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Sep 2016
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 06:42
btw: using the pushspout reduces all that boilerplate to this:
object MySwaveQueueApp extends App {

  implicit val system                       = ActorSystem()
  implicit val executor                     = system.dispatcher
  implicit val dispatcher: ExecutionContext = system.dispatcher.prepare()
  implicit val env                          = StreamEnv()

  val bufferSize                = 2
  val pushSpout: PushSpout[Int] = Spout.push[Int](bufferSize, 2 * bufferSize)

  system.scheduler.schedule(0.seconds, 1.seconds) {


Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:02
say I have a Spout[Seq[Int]], what’s the canonical way to create a sub-spout for each sequence?
is it maybe flattenConcat?
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:36
I’ve run into some trouble with the following code
  val bla: Spout[Seq[((String, String), Boolean)]] = => -> _)).fanOutBroadcast() -> true)).end -> false)).end

  bla.foreach(x => println(x.toString))
this compiles and runs, but it yields this exception
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unexpected subscribe() from out 'ForeachDrainStage@757abc34/awaitingOnSubscribe' in PushSpoutStage@6b0d98e0/active
    at swave.core.impl.stages.Stage.illegalState(Stage.scala:99)
    at swave.core.impl.stages.Stage._subscribe0(Stage.scala:125)
    at swave.core.impl.stages.spout.PushSpoutStage._subscribe0(PushSpoutStage.scala:16)
    at swave.core.impl.stages.Stage._subscribe(Stage.scala:120)
    at swave.core.impl.stages.Stage.subscribe(Stage.scala:115)
    at swave.core.Drain.consume(Drain.scala:21)
    at swave.core.Spout$.to$extension(Spout.scala:35)
    at swave.core.Spout$.drainTo$extension(Spout.scala:55)
    at swave.core.Spout$.foreach$extension(Spout.scala:52)
    at controllers.UploadControllerSwaveLike$class.$init$(UploadControllerSwaveLike.scala:17)
    at controllers.UploadToolController.<init>(UploadToolController.scala:16)
    at modules.DefaultComponents.uploadToolController$lzycompute(DefaultComponents.scala:27)
    at modules.DefaultComponents.uploadToolController(DefaultComponents.scala:27)
    at modules.DefaultComponents.router$lzycompute(DefaultComponents.scala:24)
    at modules.DefaultComponents.router(DefaultComponents.scala:22)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponents$class.injector(Application.scala:250)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponentsFromContext.injector$lzycompute(ApplicationLoader.scala:103)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponentsFromContext.injector(ApplicationLoader.scala:103)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponents$class.application(Application.scala:259)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponentsFromContext.application$lzycompute(ApplicationLoader.scala:103)
    at play.api.BuiltInComponentsFromContext.application(ApplicationLoader.scala:103)
    at modules.ApplicationLoader.load(ApplicationLoader.scala:7)
    at play.core.server.DevServerStart$$anonfun$mainDev$1$$anon$1$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$1$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$2.apply(DevServerStart.scala:168)
    at play.core.server.DevServerStart$$anonfun$mainDev$1$$anon$1$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$1$$anonfun$1$$anonfun$2.apply(DevServerStart.scala:164)
    at play.utils.Threads$.withContextClassLoader(Threads.scala:21)
    at play.core.server.DevServerStart$$anonfun$mainDev$1$$anon$1$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$1$$anonfun$1.apply(DevServerStart.scala:164)
    ... 14 more
I am unsure why this happens. I must be creating an illegal stream graph since there are no events pushed in at the time of the error
Sep 27 2016 08:41
Ok, thanks for reporting. I'm on the train right now but will look into this ASAP
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:42
I don’t think it’s neccessarily a bug, but any insights would be super :)
Sep 27 2016 08:42
An IllegalStateException is always a bug.... :)
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:43
yes, question is if the bug comes from my code or your library
bonus info: deleting the bla.foreach(…) line still yields the same bug
Sep 27 2016 08:44
Since it is thrown from swave code it's a bug in the library. If you made any type of mistake you should get a helpful error message, not an internal ISE
I'll look into your snippet and report back here
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:44
thanks :)
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 08:51
I may have found the problem: I was draining the original spout twice
there was some lingering foreach later in the file
and now it works :)
I was draining pushSpout somewhere in my class
and later trying to drain bla
which was based on pushSpout
Felix Palludan Hargreaves
Sep 27 2016 09:05
I believe the error message could be improved in this case since this will likely happen to many people because it is basically the only stateful part of the program
Sep 27 2016 16:35
Ok, I see.
Yes, there should be a very clear error when you try to reuse any type of stream element (be it a Spout, Pipe, Drain or Module).
I'll add dedicated tests for that.
Thank you for reporting!