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HI everyone!
I have problem similar to this with latest Firefox Developer Edition 51.0a2. Works fine on Chrome
I think problem with between Firefox and SockJs
Ignas Bernotas
Hi guys, I’m using sockjs with Primus. Once the connection is established, I want to insert/update a database record, once that’s done I’d like to start handling the messages so I’d know which user based on my DB record sent the message. The problem is that if I wait for the database queries to finish I will miss the initial messages from the client since binding the data event only happens afterwards. If I bind the data event first, I will not know which client sent the message. What’s the logical way to approach this?
I could probably bind the event and before I know the client, store the messages in an array and after the database work is done, take the messages from the array and reassign them to the client.
messages will also be stored in a database
Kostya Gerasimovich
Prasanth TJ
I get the below error msg whenever my sockjs establishes connection with my server
Uncaught failure in sockjs request. Websocket handshake failure.nested exception is java.lang.illegalargumentexception: No 'javax.websocket.server.servercontainer' servlet context attribute. Are you running in a servlet container that supports JSR-356
@magictolledo_twitter done.
Ali Akbar Azizkhani
Hi all
I'm having an issue where my connections are failing and I have no idea why
We are trying to use SockJS with StompJS . Our site runs wicked slow and I notice my connection seems to go through all the fallback protocols at about 15s intervals... is there anyway to up the fallback delay? I'm just trying to eliminate this as a possible issue.
I have a websocket 101 connection open... it has an o and a bunch of h's I don't remember what the o stands for, but it's very clearly responding to heartbeats still
at the same time it looks like it tried to fall to xhr_streaming then iframe then htmlfile and then jsonp and then it just dies for good. "Whoops! Lost connection to..."
even while it's dead it's still responding to heartbeats.... but it's just not actually working
any ideas?
on second look fallback connections seem erratic
xhr doesn't seem to work at all either... is there some spring configuration magic I missed for this?
I'm still having this issue
Aleix Morgadas

hello everyone,

I'm facing an issue with the CORS, the issue is with the CORS Credential is not supported if the CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ is ‘*’, how could I change the Headers?

Searching in the repository, there's a Options parameter in the constructor, but there's not an option to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin :-/
Aleix Morgadas
The server returns Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *, and I cannot control the implementation (external service), is there a work arround?
Aleix Morgadas
I've solved it using the version 0.3.4
Jai Pradeesh
Is this library being maintained? Considering for production use.
Jai Pradeesh
Is there some sort of redis adapter which is recommened by sock.js. I am planning to implement it on multiple nodes. Not sure if this is the right channel (Since topic says sockjs client)
Ali Akbar Azizkhani
hi all
i have application that write with spring websocket and using sockjs in clinet
in some browser sockjs dose not connect and request /xhr_streaming
i dont know why dose not connect and why request to this url?
Albert Zhang
is this place like... dead?
abstract-xhr.js:132 POST https://testpss.rlair.net/pss/ws/358/f5fqtdwvdba2eiaypqri/xhr_streaming?t=1517967062087 500 ()
i._start @ abstract-xhr.js:132
(anonymous) @ abstract-xhr.js:21
setTimeout (async)
i @ abstract-xhr.js:20
i @ xhr-cors.js:8
i @ xhr.js:19
i._scheduleReceiver @ polling.js:26
i @ polling.js:18
i @ sender-receiver.js:20
r @ ajax-based.js:44
i @ xhr-streaming.js:15
i._connect @ main.js:219
i._transportClose @ main.js:299
i._transportTimeout @ main.js:233
setTimeout (async)
i._connect @ main.js:213
i._receiveInfo @ main.js:193
n @ emitter.js:30
i.emit @ emitter.js:50
(anonymous) @ info-receiver.js:67
n @ emitter.js:30
i.emit @ emitter.js:50
(anonymous) @ info-ajax.js:37
n @ emitter.js:30
i.emit @ emitter.js:50
xhr.onreadystatechange @ abstract-xhr.js:124
XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
i._start @ abstract-xhr.js:132
(anonymous) @ abstract-xhr.js:21
setTimeout (async)
i @ abstract-xhr.js:20
i @ xhr-local.js:8
i @ info-ajax.js:19
i._getReceiver @ info-receiver.js:36
i.doXhr @ info-receiver.js:56
(anonymous) @ info-receiver.js:25
setTimeout (async)
i @ info-receiver.js:24
i @ main.js:121
connect @ app.2a239464d70128be6eec.js:2361
n @ vue.esm.js:187
(anonymous) @ MessageBox.vue:126
Promise.then (async)
initMsgBox @ app.2a239464d70128be6eec.js:2403
n @ vue.esm.js:187
mounted @ MessageBox.vue:137
Nt @ vue.esm.js:2828
insert @ vue.esm.js:4032
M @ vue.esm.js:5780
(anonymous) @ vue.esm.js:5988
t._update @ vue.esm.js:2583
i @ vue.esm.js:2701
ha.get @ vue.esm.js:3044
ha.run @ vue.esm.js:3121
$t @ vue.esm.js:2887
(anonymous) @ vue.esm.js:1789
rt @ vue.esm.js:1710
Promise.then (async)
Go @ vue.esm.js:1758
at @ vue.esm.js:1802
Ft @ vue.esm.js:2974
ha.update @ vue.esm.js:3111
$o.notify @ vue.esm.js:677
set @ vue.esm.js:1000
(anonymous) @ mutations.js:21
(anonymous) @ vuex.esm.js:697
(anonymous) @ vuex.esm.js:389
(anonymous) @ vuex.esm.js:388
NYxO.A._withCommit @ vuex.esm.js:495
NYxO.A.commit @ vuex.esm.js:387
A.commit @ vuex.esm.js:335
(anonymous) @ actions.js:11
i @ runtime.js:65
(anonymous) @ runtime.js:299
t.(anonymous function) @ runtime.js:117
i @ asyncToGenerator.js:17
(anonymous) @ asyncToGenerator.js:28
Promise.then (async)
i @ asyncToGenerator.js:27
(anonymous) @ asyncToGenerator.js:35
e @ _export.js:35
(anonymous) @ asyncToGenerator.js:14
(anonymous) @ actions.js:8
(anonymous) @ vuex.esm.js:704
NYxO.A.dispatch @ vuex.esm.js:426
A.dispatch @ vuex.esm.js:332
(anonymous) @ index.js:382
d @ vue-router.esm.js:1943
i @ vue-router.esm.js:1717
ut @ vue-router.esm.js:1725
ae.confirmTransition @ vue-router.esm.js:1972
ae.transitionTo @ vue-router.esm.js:1874
ce.init @ vue-router.esm.js:2499
beforeCreate @ vue-router.esm.js:540
Nt @ vue.esm.js:2828
t._init @ vue.esm.js:4493
Ae @ vue.esm.js:4592
NHnr @ main.js:43
c @ bootstrap a6e7770e57e879fd411b:54
0 @ app.2a239464d70128be6eec.js:195
c @ bootstrap a6e7770e57e879fd411b:54
window.webpackJsonp @ bootstrap a6e7770e57e879fd411b:25
(anonymous) @ app.2a239464d70128be6eec.js:1
eventsource:1 GET https://testpss.rlair.net/pss/ws/358/wpobkspst1oshflufc5i/eventsource 500 ()
eventsource:1 GET https://testpss.rlair.net/pss/ws/358/htdec4exoffrjhqd13lx/eventsource 500 ()
iframe.js:102 GET https://testpss.rlair.net/pss/ws/358/sgemxnrz2v1ydgagwbsf/htmlfile?c=_jp.azr5vag 500 ()
createIframe @ iframe.js:102
i @ htmlfile.js:43
i._scheduleReceiver @ polling.js:26
i @ polling.js:18
i @ sender-receiver.js:20
r @ ajax-based.js:44
i @ htmlfile.js:13
i._connect @ main.js:219
i._transportClose @ main.js:299
n @ emitter.js:30
i.emit @ emitter.js:50
i._message @ iframe.js:114
postMessage (async)
postMessage @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:3
r._transportClose @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
r.emit @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
(anonymous) @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
n @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
r.emit @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
(anonymous) @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
n @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
r.emit @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
(anonymous) @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
setTimeout (async)
r._close @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
n.onerror @ VM1119 sockjs.min.js:2
htmlfile:6 GET https://testpss.rlair.net/pss/ws/358/sgemxnrz2v1ydgagwbsf/static/style/fail
Multiplex/info 404
Does any one faced that issue??
Jasvir Singh Grewal
hi there
is this channel active?
Jefferson de Andrade Santos
Hi folks
I'm using this lib with aiohttp
But I'm confused about using it to stream a blob. I'm converting the blob to base64, then stringfying it, then sending it through the websockets..
but I know it's not the best approach
Scott M. M. Jackson
Anyone know where I can contact the authors of sockjs-erlang, sockjs-cyclone, sockjs-twisted, sockjs-tornado, gosockjs, sockjs-luvit, wai-sockjs, luvit-sockjs, and/or pyramid_sockjs?
Can I emit event from sockjs-client ?
I want to create multiple customised events in both sockjs and sockjs-client . Can anyone guide me ?
Martin Sampietro
Hi there! I am trying to integrate Spring boot STOMP with Sockjs over AWS Api gateway without success. Is this actually possible ?
Sandeep Tiwari
I am using sockjs-client with stompjs in one of my react-native app.it works fine in android but in iOS it gets connected once after that it requests xhr_streaming fallback and websocket is getting disconnected , can somebody help me
Hi - Any example to use SOCK JS and AWS Websocket API Gateway ?
Jagdish Parihar
Hi - How can we emit the message the message in sockjs.
Jagdish Parihar
Please share example of creating basic chat application using sockjs.