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I shamelessly show ShionKeys to everyone
Abhishek Kumar
hey somone all
anyone alive here !
Abhishek Kumar
anyone have awesome site to download movies ?
The latest netflix apps do have the option to download ahead of time I think...
C Kharista
i;m alive
alive ..
Vuesax new framework and components for vuejs https://github.com/lusaxweb/vuesax
Jason Milkins

oh hai!

Shameless plug ... https://cutbox.github.io

It makes your MacOS pasteboard Awesome ...
  • Keeps a history of your text pasteboard - like FlyCut and JumpCut
  • Allows you to select and paste multiple items at once (selection order is respected)
  • Allows you to pass your paste through Javascript functions before they hit your app/text entry
(This last one means you can format / transform / insert anything from a script, evaluate the contents of your paste. In other words, anything becomes a programmable text environment!)
(Have a look at the wiki https://github.com/cutbox/CutBox/wiki for more info and examples)
Jason Milkins
Search and paste from your pasteboard history... with lots of nice touches and powerful stuff.
Aashutosh Rathi
Any one tried for udacity's nanodegree?? what is review and is it worth it?
Hridoy Sankar Dutta
Hey i created a new awesome repo (A curated list of awesome Twitter tools, libraries and resources): https://github.com/hridaydutta123/awesome-twitter-tools. This is a work in progress, so if you know of Twitter stuffs that are not mentioned here, please do a PR!
Andy Dyrcz
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Aashutosh Rathi
Hey everyone checkout https://github.com/aashutoshrathi/awesome-bashrc
and add your favorite aliases.
Tejomay Saha
thanks for your help
Ashok Bakthavathsalam
@nerdyglasses hello! Can we get an Awesome list going for city Coimbatore?
Cody O'Dell
This is the best idea for a chat room, aside from it being support fr the repo lol
Abhishek Kumar
hey is there any good application to send anon sms
hi, i just created an awesome list
Abhishek Kumar
@Daveads Nice
Donny Yan
Jason Milkins

CutBox 1.4.4 released (speedup on large history)

Kristaps Kerpe
Hey, does anyone knows a good c# image compression library?
Arul Prabakaran
This one is good.
visual AI tools ?
Jason Milkins

CutBox 1.4.8 Released

MacOS pasteboard history with fuzzy match and regex searching
Emma Borhanian

I've been looking for a workflowy clone that's:

  • multiuser (federated i.e. run your own server)
  • isn't missing crucial features (most I found didn't allow drag-and-select across multiple lines)
    have failed. don't think this exists.
    I did find: https://github.com/datluong/awesome-outliners

my favorite unfinished one was https://github.com/cybersemics/em - but its multiuser sync feature currently loses data pending a rewrite, so I consider it unusable as-of-yet
my favorite non-outliner calling itself an "Outliner" was https://neuron.zettel.page/ I may end up using it
BulletNotes paste feature was broken (skipped over lines), doesn't have multiline drag-and-select, and has suffered significant bitrot (which isn't a dealbreaker but the former two are), so I rejected it: https://project-awesome.org/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted#note-taking-and-editors

part of this is, sync is hard, sync is literally the hardest part, and almost nobody is taking that seriously, reminds me of all the webapp developers who don't know that their SQL database doesn't guarantee serializability with the default transaction settings
also I'm disappointed in how many outliners (there's literally 40+ single-user workflowy clones) missed multiline drag-and-select and multiline paste. pretty crucial feature when you're tabbing back and forth from other apps/contexts
I have hope for cybersemics' em if they finish someday. it really stood out wrt attention to detail
Emma Borhanian
as for non-federated, moo.do at least offers client-side encryption (of content, not hierarchy structure, I assume?). drag-and-select-and-copy also isn't working properly. you can drag-and-select and drag within the app, but clipboard doesn't work. paste works at least. also it's missing a linux app. also shift-tab is implemented wrong IMO. it should move the item down below the current nesting level, not change the hierarchy structure like it does.
workflowy says they would like to offer client-side encryption in the future but it's obviously not a priority for them
xmind 2020 was quite easy to crack to use without a subscription, but the outliner was trash, unusably filled with race conditions. it would e.g. move my cursor back to the beginning of the line entering my text out of order if I tried to type too fast
Emma Borhanian
blinkmind's (an xmind clone?) outliner doesn't let you drag notes around, which makes it kinda unusable
treenote doesn't let you move stuff around by dragging (uses up and down shortcuts instead), uses too much vertical space, and copying out of it flattens the list
NoteCase Pro recommended by datluong's awesome-outliners isn't actually an outliner, it's a hierarchical wiki. there's a lot of those calling themselves outliners