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Repo info
    Can i ask a question ?
    Song Zheng
    1 month later... yes you can youtube-broadcast
    sorry it took so long... but I was very busy
    George Plukov
    This message was deleted
    Ankur Oberoi
    yay! i dunno when this got created, but i'm glad it was :smile:
    @songz what up homie!
    get ready for some PRs
    i'm going to try and fix some things up
    Djessy Menard
    @songz , do you have an example with opentok and swift
    Song Zheng
    opentok and swift @medjessy , nope
    hi @aoberoi ! :)
    when i run it in android it does not seem to "bind" to the divs on my page, rather it puts them both in the top left and the divs have a weird default video image on them
    any thoughts on what im botching?
    Djessy Menard
    hello guys, is the IOS sdks on the github repo? found the android one but not ios
    Hello people!! I have css problem with samsung galaxy s4 when video streaming start. In others android devices works fine. Do you have any idea?
    hello guys...i am trying to use opentok cordova plugin but it doesnt work...can anyone please help
    Minh Tran
    Thanks Songz for supporting us

    We have an issue where reconnecting the video conference after disconnecting (due to internet disconnect) Tokbox plugin video freezes on both iOS and Android. We are currently using this with Cordova. This problem only occurs when we reconnect after network disconnect.

    Details of the behavior:

    1. Start video conference
    2. Disconnect internet on the mobile device
      Conference is disconnected. App proceeds to listen for internet reconnection.
    3. Reconnect internet on the mobile
      App receives Internet reconnect event and conference is re-started
    4. Video conference resumes but the mobile camera look back is not visible
    5. Conference is ended
    6. Last video frame remains frozen on the screen.
      We checked the HTML source to ensure the video plugin containers are removed from the markup and yet the video screen remains on the screen.

    The same process and flow without internet disconnect and reconnect works without any problems.

    We appreciate any feedback or pointers that may help us resolve this issue.

    Hey guys, any of you know if it's possible to integrate video conferencing functionality into an ionic app for iOS with this plugin? We tried to use Sinch but that didn't work because of the lack of WebRTC support in mobile browsers. Wondering what my options are.
    Hello, I am trying to use https://github.com/songz/cordova-plugin-opentok/, I am testing android devices, it's no problem when communication between Android and Android device. However, when video chatting between Android and web browser, I faced the below problem :
    Once I opened the android APP, itโ€™s no problem, I can see my face in the small windows and wait for another side to connect. And when I opened the web browser for starting video chat, I can see the android rear camera image in my web browser for one second. Then, my android APP crash and jump out the APP automatically. May I know do anyone have any idea? Many thanks.
    Hey guys, have a quick high level question if anyone can answer! :-) At a high level, how does this plugin work if there is no WebRTC support on native devices? Does this plugin sit on top of another WebRTC implementation or does it implement WebRTC from scratch?
    Any one know that how to install on cordova cordova-plugin-opentok
    today it's showing error for fetch not possible for the package (cordova-plugin-opentok)
    Sharing this new sample from tokbox in case it is useful for you: https://github.com/opentok/opentok-cordova-samples
    Uh bymn no. My. Vnn Vnn my we. ๐Ÿ˜