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Alexander Van Hecke
this doesnt start :
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.http4s.HttpRoutes$.apply(Lscala/Function1;Lcats/effect/Sync;)Lcats/data/Kleisli;
    at tapir.server.http4s.EndpointToHttp4sServer.toRoutes(EndpointToHttp4sServer.scala:22)
    at tapir.server.http4s.TapirHttp4sServer$RichHttp4sHttpEndpoint.toRoutes(TapirHttp4sServer.scala:18)
    at ....mocksupport.po.Test$.<clinit>(FakePno.scala:207)
    at ....mocksupport.po.Test.main(FakePno.scala)
I'm using tapir v 0.11.11, scala 2.13, and explicitly managed versions of of cats (2.1.1) and circe (0.13.0)
  val tapirExclusions = List(
  val tapirCore      = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-core"               % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
  val tapirHttp4s    = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-http4s-server"      % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
  val tapirSwaggerUI = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-swagger-ui-http4s"  % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
  val tapirOpenApi   = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-openapi-docs"       % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
  val tapirCirceYaml = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-openapi-circe-yaml" % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
  val tapirCirce     = "com.softwaremill.tapir" %% "tapir-json-circe"         % tapirVersion excludeAll (tapirExclusions: _*)
I feel like I'm missing something very obvious here ... any thoughts?
Per Øyvind Kanestrøm
Hi! Is there a reason for PartialServerEndpoint to not extend EndpointErrorOutputsOps?
5 replies
Hi @adamw, the latest Tapir release 0.15.4 is still using sttp-client 2.1.5 and yet they were both updated and released today. I suppose another Tapir release is already in the works :) It'd be nice that I upgrade both to the latest and greatest :)
9 replies
BTW, I assume Tapir 0.15.4 is a minor release. And sttp-client 2.2.0 is a bigger release to deserve the version bump. So what's new in sttp-client?
1 reply
Nick Childers
@adamw I spent more time continuing my foray into multipartBodies and one problem im running in to is supporting streaming body types as part of a multipart body. It looks like there are only a finite number of allowed types per how RawBodyType is implemented, and they all materialize the body into memory - I was looking for something like a Part[Source[ByteString, Any]], which seems like it should be easy to implement from the perspective of the akka-tapir integration (its just the entity.dataBytes after all), but threading that type through the rest of the sttp machinery seems.. complicated.
10 replies
maybe RawBodyType could take a second parameter (the backend's stream type), but that might open pandora's box
Denis Novac
Hi everyone. I just wanted to push branch to tapir, but got "ERROR: Permission to softwaremill/tapir.git denied to DenisNovac.". Is tapir closed for PRs?
Denis Novac
Oh, it is done through fork, now i get it
Hello, I am curious if it is possible to create Tapir endpoint that matches either path /userId or /accountId. Something similar to pipe operator (|) used in Akka-Http
1 reply
Антон Войцишевский

How can I access URI of called method in the handler?
Http4s allows me to call uri on request like that:

case req @ GET -> Root =>  Ok(req.uri.toString)

Is it possible to do the same with tapir?

3 replies
Uwe Sommerlatt

Hi. I'm getting the following exception when I run a service that is using tapir, and that was packaged as a fat jar:

    at sttp.tapir.swagger.http4s.SwaggerHttp4s.<init>(SwaggerHttp4s.scala:36)

I use sbt assembly for packaging. The service is working fine if I don't use a fat jar. Has anyone here encountered this issue? I would be glad for any pointers!

edit: I'm using tapir v0.15.4 and sbt-assembly v0.14.0

7 replies
Mateusz Ligęza
Hello, is there any reason why SwaggerHttp4s has "redirectQuery" and SwaggerAkka not? version 0.16.1
1 reply
Mateusz Wójcik
@adamw Are there any plans to start keeping brief release notes for both tapir and sttp (at least for major/minor version updates)? I believe it would make more people aware of new features and places that could break after release :)
4 replies
Gergő Törcsvári
hy! can sb help me with a snippet?
(pbpaste > && amm
It compiles, but runtime I get Error during processing of request: 'Outputs and output values don't match in output I think this is bcs of the val emptyResponse, but I think I use that right.
3 replies
Антон Войцишевский

How to correctly define custom schemas for cases of Enumeratum's enum?

I have this enum and a schema for it defined as in documentation here:

sealed trait RuleInspectType extends EnumEntry

object RuleInspectType extends Enum[RuleInspectType] with CirceEnum[RuleInspectType] with Uppercase {
  case object Probe extends RuleInspectType
  case object Manual extends RuleInspectType
  case object Wait extends RuleInspectType
  implicit val sEntity: Schema[RuleInspectType] =
    Schema.oneOf[RuleInspectType, String](_.entryName, identity)(
      "PROBE" -> Schema(SchemaType.SString).description(
        "probe decr"
      "MANUAL" -> Schema(SchemaType.SString).description(
        "manual descr."
      "WAIT" -> Schema(SchemaType.SString).description(
        "wait descr."

  override def values: IndexedSeq[RuleInspectType] = findValues

I am also using tapir-enumeratum integration, but at the start of application I get weird runtime error:

java.lang.ClassCastException: sttp.tapir.SchemaType$SString$ cannot be cast to sttp.tapir.SchemaType$SObject
1 reply
Jules Ivanic

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use Scala-newtype with Tapir.

If replace some types (String) by some newtypes in my request datatype, then I have this error:

Cannot find a codec for type: Request, formatted as: sttp.tapir.CodecFormat.Json.
Did you define a codec for: Request?
Did you import the codecs for: sttp.tapir.CodecFormat.Json?
Is there an implicit schema for: Request, and all of its components?
(codecs are looked up as implicit values of type Codec[Request, sttp.tapir.CodecFormat.Json, _];
schemas are looked up as implicit values of type Schema[Request])

I’m still using Tapir 0.12.

Does anyone know how to fix that?

14 replies
@adamw I suppose a release with ZIO RC21 is already in the works? :)
4 replies
Hello all, has anyone ever tried, with Tapir, setting the outgoing header to some cache-control? I suppose it'd be something like .out(header[String]("cache-control: ???") This seems to mess up Tapir's serverLogic signature. @adamw, any example of setting headers when returning?
1 reply
Hi. I'm trying to migrate to serverLogicForCurrent from andThenFirstE (because it's deprecated now). But I have no idea, how to turn PartialServerEndpoint[_, _, _, _] back to Endpoint[_, _, _, _]. I need Endpoint, because it's required by toOpenApi extension method.
2 replies
Jakub Kozłowski
Hi, is there any automatic derivation for TextPlain codecs for, let's say, value classes?
1 reply
Hi, I have an issue after updating to version 0.13.2,
[error] scala.reflect.macros.TypecheckException: could not find implicit value for parameter e: sttp.tapir.Schema[MyClass]
The error is happening when the case class has more than 7 fields
17 replies
Hi, is there an option to add an example to Schemas? I have following open API peace and seems like sttp.tapir.Schema does not have a field "example", but there is sttp.tapir.openapi.Schema#example
    type: string
    description: Unique ID of the client
    example: my_unique_id
2 replies
Michał Pawlik

I have an endpoint, something like:

    .description("deletes the item")

This endpoint doesn't require any json body, but I'd like it to require Content-Type: application/json header.
Is there any simple way to do this in tapir?

3 replies
Hello, I use a custom failure handler with badRequestOnPathErrorIfPathShapeMatches = true as suggested by the documentation, it's working as expected for endpoints like /foo/{path-param} but not with something like /foo/{path-param}?{queryParam} where I get 404 for anything that doesn't get validated by the path param codec
3 replies
Yatheesha Lokesha
could anyone help how I can use existing authentication feature available in akka
def authenticateOAuth2Async[T](realm: String, authenticator: AsyncAuthenticator[T]): AuthenticationDirective[T]
1 reply

Hello, in one of my exposed objects I have Set[Enum] as an attribute.
The swagger isn't generated correctly:

          type: array
            type: string
            - ENUM1
            - ENUM2
            - ENUM3
            - ENUM4
          - ENUM1
          - ENUM2
          - ENUM3
          - ENUM4

What can I do about it? The enum uses TapirCodecEnumeratum

4 replies
Loránd Szakács

folks, does anyone have a nice pattern of working with tapir and http4s' AuthMiddleware? I'm trying to incrementally rewrite endpoint definitions in tapir, and honestly, keeping the logic in AuthMiddleware is a tad bit essential. Honestly, I don't even mind if tapir doesn't know about the auth token and it doesn't show up in documentation. I care more about authentication working exactly as it did before.

I'll figure it out eventually, but if I don't have to reinvent the wheel, then even better

2 replies

Hello, I have an Enum as an attribute.
When I give an implicit value for naming policy,
The swagger isn’t generated correctly:

object MyEnum extends Enumeration with EnumHelper {
    type Type = Value
    val aaa = Value("AAA")
    val bbb = Value("BBB")

  case class MyClass(myAttribute: MyEnum.Type)

  implicit val customConfiguration: Configuration =

  val baseEndpoint =[MyClass])


```yaml =

  - my_attribute
  type: object
      type: string

What can I do about it?

4 replies
Srepfler Srdan
hi folks, is there any extension to Tapir to support Lagom services? Or if not, how can one go about to implement one?
2 replies
Hi, is it possible to create tapir Endpoints from an openAPI-spec? (start from an openAPI definition)
4 replies
is there a migration guide for play codebases?
Paulius Imbrasas

I'm having issues with - this code doesn't seem to work at all for me? Getting

type mismatch;
 found   : sttp.client.testing.SttpBackendStub[cats.effect.IO,Nothing,Nothing]
 required: sttp.client.testing.SttpBackendStub[[+A]cats.effect.IO[A],S,WS_HANDLER]
Note: Nothing <: S, but class SttpBackendStub is invariant in type S.
You may wish to define S as +S instead. (SLS 4.5)
Note: Nothing <: WS_HANDLER, but class SttpBackendStub is invariant in type WS_HANDLER.
You may wish to define WS_HANDLER as +WS_HANDLER instead. (SLS 4.5)
        new RichSttpBackendStub(SttpBackendStub.apply[IO, Nothing, Nothing](implicitly[MonadError[IO]]))

yes I did a new RichSttpBackendStub to get the error properly

Paulius Imbrasas
If I give the type hints to new RichSttpBackendStub[IO, Nothing, Nothing] then it works fine :(
Kasper Kondzielski
yes, scala has some problems with inferencing Nothing type. Hopefully we will migrate documentation to mdoc in the nearest future so such errors won't occur anymore
Paulius Imbrasas
is there a solution that still allows me to use nice syntax or do I have to give the the Nothing explicitly like I mentioned?

Hello. Is there a nice way to use Tapir endpoints with existing Http4s AuthMiddlewares (or ContextMiddlewares)? The point of such middleware is that it provides an additional input (packaged into ContextRequest - I'll call this input "context" or Context from here on out), effectfully extracted from the Request.

First, extracting the context can't be a part of the ServerEndpoint's logic - it needs to have access to the original Request, rather than to its ServerRequest projection.

An obvious solution would be to build ServerEndpoints from this context (Context => List[ServerEndpoint[_, _, _, EntityBody[F], F]]). This works, but it has the unfortunate consequence: we have to build all the ServerEndpoint objects for each authenticated request. This strikes me as inefficient.

Finally, we might want to pass the context through the monad (List[ServerEndpoint[_, _, _, EntityBody[F], ReaderT[F, Context, *]]]). This seems like the best solution to me, but from what I can see, Tapir is not geared to handle this. Tapir works with types like ServerEndpoint[_, _, _, EntityBody[F], F] and HttpRoutes[F], which assume that the monad we use for streaming (EntityBody parameter) is the same we use for routing. We can probably work around this by using ReaderTfor streaming (List[ServerEndpoint[_, _, _, EntityBody[ReaderT[F, Context, *]], ReaderT[F, Context, *]]]), but that also seems inefficient. Otherwise we can try and add some mapK-like combinator for ServerEndpoint - but that is also annoying because of the MonadError requirement in ServerEndpoint.

Has anyone found a satisfactory way to handle this?

Ah, it seems like someone already asked this two weeks ago. In my case, I can't use the the partial endpoint functionality because the particular middleware I need uses Request.attributes - and these are not available in ServerRequest.
In the example from the docs for dynamic status codes, is there a way to get the statusCode associated with the emptyOutput to appear in the OpenApi documentation? Is there a way to attach a description?
val baseEndpoint = endpoint.errorOut(
    statusMapping(StatusCode.NotFound, jsonBody[NotFound].description("not found")),
    statusMapping(StatusCode.Unauthorized, jsonBody[Unauthorized].description("unauthorized")),
    statusMapping(StatusCode.NoContent, => NoContent)(_ => ())),  <-- disappears from OpenApi docs
1 reply
Daniel Joanes
Any example of parsing query[MyClass] using Circe?
1 reply

Hi, I need to implement API which has special boolean field in response to identify success. For example, field status:

//on success
    "status": true,
    "data": "some data

//on error
    "status": false
    "msg": "error happenend"

In my logic I have function which returns Either:

def businessLogic(e: Entity): Future[Either[Error, ChangedEntity]] = ...

I do not want to have field status: Boolean in case classes Error or responses. So I've created Circe codecs:

val status = "status"

implicit val errorCodec: Codec[Error] = Codec.from(
    deriveEncoder[Error].mapJsonObject(_.+:(status, false.asJson)),
val errorResp: EndpointIO.Body[String, Error] =
    .description("Error response")
    .example(Error(145, "We have a problem"))

implicit val entityCodec: Codec[Entity] = Codec.from(
    deriveEncoder[BalanceDto].mapJsonObject(_.+:(status, true.asJson)),

Such solution works, but in Swagger Schema I have no this field. However, it is in Error's example. Entity has no this field neither in schema nor in example.

What should I do to solve this? Does better solution exist for such API?

3 replies
Sebastián Rojas
Hi everyone, I need to add validations to a case class that also also contains an enum using enumeratum. I'm using import sttp.tapir.codec.enumeratum._ to implicitly encode enums, but if I add another validation to a class containing one of those enums inside, the enum encoding disappears or gets overridden apparently.
14 replies
I need to add a default value for the query parameter in the generated docs.
What should I do?
2 replies
Loránd Szakács
hello folks, is there an easy way to turn an Endpoint into an org.http4s.Request[IO] that I can then run against an org.http4s.HttpApp[IO]? I need this for testing, but don't want to bind ports, I just want to create requests to just test that my error handling is all nice and proper :)
1 reply
Mateusz Stankiewicz

Hi everyone
Is it possible to set output headers dynamically?
I have got an endpoint that returns different content types: zip or pdf.
I don't know the content type of returned data in advance. Is it possible to define that my endpoint returns either pdf or zip and set a concrete header later on while streaming data?

      .in("something" / path[Something.Id]("id"))
      .out(streamBody[Source[ByteString, Any]](Schema(SBinary), Either[CodecFormat.Zip(), CodecFormatPdf()])) // Set it later on
      .out(header(contentDispositionHeader())) // Set it later on as well


6 replies
Sebastian Voss
Hi guys - I'm trying to use .in(multipartBody) in version 0.16.10. I have trouble to access the bodies of the parts using part.body as the type is not Array[Byte] as stated in the docs. Can somebody give me a hint how I can get hold of the body?
Sebastian Voss
Maybe I need to use multipartBody[Seq[Part[Array[Byte]]]] and somehow bring MultipartCodec[Seq[Part[Array[Byte]]]] into scope? Or is there a simpler way?
4 replies