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Mike Dalessio
Please note that I'm allowing rubinius builds to fail, pending the rbx team looking into the segfaults we've been seeing
Hopefully this is only temporary!
Thomas Walpole
@flavorjones Any chance at getting PR#1646 looked at in the near future?
Mike Dalessio
@twalpole merged

Hi, not sure if this is the place to ask this. I have a nodeset. Before iterating through it, i've created 2 new nodes. While iterating through the nodeset, I want to assign these nodes as the child of those 2 new set. So something like

nodeset.each do | node |
group1 = Nokogiri::HTML::DocumentFragment.parse("<div class='side'></div>")
group2 = Nokogiri::HTML::DocumentFragment.parse("<div class='main'></div>")
node.children.each do | child |
if some condition

But when I puts group1 or group2, i'm seeing <div class='group1'></div><child></child> instead of <div class='group1'><child></child></div> i.e. they became sibling instead of parent-child. Any idea why? The child is of type div too....

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.35.21 AM.png
Mike Dalessio
@zachylimwl it might help to think of a nodeset as an array. adding something to an array appends it to the end. instead what you want to do is take the first node from the nodeset (which is a Node) and add to that
make sense?
(sorry for the delayed reply)
Mike Dalessio
@/all deploying updates to concourse, expect a minute or two of downtime.
Ivan Kelly
when is the next release of nokogiri slated for?
Mike Dalessio
@ivankelly thanks for asking. I'm curious if there's a particular fix or feature you're interested in? There's nothing stopping us from releasing now, really. I'll try to do it this week
Christian Nguyen
I'm using an older version of libxml and can't upgrade to 2.9.4. What's the best way of making sure it changes something like i <3 you to i &lt; you rather than removing anything after the < completely. Currently, it returns thisi
Mike Dalessio
@cuongaconda_twitter unfortunately nokogiri can't control how invalid markup is "fixed" by the underlying parsing libraries. In this case it is likely seeing an unclosed tag -- if you look at the document's errors you may get a better understanding of what's going on.
Joni Orponen
pkg-config does not find libxml from the macos 10.14 sdk with nokogiri 1.8.4 - i can manage with a homebrew provided libxml and making a nokogiri specific bundle config, but FYI as a heads up - probably going to be a deluge of people in a few weeks
Hello, i have a doubt about generating a xml file with nokogiri. This builder = Nokogiri::XML::Builder.new do |xml| ... must be executed in a initializer in rails?
which is the best practice?
Mike Dalessio
@joaquindiaz01 can you explain a bit more about what you're trying to do?
For what purpose are you using the generated XML document?
Mike Dalessio
@here v1.10.0.rc1 is up on rubygems
I have scrolling webpage. when i goes to end of page, it loads more data. how can i parse it with nokogiri?
i want to load all the data in in.
Mike Dalessio
@kapilpipaliya Answering this question will involve networking and hitting API calls involving several gems; Nokogiri is simply a wrapper for a parsing library. You may want to ask on a more general forum.
Mike Dalessio
@/all ci.nokogiri.org will be unavailable briefly while we upgrade to concourse 5.0.0