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Repo info
Rafael Ribeiro
seems like it's something with minified version (production mode)
The app freezes because of this error
Charles Watson

@shactdeveloper I’ve been watching all of your issues on GH. I’m not sure what’s going on but Since I’m planning on rewriting Electrometeor into a CLI tool, I don’t think I’ll be tending exactly to those issues. :/

But the CLI tool will be much easier to use! I plan on spending the whole day tomorrow working on it so hopefully I can make some significant progress.

Rafael Ribeiro
Ok.. thanks man!
Rafael Ribeiro
Do you know why i'm getting the Unterminated string quote when trying to run the packaged app ?
when I use script/run.js it works fine
when i compile it with /dist.js, the app does not open
if I try to run throught bash, i get this Unterminated string quote error
Charles Watson
I’m not sure :/
Rafael Ribeiro
Ok i fixed it
there was a file in tmp
something with ppid, I deleted it
but now I cant use npm install on a new electrometeor project
Mike Adams
trying to set the title-bar-style to 'hidden'. Not working, is this due to out of date electron / dependencies? Any pointers as to how I may update them?
Mike Adams
apologies! I've sorted it!
Vitaly Solovyov
hi, guys. I’m beginner in electron. Can I use in html this <link href="/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet»/> ? ask about path to file. thx
Vitaly Solovyov
how to use angular routing in electron?
hello guys, i could npm run... wrote a bug... need much attention :D
ups, used wrong fork
Laurent Schaffner
waddup guys
i was wondering
i did an app in meteor, which's connecting on a remote server (meteor too) and it does its stuff
but the solution introduced here (electrometeor) doesn't seem to take this into consideration
is it for local only app ?
i don't really understand well this part
i'm not gonna give away the server side in the app itself
Hey guys, what's the way do you package your app ?
now i've built my app with electron-packager, but it seems some errors as following:
App threw an error when running [TypeError: Cannot read property 'on' of undefined]
when i runs my app with command 'npm start' in my directory, it runs well
Aric Camarata
Is there a way to make an app a background app with an icon in the Tray (win, nix) or top menu (mac, nix)? This would be similar to a reminders/tasks app that would run in the tray and then they click and get a menu and then we could open up a full window... but it would run and popup reminders or even play sounds for certain events/notifications etc?
hey, someone know if it possible to use fs.writefileSync , fs.readfileSynce after build process with electron-builder?
getUserMedia , how to save mediastream into a file ?
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Lukas Ondrej
Hey guys, does anyone know why Electron just turns to white screen after certain actions?
How can a 'crash' like this be debugged?
Sorry if this is not the best room to ask.
Neil James Monzales
where should i put my file based database in electron

Hello everyone!

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hey guys sorry for sudden asking but im starting with electron
and im having issue implementing Jquery In My app Using Npm
in Html
         $('#add-to-list').on('click', () => {
            alert("Goodbye, Cuz It was Success!");
this is my script inside of html
it doesn't seem to work but supprisngly if i do this in js file using require on it it works
but not in html
but if i use this on another js and call on that js on html it works
let $ = require('jquery')
$('#add-to-list').on('click', () => {
   alert('Goodbye World');
like this this one works

After huge research, i am planning to go with JavaScript Search engine with Angular/Vue.js/Meteor/React as front-end

Choice of javascript client side storage is below

1) IndexedDB
2) JScene
3) LargeLocalStorage
4) ydn db
5) PouchDB

Links for reference

Please kindly suggest which one to go...

Basically have a cross platform system which accepts huge files and finally does a full text search...

In this way, the user just needs the browser no installation is required......