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Stuart Thornton
Would help if I got the name right! Anyone know if this package can support Paypal Express In Context? Definitely supported by Omnipay
Sander Hagenaars
@ThorntonStuart_twitter I Havent tried any paypal packages with SS omnipay, but I've created a few quite custom ones, and with all the extension hooks defined in this module, its pretty easy to get things working
Morven Lewis-Everley
Hey all, a bit of an odd one, I have a PayPal payment taken via Omnipay. The payment is captured in SilverStripe, but there is no record of it in PayPal
Also, the Payment is marked as captured, but the final message says: "This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal."
paypal-odd payment.png
Hello, I'm from iran and i need to integrate the iranian payments system(I'll give the documents)
Is there anyone can help me?
Please tell me me about the wage
Roman Schmid
@MohammaddReza You should write an omnipay-gateway for the payment provider. Maybe try bounty-source if you don't want to do it yourself?
Morven Lewis-Everley
@bummzack Is that when you offer to pay people with Bounty chocolate bars for their time?
Hans Philip Eide
Hi. I have som issues with Netaxpt gateway and payment with Vipps. Vipps is an mobile app payment service using Netaxpt. The issue occures on mobil devices where the browser is not opened after finalizing the payment inside the Vipps app. I have found that it is possible to configure Netaxpt Vipps service to continuously call an callback url until the request replies with an HTTP 200. But where do I find the callback url sent to Netaxpt gateway?
Sander Hagenaars
I believe a param is sent called something like "acceptUrl" or "successUrl"
not sure though
Hans Philip Eide

@sanderha Thanks. I think that is for the PurchaseService when it get a callback from the PaymentService:

                    [ID] => 101
                    [ClassName] => Payment
                    [RecordClassName] => Payment
                    [Status] => Created
                    [Gateway] => Netaxept
                    [MoneyAmount] => 94.5
                    [MoneyCurrency] => NOK
                    [OrderID] => 110
                    [Identifier] => 0029xxx....
                    [Created] => 2018-11-11 12:51:41
                    [LastEdited] => 2018-11-11 12:51:41
                    [SuccessUrl] => /min-konto/order/110
                    [FailureUrl] => /betaling/summary

I found that the Omipay ServiceResponse set callback urls like this:

[returnUrl] => http://vestbrygg.lo/paymentendpoint/0029xxx..../complete
[cancelUrl] => http://vestbrygg.lo/paymentendpoint/0029xxx..../cancel
[notifyUrl] => http://vestbrygg.lo/paymentendpoint/0029xxx..../notify
Hans Philip Eide
I have asked Netaxept about if I can use /paymentendpoint/ as is, or if I need to create a custom endpoint to handle the callback from the transaction (Hope not! :s ).
Sander Hagenaars
I'm not sure if this can help, but it is possible in the SS omnipay module to set a static endpoint, if that can be of any help?
Hans Philip Eide
Oki. Maybe. How does that work? Here is Netaxept docs about what I try to achieve: https://shop.nets.eu/web/partners/callback
Sander Hagenaars
Yes I think what you need is a static callback url. Have a look at this https://github.com/silverstripe/silverstripe-omnipay/blob/master/docs/en/StaticRoutes.md
Basically its a fixed endpoint for handling a callback
Hans Philip Eide
oki, sweet, yes that looks like what I need, thanks!
Aaron Cooper
Hi all. Really high level question about this module: Is it really needed for hosted payment solutions? Reading through the docs it seems to be focussed on having self-hosted credit card forms. I'm wondering what it actually provides to a use case of someone using Stripe to collect payments and just bouncing back to a return URL
Morven Lewis-Everley
@muppsy007 I use it for hosted payment forms and integrated server-to-server forms as well. I guess the unhelpful answer is "use it if you think it is the best solution for you"
I find it helpful in most cases because, for the most part, it simplifies the process of connecting to and working with third party payment gateways (and also stores a reference to the purchase in the SilverStripe DB in the form of a Payment)
Manuel Tomasir
Hey friends...trying to use the omnipay-square payment integration, and it appears to be deprecated for SS4 and Omnipay 3...anybody have any idea if an updated version of the omnipay-square integration is or is going to be built?
this is a part of my code
$response = ServiceFactory::create()
->getService($payment, ServiceFactory::INTENT_PAYMENT)
return $response->redirectOrRespond();
this is not redirects payment page. can you please help me ?
I use Stripe gateway