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    [slack] <matterbridge> DenisGavrilin@lobby: Hello Guys.
    I'm trying to use 'Sleep' adapter but requests executes immediately without deley.

      address _oracle = 0xA3Ce768F041d136E8d57fD24372E5fB510b797ec;
      bytes32 _jobId = "00364325dafb410bbdadd7d79e69eab5";
      function _requestSobr(uint delay) private {
        Chainlink.Request memory req = buildChainlinkRequest(_jobId, this, this.fulfill.selector);
        req.addUint("until", now + delay);
        req.add("get", "https://api.loanscan.io/v1/reference-rates/current/Sobr?tokenSymbol=DAI");
        req.add("path", "DAI");
        req.addInt("times", 100000000);
        sendChainlinkRequestTo(_oracle, req, LINK);

    I found an accepted bug, does it works today or am I doing something wrong?


    Hi all. I'm looking at implementing an ETH:USD price feed in my Ethereum dApp via the Chainlink Aggregator template.

    I hear Chainlink prices are updated every 10 minutes. Are oracles synchronized with their price updates, or do they update on their own schedules? I'd like to ideally minimise gas and only request a new price when oracles have updated their data.

    I have some very basic question to determine if I am in the right place. I am looking for decentralised Oracles to feed USD/BTC prices to a smart contract. Does chainlink work with many blockchains or just Ethereum? The prices need to be every second.
    How do I get the 0.5.0 solidity version of the Chainlink contracts from NPM? thanks
    Verified the truffle box is working with 0.5.0 contracts. There appears to be an issue with my "fund-contract.js". I will have a look at this later.
    Sneha Agarwalla
    Hello guys, I'm trying to use the 'Sleep' adapter, but the requests are executing without delay. Can someone please help me out with this?
    2 replies
    Benedikt Berger
    Hey guys! Two quick questions:
    1 - are there any research grants available for Chainlink?
    2 - are there any in-depth docs available other than whitepaper, official docs and codebase? Especially about the aggregating process on-chain and/or external adapters. Is there a way to get in touch with someone from inside Chainlink to discuss further details - I'm doing research in that area. Would also be great to know which parts of the whitepaper are still valid - e.g. there is a part about Chainlink's goal to combine Trusted Execution Environment in this aggregation process.
    Ayhan Rashidov
    Hello. I've managed to get LINK tokens for my testnet account but how to get such tokens on a mainnet account?
    Patrick McCorry
    hey hey. i'm trying to use the tutorial for ropsten, but when I put in the jobid "897479ba429445e4a89be90cfcd52a51", it complains that it isnt a bytes32

    for this function:
    function requestEthereumPrice(address _oracle, bytes32 _jobId, uint256 _payment)

    Has anyone ran into this before ?

    (ill put it in the discord too)
    where can i find RopstenConsumer.sol?
    seetharaman gr
    ChainLink oracle service is failing in Quorum privateFor Transactions. Won't it support it?
    seetharaman gr
    Is there anyway Chainlink smart contract deployed for Quorum private smart contracts
    Hi guys. Can someone help me? i am trying to run chainlink node for first time and i get this error: " unable to initialize ORM: PQ: syntax error at or near "NOT error runing migrations"

    Hi Guys,

    I use Chainlink to request data and then save it in a local variable. This variable is then assigned to an array. Unfortunately the data assignment to the array is not synchronous, because I get the result from Chainlink a bit later.
    What can I do so that only when I receive the data from Chainlik, is it assigned to the array?

    Hi team. Might be worth adding to the docs that for the "DATABASE_URL=postgresql://$USERNAME:$PASSWORD@$SERVER:$PORT/$DATABASE" line to connect to the db, it should have "?sslmode=disabled" at the end (no space) for anyone running a local docker postgres image.
    Otherwise there will be a "unable to lock ORM: pq: SSL is not enabled on the server" error
    Additionally the docs say to set ETH_CHAIN_ID to 3 but my geth image defaulted to 0. Something to be aware of/make note of.
    On ropsten btw, I realize the IDs will be different between networks. My ropsten was 0. Started with:
    "docker run --name eth -p 8546:8546 -v ~/.geth-ropsten:/geth -it \
    ethereum/client-go --testnet --ws --ipcdisable \
    --wsaddr --wsorigins="*" --datadir /geth"
    yarnit Hi all
    Who will bear the GAS fee for using the 'CHAINLINK' callback function?
    hey guys, i getting unable to lock ORM: dial tcp connect: connection refused error when trying to start the chainlink container connecting to a postgres running in another container. i can connect to the db using a postgres client and i am using sslmode=disable
    the image i am using is the latest image. i tried to pull again but still the same issue
    2020-06-08T09:18:59Z [FATAL] Unable to initialize ORM: dial tcp connect: connection refused
    unable to open postgresql://user:password@localhost:5432/db?sslmode=disable for gorm DB
    ffs .....ok, this was so silly of me. because the link is running inside a container. it cant connect to the host ip as the localhost would have been inside the container. i had to change the value to host.docker.internal to tell docker that i want to connect to the host's localhost, not containers localhost
    Jaeson Booker
    Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.07.00 AM.png
    When I run "cd ~/.chainlink-kovan && docker run -p 6688:6688 -v ~/.chainlink-kovan:/chainlink -it --env-file=.env smartcontract/chainlink local n" to deploy a chainlink docker node, it gives me the error above.
    Grant Bartel

    I'm also getting this error: "[ERROR] unable to lock ORM: dial tcp: lookup ruby.db.elephantsql.com"

    I followed the tutorial on chain.link. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. I run other docker images on my machine just fine, so I'm unsure of the problem here.

    The ETH_URL is set to point to Ropsten via fiews.io.
    How can I solve this error? I've Googled endlessly!
    Cheng Wang
    I am also get this problem. Any solutions, thank you.
    Open your firewall up
    Remove database timeout from your .env file ?
    Paste your .env config ?
    *paste your .env config into chat to allow us to see configuration variables please.
    Cheng Wang



    i tried to remove the database timeout, and changed the server to docker ip, but still get this error
    Ahmad Tabbakha
    Do i need to do anything special to get this preparetest command to run. I set my DB URL to what was recommended DATABASE_URL=postgresql://
    where is libpq behavior defined. Seems to me since no user is specified in the DB url its using my shell login. I'll try it with the chainlink user
    ->  chainlink git:(readme-build-steps) go run ./core/main.go local db preparetest
    2020-06-24T16:28:16Z [INFO]  Resetting database: "postgresql://localhost:5432/chainlink_test?ssl_mode=disable" cmd/local_client.go:360
    unable to drop postgres database: pq: password authentication failed for user "ahmad"
    You have to specify user on database url like this DATABASE_URL=postgresql://user:password@
    Change your IP as well. I thought might not work
    Ahmad Tabbakha
    what permissions are required for the chainlink user
    What is your DB name that created on Postgres?
    hi , anyone can take a look at this issue ?
    err=verifyEthereumChainID failed: ethereum ChainID doesn't match chainlink config.ChainID: config ID=3, eth RPC ID=0 errVerbose=ethereum ChainID doesn't match chainlink config.ChainID: config ID=3
    this is my command to startup eth
    docker run --name eth --restart always -p 8546:8546 -v ~/.geth-ropsten:/geth -it  ethereum/client-go:v1.9.15  --testnet --nousb --ws --ipcdisable            --wsaddr --wsorigins="*" --datadir /geth
    thodges Your Geth node probably isn't synced yet.
    @matrixbot ahh... make sense.. let me try after data synced.
    Cameron Dimitroff
    When making a requestEthereumPrice() from TestnetConsumer.sol to my oracle the 1 Link fee/request is arriving and the transaction is executing, but the activity is not being recorded on the GUI and ETH price does not update (remains at 0) when running currentPrice() on TestnetConsumer.sol.