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Jul 2016
Marco Scannadinari
Jul 04 2016 16:44
@treshugart hey I'm just wondering if a similar system exists with skate1.0 for my project which I'm planning to port soon..
I used ES2015 multiline strings to set the components shadowRoot.innerHTML when the component was created, with inline styles included for style encapsulation.
Is something like that possible with the new incremental DOM API? Using something like JSX is not really ideal...
Trey Shugart
Jul 04 2016 23:45
@marcoms JSX would be the closest you’d get. You can use any templating language that compiles down to iDOM, though. The problem with using template literals now, is that it requries that it be serialised to DOM. It would then have to be converted into something Incremental DOM understands.
Trey Shugart
Jul 04 2016 23:52
@marcoms also, have look at There’s quite a number of templating languages that can be used.