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Dec 2016
Dec 28 2016 10:01

Is this issue solved?

Hi there!
Look how renders on IE11+WIN7x64

Trey Shugart
Dec 28 2016 10:07
@pbuzdin it's probably a bundling error. Need more information to reproduce it. I can't confirm if that's fixed, though. On holiday ATM.
@thepian re id, you should be able to define a prop that has a reflected attribute. It will then trigger updates and go through the standard lifecycle.
Re the converter function, could you expand more on your use case?
Henrik Vendelbo
Dec 28 2016 21:13
static get props() {
return {
templateId: { attribute:'template-id' },
type: { attribute:true /, default:'choice'/ },
block: { attribute:true }
If the element has a 'template-id' attribute, shouldn't it be returned with el.templateId ?
@treshugart I made the following rendering function