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    estrom on Freenode I see, thanks.
    Levans Oh, I just discovered
    Levans lokks pretty neat
    Levans * looks pretty neat
    Levans (and it's in Rust :D)
    Levans Could be a fun project to make a greeter for it using Smithay :-°
    xa0 Hey all. Is fireplace useable still? I'm very pleased with this non-wlroots ecosystem
    xa0 I think I'll be betting on you guys
    xa0 Yeah, I saw that too

    drakulix > <> Hey all. Is fireplace useable still? I'm very pleased with this non-wlroots ecosystem

    No really at this point. The codebase is outdated and won't be continued until smithay is in a state, I would consider for daily use.

    drakulix But it is getting there
    Levans If you wanna help btw, there is plenty of stuff to do, and we're willing to explain whatever needs explaining ;)
    xa0 I'd help if I could, I really want to use wayland, but I refuse to use anything sircmpwn has made. So that's upsetting
    xa0 Theres no tiling wms around yet that aren't wlroots spawn
    ifreund on Freenode that seems like a rather extreem standpoint
    xa0 (my limitation is mostly time and energy)
    xa0 It seems extreme to some. To me and others, it makes perfect sense
    Levans Well, currently Smithay is still not mature enough to build a daily-driver with I think. Though if you want to toy around a little to get a feeling of how it is currently, you can check out anvil, which is to smithay what rootston is to wlroots.
    ifreund on Freenode well, rootston is deprecated, we have tinywl now :D
    Levans oh well, looks like I'm not very up to date
    xa0 To be fair, I don't exactly need much, I basically only ever have emacs and firefox opwn
    xa0 Maybe anvil's enough…
    Levans anvil is not tiling though, and its window management is very minimal
    xa0 Ah, hm
    Levans Yeah, ostly our focus for now is to get all the heavy plumbing of the graphical pipeline stable in Smithay, before turning to more higher-level functions like window management and such.
    Levans Though if you're interested in helping with bringing some more window management in anvil... ;)
    xa0 I have a mile long todo list, it would be irresponsible to commit to anything :p
    xa0 Fair enough, though!
    kchibisov on Freenode Hm, Levans , it seems like using id 0 is a valid thing.
    kchibisov on Freenode for an object.
    kchibisov on Freenode The 0 ID is reserved to represent a null or non-existant object.
    kchibisov on Freenode So in theory when it comes to summoning dead proxies it could use id 0?
    Levans ... Maybe ? Though I don't think that'd change anything for wayland-client users, given the Proxy is dead anyway.
    Levans (the notion of "dead Proxy" of wayland-client is something that has no equivalent in libwayland-client, btw)
    kchibisov on Freenode I know, but how it handles collision and id reuse?
    Levans There is no collision. A dead Proxy is just a rust object representing a wayland object that once existed but no longer exists. You cannot do anything with it.
    kchibisov on Freenode And you can't have object with the same id?
    Levans If you try to make a request from it, wayland-client will just swallow it into the void, and send nothing to the server.
    kchibisov on Freenode I mean after you've summoned dead proxy.
    Levans The dead proxy does not prevent at all its ID to be reused by the protocol later
    kchibisov on Freenode yeah, so what will happen here? Like I have dead proxy leaving in id map, and then I get new object with the same id as that dead proxy.
    kchibisov on Freenode it should replace the dead proxy, right?
    Levans The dead proxy is not in the ID map. That's its whole point.
    kchibisov on Freenode Oh, so it'll just go to the void, I see.
    esposm03 Hey I have a question. How can I, in smithay, retrieve the buffer associated with a surface?
    Levans Not completely sure what you mean by "it" in this sentence, though
    Levans That'll be using CompositorToken::with_surface_data
    Levans It gives you access to a surfaceAttributes struct, that contains the whole state that has been commited by the client
    esposm03 Oh, okay. Thanks!