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I'm trying to create a payment module
but unlike other modules VS can't open my own
<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Razor">
    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\SimplCommerce.Infrastructure\SimplCommerce.Infrastructure.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\SimplCommerce.Module.Core\SimplCommerce.Module.Core.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\SimplCommerce.Module.Orders\SimplCommerce.Module.Orders.csproj" />
    <ProjectReference Include="..\SimplCommerce.Module.Payments\SimplCommerce.Module.Payments.csproj" />
what's going on?
and it looks the same way as the other modules...
I think
is required
with ItemGroup only it doesn't seem to work...
@thiennn thoughts?
I will release the code if I do it successfully
Thien Nguyen Le Quynh
@bugproof actually it works. If you look at other modules, you will see something similar.
And please make sure that your module code is in the src/Modules folder
hmm yeah I probably did something wrong
it appears to be working now :o
maybe VS bugged
and didn't recognize Directory.Build.props
SimplCommerce is better than every other e-commerce for .net :D
only postgres/mysql should be used by default
SQL server doesn't play well with open source
I think shipping method should dictate if the shipping address is required or not and provide custom fields for shipment
I would like to integrate shipping method where you just specify one point and that point is just a code
currently, you can't select shipping method without filling all address fields
that will require some changes
because there are shipping providers that don't require any of this, they just give you a map of points where you can pick a point eg (POINT01)
opened an issue for that simplcommerce/SimplCommerce#849
how do you maintain translations?
I think with a query to check which translations are missing
I mean how do you ensure all translations are up to date
StaticData-DefaultLocalization.sql will always contain up to date translations ?
it woudl be nice to have some translation system or tests
maybe replace StaticData with custom module that does seeding?
it would work with all EF providers then
or something to eliminate raw SQL
maybe use JSON for it
then we'd have de.json, vn.json, us.json
I translated SimplCommerce to polish and added all polish provinces, PRs soon
Hisham Bin Ateya
Great job
I'm waiting for your PRS
Ducobu Jérôme
Doing a migration i have this error :The seed entity for entity type 'AppSetting' cannot be added because another seed entity with the key value 'Id:Global.AssetVersion' has already been added.
Kim Dam Grønhøj
What SQL Server is requried for simplcommerce?
I get an error for country admin list page
latest version from master