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Repo info
    yum anya
    hi, I'm beginner to nexus, i built nexus by following steps in https://github.com/sonatype/nexus-public, brunch release-3.19.1-01, but the nexus executable ./assemblies/nexus-base-template/target/assembly/bin/nexus is so different from the one i have downloaded from https://download.sonatype.com/nexus/3/nexus-3.19.1-01-unix.tar.gz even the release version is the same. someone have an idea about what's wrong with my build or with git repo? thanks
    Joe Tom
    @aornatovskyy thanks from me too, sorry was out of town
    @karikoko17_twitter the base build has a minimal amount of stuff (e.g. I believe only 1-3 formats). The downloads have much more (everything, some stuff only enabled if you have a pro license). So it is possible your build is fine, just should not be comparing those two=)
    yum anya
    @joedragons ok, thank you
    chris canou

    Hello i have problem to install


    In '(most) Permanent Install' when i add

    • <feature prerequisite="false" dependency="false">nexus-repository-composer</feature>
    • <feature name="nexus-repository-composer" description="org.sonatype.nexus.plugins:nexus-repository-composer" version="0.0.2">

    • <details>org.sonatype.nexus.plugins:nexus-repository-composer</details>

    • <bundle>mvn:org.sonatype.nexus.plugins/nexus-repository-composer/0.0.2</bundle>

    • </feature>

    And restart nexus, i have this :

    2020-02-05 16:02:45,111+0100 ERROR [jetty-main-1] *SYSTEM org.sonatype.nexus.extender.NexusContextListener - Failed to initialize context
    org.osgi.service.resolver.ResolutionException: Unable to resolve root: missing requirement [root] osgi.identity; osgi.identity=nexus-core-feature; type=karaf.feature; version=0; filter:="(&(osgi.identity=nexus-core-feature)(type=karaf.feature)(version>=0.0.0))" [caused by: Unable to resolve nexus-core-feature/ missing requirement [nexus-core-feature/] osgi.identity; osgi.identity=nexus-repository-composer; type=karaf.feature [caused by: Unable to resolve nexus-repository-composer/0.0.2: missing requirement [nexus-repository-composer/0.0.2] osgi.identity; osgi.identity=org.sonatype.nexus.plugins.nexus-repository-composer; type=osgi.bundle; version="[0.0.2,0.0.2]"; resolution:=mandatory [caused by: Unable to resolve org.sonatype.nexus.plugins.nexus-repository-composer/0.0.2: missing requirement [org.sonatype.nexus.plugins.nexus-repository-composer/0.0.2] osgi.wiring.package;

    Dylan Piergies
    Having some issues trying to push Helm charts.
    $ helm nexus-push https://nexus/repository/helm-internal/ . -u 'me' -p 'mypass'
    Pushing . to repo /...
    Error: plugin "nexus-push" exited with error
    I've also tried with curl, and got a 500 response.

    Hi Team,
    I'm trying to bring up the nexus container using docker-compose file and container is up and able to access the nexus UI, but not able to login into the nexus.
    Getting below error:

    2020/02/06 06:00:18 [error] 16#0: 852 http_auth_ldap: Could not find user DN, client:, server: ~^[0-9], request: "GET /nexus/service/extdirect/poll/rapture_State_get?_dc=1580968792123 HTTP/1.1", host: "microservices-86178156.ca-central-1.elb.amazonaws.com", referrer: "http://microservices-86178156.ca-central-1.elb.amazonaws.com/nexus/"

    docker-compose file:
    restart: always
    container_name: nexus
    image: "nexus-cart:v1.0"

      - my-network


    - "8082"


    - LDAP_SEARCH_BASE=dc=example,dc=com 
    - LDAP_ENABLED=true 
    - LDAP_URL=ldap://ldap:389
    - LDAP_BIND_DN=cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com 
    - LDAP_USER_BASE_DN=ou=people
    - LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN=ou=groups
    - LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD=67832aaecc119197
    - LDAP_NAME=nexusldap
    - LDAP_AUTH_SCHEME=simple
    Please where I'm missing
    Anton Johansson
    Hey people! How is it going with the 3.21 release? Very much looking forward to native Helm support. :D
    I think it’s already there
    Just was the github of the plugin and seems like they launched version 3.21
    Mahaveer Prajapati
    Hi Is there any LTS version for Nexus ?
    how to get specific version of nexus3 image in Docker ? Is it ok "image: sonatype/nexus3:3) will it automatically install the minor versions whenever released
    Anton Johansson
    @sumit1606: 3.21 does not seem released, no. :) Nothing on Docker Hub and no new release on GitHub.
    Anatoliy Ornatovskyy
    hi @gungorugur . Remember you are interested in the release of 3.21 .0 I'm sorry to say but Release 3.21 is suspended. I hope next week we will be ok to release. Thank you for understanding.
    @sumit1606, @anton-johansson ^
    Anton Johansson
    No worries, just wanted an update!
    Joe Tom
    @007mahapra It's tagged with the release version, see https://hub.docker.com/r/sonatype/nexus3/tags. AFAIK, :3 doesn't work as you say with any docker (NXRM or otherwise), but I'm not an expert, could be wrong.
    How can i bind Nexus port from 8081 to 8083 and need to set reverse proxy in Nginx
    @meruvavenkatesh ^^
    Ugur GUNGOR
    @aornatovskyy thank you for information.
    Anton Johansson
    Hey peeps! I'm writing a small script to clean up a bunch of Docker images that I want to get rid of. I was thinking of using the Components API for this. Is that a good solution? I mean, will everything related to these images be removed if I remove the components? The reason I ask is because there is the Assets API aswell.
    Anton Johansson

    This endpoint can be used to delete an individual component along with the associated assets.

    Yeah, I should be good with this. Sorry for the unnecessary question. :)

    I have a general question...If I pull the tar down to install nexus3 manually, I can then create a file in the $nexus_dir/etc/nexus-default.properties and add a line that says 'nexus.onboarding.enabled=false'. However, if I try to do that same method in the docker image, it doesn't seem to read that onboarding as false. Has anyone successfully dismissed the onboarding widard in the container?
    chris canou
    @all i haven-' response for my question about install : nexus-repository-composer
    see post
    on 5 feb please :)
    Paul Spencer
    I'm getting a port conflict when trying to use HTTPS w/ Nexus and Docker with the built in Jetty Webserver.
    Is there anything particular about the configuration that isn't obvious?
    jetty-https.xml gets port 8443, docker container gets 8443 mapped to 8443
    But on launch jetty sees the mapping in docker and refuses to launch
    Deven Phillips
    Hi all... Has anyone else noticed issues with Nexus running on K8s since ~3.19? Version 3.18.1 works fine, but when I try to deploy any later version I get all sorts of Jetty exceptions and the container quits.
    Hi Team,
    I trying to bring up the nexus container using docker-compose file and LDAP binding is not happened to nexus.
    Can any one help me on the same. Please check the code below:
    container_name: nexus
      - LDAP_URL="ldap://ldap:389"
        # - LDAP_PORT=389
      - LDAP_SEARCH_BASE=dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com
      - LDAP_AUTH_SCHEME=simple
      - LDAP_SEARCH_BASE_DN=dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com
      - LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD=67832aaecc119197
      - LDAP_BIND_DN=cn=admin,dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com
      - LDAP_USER_BASE_DN=ou=people
      - LDAP_USER_OBJECT_CLASS=inetOrgPerson
      - LDAP_GROUP_TYPE=Static Groups
      - LDAP_GROUP_BASE_DN=ou=groups
      - LDAP_GROUP_OBJECT_CLASS=groupOfUniqueNames
      - "8083"
    image: "nexus"
      - my-network
      - "8083:8081"
    restart: always
      - "nexus:/usr/share/data"
    Please give some suggestion on the same
    Andrea Capriotti

    Hi all. Is there a way to download multiple files from a raw repository?
    I read this: https://community.sonatype.com/t/download-folder-from-raw-repository/2682/2

    But it doesn't explain how to do that with a REST API. I'm trying with curl and wget but still not working.

    I need to download all files in http://mynexus/repository/myrepository/dir/version/patches/

    can you help me?

    Yusuf Tarık Günaydın

    @capriott I use following script to query all files under multiple repositories and multiple directories. Then you can download each entry in json with wget directly. (You can simplify most of it if you just want to download the files under a single directory.)

    import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
    import groovy.json.JsonOutput
    import org.sonatype.nexus.repository.storage.Asset
    import org.sonatype.nexus.repository.storage.Query
    import org.sonatype.nexus.repository.storage.Component
    import org.sonatype.nexus.repository.storage.StorageFacet
    import org.sonatype.nexus.repository.raw.internal.RawFormat
    def parsed_args = new JsonSlurper().parseText(args)
    def result = []
    parsed_args.repositories.each { r ->
        def repo = repository.getRepositoryManager().get(r.name)
        assert repo: "Repository ${r.name} does not exist."
        StorageFacet storageFacet = repo.facet(StorageFacet)
        def tx = storageFacet.txSupplier().get()
        try {
            def queryBuilder = Query.builder().where('name')
                .collect { role -> role.name + "-" + role.version }
                .eachWithIndex { prefix, index ->
                    queryBuilder.like(prefix + '%')
                    if(index < r.roles.size() - 1) {
            def components = tx.findComponents(queryBuilder.build(), [repo])
                .collect { r.name + "/" + it.name() }
        } finally {
    return JsonOutput.toJson(result)

    Example Ansible task:

    - name: Running Groovy script.
        url: "{{ nexusAddress }}/service/rest/v1/script/list_files/run"
        user: "{{ user }}"
        password: "{{ password }}"
          Content-Type: "text/plain"
        method: POST
        status_code: 200,204
        force_basic_auth: yes
        return_content: yes
        body: "{{ args | to_json }}"
            - name: raw-repository-name
              - name: some-package
                version: "1.0.0"
              - name: other-package
                version: "2.0.0"
    Albert Camps Oller
    Hello! anyone knows how can I change the target like for example when i push a new apt package via curl, i do not want to put it on main, I would like to put it on experimental, for example
    Martin Todorov
    Is there a known issue with the current Nexus IQ IntelliJ Idea plugin?
    We seem to be experiencing some sort of discrepancies between what we're seeing in IntelliJ and what is being published to Nexus IQ. In idea the reported vulnerabilities seem to be more than what's being published to Nexus IQ.
    Is there a simple explanation for this, or is there a bug report for it?
    We're seeing this with a number of projects.
    Does Nexus IQ produce some sort of report file that could be checked for these discrepancies, or does it directly publish to the remote?
    Joe Tom
    @carlspring my suggestion is to email support (if you haven't already). If you are using IQ, you are licensed and they should be able to answer your question or chase it down (that's one of the things you pay for=)). That being said, no idea, so just trying to help you get an answer.
    Martin Todorov
    Thanks, @joedragons !
    I was looking for a way to debug it in order to figure out whether there was a bug, or not.
    Is there a default password for nexus-repository-conan:0.0.6 ?
    Ugur GUNGOR
    @aornatovskyy hello, when will you release newest version of nexus ?
    Anatoliy Ornatovskyy
    Hi, @gungorugur! If all goes well we expect to release 3.21.0 this week
    Joe Tom
    @ogudino not sure what you mean...the plugin site should be open...do you mean for the repo itself?