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Repo info
Hello, is there some history feature in translate-shell? Sometimes I write words in the wrong way, then I would love to just press the Up button to get and correct them.
Mort Yao
translate-shell does not bind readline-style editing or other features (e.g. history) on itself, but you could install rlwrap to achieve this.
Hi soimort! Would it be possible to make the translation frequency data available for all of the translations of a word?
On the Google Translate site, this shows up alongside each of the alternative translations as a bar. The bar is longest for common translations, medium for uncommon ones, and short for rare translations. If I remember right, that data comes in the JSON along with all the definitions.
Mort Yao
good idea. it's on my todo list now
Just passing by to say thanks, @soimort ! It works like a charm with Neovim's terminal. (:

Is there a way to translate a file so that both the original text and the translation end up in one file?
Ideally line after line, but alternating per paragraph would be very good enough also.

This is the original language.

<Dit is de oorspronkelijke taal.
This would be the second line.

<Dit zou de tweede lijn zijn.

The file I want to work with has some 1.600 lines.
BTW I work with gvim, but am no expert there - someone with vim expertise might have a workable idea if the translate-shell doesn't have this option?

Rolin Nelson
@lazylew, awk or gawk can be used to process each line in the file. You can print each line read, AS-IS, followed by the output of calling the trans shell.
Rolin Nelson
Translate-shell doesn't require the end user to enter a key to translate. It is built-in? Does anyone know the translation limit (per month) with the Google Translate engine?
Wow... didn't know about any limit.. though I've found this: https://cloud.google.com/translate/limits
Rolin Nelson
@lsrdg, thanks, just what I was looking for.