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``` AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI = "ldap://ldaphost.yourcompany.com"

DN and password needed to bind to LDAP to retrieve user information

AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN = "CN=sregistryaccount,OU=sregistryaccountlocation,OU=ldaphost,DC=yourcompany,DC=com"

AUTH_LDAP_BIND_DN = "sregistryaccount@yourcompany.com"

AUTH_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD = "bindpassword"


Any user account that has valid auth credentials can login

AUTH_LDAP_USER_SEARCH = LDAPSearch("ou=users,ou=ldaphost,dc=yourcompany,dc=com",ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, "(samaccountname=%(user)s)")
AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_SEARCH = LDAPSearch("ou=ldaphost,DC=yourcompany,DC=com",ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, "(objectClass=group)")
AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_TYPE =NestedActiveDirectoryGroupType(name_attr="cn")

AUTH_LDAP_GROUP_TYPE = ActiveDirectoryGroupType(name_attr="cn")


Populate the Django user model from the LDAP directory.

"first_name": "givenName",
"last_name": "sn",
"email": "mail"

This is the snippet I used to get AD working with sregistry
Using samaccountname is the key to get it working
hey @kanthsai143 I'm just seeing this now! What I meant is write up a snippet (markdown) to add to the "docs" folder hosted by the repository, via a pull request.
The config above is not useful unless you provide the context - how you were setting it up, the issues you ran into, and how that config solved them (and explain your choices)
Sure. Will update it by the end of this weekend
Natacha Beck
Hi everyone, I have a pending build on singularity hub since 2 days is it normal ?
Hi! I can not connect to Singularity-hub.org. Do you know if it is down for some reason?
Hi @vsoch , I am avid user of github pages/jekyll. Really liked your docs theme. Is there any way I can help in the documentations?
(Why here? Couldn't find the email anywhere :) )
Heyo! The biggest help would be to contribute! If you see something missing, please open a PR to add it. Singularity Hub and Singularity Registry Server both use mkdocs-Jekyll (a template I developed) so any features added there could be useful. What in particular did you have in mind?
Sure. Gradually, going through the repo and will open PR or ask a question.
Hi! I am using sregistry in an ubuntu VM authenticating with ldap. Login seems to work. Loading a image seems to work. Generating a link doesn't seem to work. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I get the following:
I don't see anything in the log using: docker-compose logs --tail=30 -f uwsgi
Any ideas? Is there another place to look for information on this error or am I simply using sregistry wrong?
bgf@U18Sing:~$ singularity pull shub://
FATAL:   While pulling shub image: failed to get manifest for: shub:// no response received from singularity hub
bgf@U18Sing:~$ singularity --version
singularity version 3.4.2-1
This however works (from http not https):
bgf@U18Sing:~$ singularity pull --library foobarglub/hello-world:latest
WARNING: unable to verify container: hello-world_latest.sif
WARNING: Skipping container verification
Ratin Kumar
Greetings, I had a question regarding running a singularity container as a background process.
I wish to run a MongoDB instance in background.
Ratin Kumar
Currently I'm using the command:
        mongo_container = client.instance("docker://mongo", name="mongo", options=options)
This starts the container but the mongo instance doesn't start by itself. I have to use the shell of the instance to start mongod
Aleksi Ikkala
Hey, could someone tell me how to enable singlarity hub to see my private repos? When I go to 'My Collections' I can only choose one of my public repos for container build
Ah, it seems like I misunderstood "You are free to choose allowing Singularity Hub to build public or private collections" in the docs. I thought you were allowed to build containers from private git repos, but instead you're allowed to make one collection private. Nevermind!
Durai Arasan
Hello. We are trying to set up a sregistry server internally for our cluster (not public). We would like to skip user authentication, nginx etc. and just have a registry where users can push/pull to/from using single commands like:
singularity pull
singularity push
where is the IP of the node where sregistry is running and 5000 is the port.
Is such a simple setup possible with sregistry?
Durai Arasan
Does @vsoch or anyone else here know if this is possible?
It’s definitely not a common use case - you would need to remove all the lines of code that check to validate a token. It would also mean that the registry has no sense of who is who, so anyone would be able to push to collections. You could probably figure this out to get it working but it would be on you to do it.
In that the user can authenticate once and the token is stored in the Singularity cache in home it’s not hard to do...
Durai Arasan
@vsoch can you kindly update the LDAP plugins link on https://singularityhub.github.io/sregistry/docs/install/settings? It shows a 404 currently.
@durai23 all set! Do you want to take a look again and see if it's resolved for you (be sure to clear the browser cache!)
Mainak Ghosh
Hello everyone, I am a beginner in Singularityhub. Could you please let me know how to set up webhook ? apparently it's not working for me, I am getting 500 in response.
Kyle Shannon
Hi, I was wondering if there was a link to the API docs mentioned on this page: https://singularityhub.github.io/sregistry/docs/interface#application-programming-interface
I am probably missing something obvious, but I can't find the documentation, only the screenshot.
I have a question about using Singularity with Harbor and Rancher. I have a container A which have dependencies a, b and c and another container B which have dependencies a, b and d. As you can see container A and B have two same dependencies (a and b). Does Harbor/Rancher keep for each one a copy of their dependencies or it is possible to be use the same dependencies? If so, how can it be achieved?
Sorry, as a total newb I wish to pull a particular collection member, which was cited in 2017 as https://www.singularity-hub.org/collections/1653. I have tried variations on singularity pull and singularity search without getting anywhere; simply clicking on the provided link takes me to the singularity-hub home page. Is there a simple command line that can take me to the current location of this container, an application called SRAssembler? Thanks.
Sablin AMON
Hello everyone, I am new to sregistry and singularity. I just want to have some information about the architecture of the sregistry server, how the services communicate between them
hello guys, we are deploying sregistry on our local network and do not want to provide public access . It is a little bit troublesome for us to maintain a public domain. And we found that singularity requires HTTPS to add the remote. Does anybody know how to deploy sregistry with self-signed HTTPS certificate or is there any other work-around?

hello guys, we are deploying sregistry on our local network and do not want to provide public access . It is a little bit troublesome for us to maintain a public domain. And we found that singularity requires HTTPS to add the remote. Does anybody know how to deploy sregistry with self-signed HTTPS certificate or is there any other work-around?

And we are using pre-built singularity in our cluster so it is not feasible for us to compile another singularity with HTTP.

Hello. Is it possible to add more description to an uploaded image?
Jose Ortega
I want to bind and unbind some directories while the container is running, is it possible?