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Annie.unity // EGX Rezzed // A-MAZE
@_stevehalliwell_twitter hey Steve I've got a menu with several options, I just want them to reset once people have completed the game
Steve Halliwell
@annie_psd_twitter if using the hide if visited, you probably need to reload the scene to reset internal state of all scene data to original.
Casey Weederman
I'm looking at iTween/Punch Position, how to I plug in a character gameobject that isn't instantiated until runtime? Is there a better place for questions like this?
Casey Weederman
Actually, a Tween option in the Portrait tools would be great. Show, Hide, Replace, Move to Front, HPunch, Rotate, etc
As I have posted in the forum, iTween does not work for 3d objects with rigid body since 5.x.
Hey. First time using this so sorry if not doing it right ahaha. I was just working with Fungus and suddenly my Flowchart froze up. I can view the flowchart but can't click on any blocks and I'm getting a bunch of object reference not set errors. Help!
Steve Halliwell
@Liam__Gregory_twitter what's the error and do you know what version of Unity and what version of Fungus you are using?
@stevehalliwell Worked out it was a bug within Fungus where I deleted a block, then hit Undo and it broke it all. As for versions, Unity 2018.4.2f1 and the version of Fungus before the last.
Casey Weederman
The Invoke Method command tosses a bunch of information (target component, target method, arguments) when the block it's in is duplicated.
Paulo Moreira
Hello all
I am wondering if anyone has an example how I can activate a rigidbody from a gameoject ("like a picture") after I click on it?
Json Unity
Hello!i want to increase text size of say command in inspector view?plz help
1 reply
Json Unity
Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 1.01.20 AM.png
Thanks @maurovanetti but I want to increase this text size that is showing on the image
Example:"hey man how r u" AND "amarjeet"
Steve Halliwell
@Jasonunity3d_gitlab there is not presently a config for this with in Fungus itself, any existing scaling for unity ui in general should work though. If you are wanting to dive into the fungus code to make changes to this part specifically, you'll want to investigate the CommandListAdapter
Json Unity
@stevehalliwell Thanks alot man thank u so much it worked
Mauro Vanetti
Steve Halliwell

Fungus 3.13 Release Candidate available for testing via github releases

We appreciate any and all testing. If you find issues please let us know via the github issues including v3.13.0-rc1 as the version the issue is found in.

Steve Halliwell
A second release candidate is now available for testing https://github.com/snozbot/fungus/releases/tag/v3.13.0-rc2
Hi there . I have a very basic question as im pretty new to unity/fungus. I am trying to trigger a scene change via flow chart but I can't figure out how to connect it to a 3D collider trigger.
basically I just want it to activate when the player steps into the collider's space.
Steve Halliwell
A Block with an event handler of OnTrigger Enter with tag of Player and a command of LoadScene may do the trick. The FirstPerson Example scene has a number of OnTrigger event handler based blocks that may be worth a look at.
is there a way to make a "character" script take multiple sound effects?
Christine Doan
Hello! This may have been a repeated question but I want to ask how I can implement/code in TextMeshProUGUI into my SayDialog script, since my Unity is not really picking up on it and I haven't really come across a solution for this issue.
How to create an animated background and characters?
in the Fungus
I'm a new user of fungus (version 3.13.2) and I'm confusing about how to connect the draggable sprite with the block, because my UI "Draggable Ref" is different from that in the official guide video "Draggable Object" and two ways the ogv tole didn't work. Does any one know this?
Hi guys! In the changelog for 3.13 it says "Option to grid snap blocks in the FlowchartWindow." I can't find such an option!
English translation ↓
I want to input the player name and reflect it in the Fungus conversation scene, but I do not know how to do it.
Question: How can I add my own icon for the script to the hierarchy (how did you make the mushroom icon?)
Took me a whole day to find the answer to my question! It was in Unity -> Edit -> Project Settings -> Fungus
I believe it would be easier to access in the flowchart window itself, alongside scale and the center options!
Amarjeet Yadav
hey i'm using if-else conditions in fungus but nothing is working condition is always going on else but if conditons are als true help please
Did you make sure to use End commands in your if conditions? @Jeet2905
Hi, I'm just getting started on Fungus, when I follow the tutorial to set up a flowchart, when I click on a block on the flowchart window, it is supposed to be showing me something in the inspector but no matter how many times I reinstall the library and restart Unity, the inspector window is blank. Is there a reason for this? Thanks!
Hyper Sonic
  1. Add Unity InputField
  2. Add Confirm button
  3. On Confirm OnClick (or Enter/Return input), store InputField.text in public or global variable PlayerCharacterName
  4. In dialogue, insert "${PlayerCharacterName}" to inject it in text
add variable, difference private/public/global: https://fungusdocs.snozbot.com/variables.html
True Tech
I have followed the save system in the examples and it doesn’t work out of the box. What am I missing? I’m sure someone has it working. Can it be explained. And yes I have watched the YouTube video on the save system.
Am new here...hope am welcomed
How can I shake my text in the "say"..?
Hello, I have some problems about set my saydialog: Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'SayDialog_Hera' is inactive!
Hello All. Help me please! How to make it so that when I click on Persona, he speaks to me? need to be done as in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5fx5rtIEiI&feature=youtu.be Is there such a Function in the Fungus?
Яна Маслова
Hello. Yesterday I zazodil at the forum. And today he is not. Is it just me or is there a common problem? When will it be restored?
Яна Маслова
Dear developers. You do not have a forum, and there was so much useful information. Please repair it.
Hello can someone help with a LOA Store issue?
I want to implement UI design similar to IMessage,What should I do?
i have no code experience,please help me,thanks
Fungus now has official Discord server. https://discord.gg/99RqraQ
I haven't used Fungus in a while and recently updated my Unity version and imported Fungus. I'm currently just setting up environments and characters, but having trouble with the portrait when I go to create a character. There is no '+' sign to add any portraits. I have also created a stage, so I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any advice?