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Mar 2017
Mar 02 2017 19:48
@tauren I'm not sure about style generators. What's an example? I typically use chrome to tweak styles like you're saying. But as far as tweaking inputs in realtime, I've been using dat-gui for that lately! These are all more manual approaches though.
So I'm wond
Trey Shugart
Mar 02 2017 21:22
@tauren would live examples using something like codepen work?
Tauren Mills
Mar 02 2017 21:23
@treshugart @micahscopes what I mean is generating a web component library website, like
Where documentation for the component, usage examples, etc would be in one or more files (markdown or ?) next to the component source, or as jsdoc-like comments in the source
Ideally, one tool would extract the documentation into JSON intermediary structure. And then a different “reporter” tool would generate a website from that data.
When I say “live”, I mean it would be very cool if users could tweak the component attributes via a form and it would update on the page in real time.
But a codepen embed could work too
Tauren Mills
Mar 02 2017 21:29
This looks pretty good, but I’m not sure if it only works with react components:
Mar 02 2017 22:22
@tauren hmm, who is your target user? web component consumers? seems like a good idea.
@treshugart do you have an idea of how/where the webcomponent polyfills do feature detection? i'm having trouble with the skatejs webcomponent shim in that it doesn't work on a couple chromium based mobile browsers, but i haven't really dug in yet