed block was 1d ago, and in the same period of time, it was getting attestations as you can see. So I have two questions:
    a. howcome my node has many missed attestations anyway, despite being online 24/7 in the last 15 days?
    b. howcome did it missed yesterday's block proposal?