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Repo info
    would be nice to have a ubuntu dockerfile maybe ill do that as I love to have yadr on my docker images
    Matheus Rosa
    does anyone is having trouble with vim version 7.4.873 and yadr?
    how to change vim color scheme?
    Donato Borrello
    sounds like a quality google search to me
    Jonas Groß
    LOL, @donato is right :clap:
    Joon Ki Choi
    guys, i just installed yadr on my linux system. how do i enter visual mode in vim? ctrl+v is apparently mapped to paste text...
    and how can i autoclose html tags within vim?
    Donato Borrello
    I don't think yadr works very well in linux personally
    What the fuck is this ?
    hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
    Filippo Squillace
    Hey guys, check this out https://github.com/pearl-core/pearl . dotfiles can be treated as packages that can be easily shared and installed. It works for both linux and mac. Give it a try!
    Federico Maggi
    Hey, just tried out YADR and I'm curious what's the best practice for keeping personal dotfiles in a repo using YADR
    Nolan Roell
    Does this complement or replace Prezto?
    This internally uses prezto
    Salvatore Loguercio
    Access to zsh broke after upgrading Mac OS to Sierra - with error messages like this: /Users/xxx/.zprofile:61: failed to load modulezsh/parameter': dlopen(/usr/lib/zsh/5.0.8/zsh/parameter.so, 9): image not found`. This is because /usr/lib/zsh contains only 5.2, no longer 5.0.8. Is there a simple way to update those paths?
    Salvatore Loguercio
    Fixed - just copied over /bin/zsh (5.2) to /usr/local/bin/zsh (was 5.0.8).
    Hunter Zhang
    Anyone knows that why after installing YADR, ESC+F doesn't work on mac?
    Jonas Groß
    ... dead?
    after the installation of Yadr , there was message in terminal always [ruby-2.6.3p62]
    how to remove this ?
    like below
    enablesls@chan ~ $ [ruby-2.6.3p62]
    Suleyman Poyraz
    Hello everyone
    Is there anyone who lives :joy:
    Lohan Cravo Guedes
    guys, i tried to install yadr b4 installing the ZSH, now it wont work, also i cant run the command for installing it again because it says that yadr is already installed LMAO i'm dumb as a rock
    1 reply
    at least vim works pretty well!
    Nanda L
    Doing this will continue installation and fix ZSH.