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Jan 2018
Jan 18 2018 11:28
hey, I fixed an issue with the yeoman generator
made a pull request
@alexmreis skatejs/generator-skatejs#28
the problem is that I still can't get the storybook to show my component
@treshugart I love where this project has gone since I last used it... much cleaner!
that said, what's your outlook on the API stabilizing? :smile:
I'd love for there to be one very stable version with the same API for like a whole year
Jan 18 2018 11:33
kinda like how ubuntu has the april stable long term releases and the experimental october ones
Jan 18 2018 11:39
@treshugart this one seems to be kinda sticky: skatejs/generator-skatejs#18 . Honestly I can't get my stories to render my component in a generator-skatejs project