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Repo info
    Rishabh Jain
    Hey guys..
    I would like to contribute to the project and add token based authentication for endpoints using passport
    Rishabh Jain
    @apollolm any docs on how passport is already being used and how can I implement it?
    Adam Roberts
    @rishabhjain30 can you outline your needs and goals a little bit? All routes secures, or just some? Token management plan (create, refresh, etc)? UI secured with same token system?
    Adam Roberts
    @appollolm is there a specific branch where passport plans were in progress, or was it just theoretical?
    There has been discussion to implement a more toned-down approach to token auth by using JWT...
    Hey there!
    Is there anyone online?
    Charles Queiroz
    Hello. Was just wondering if it is possible to set up PGRestAPI/map apps so that data from vector tiles of different zoom levels is combined to make the data for a specifc zoom level, eg, the zoom level 1 tiles, have every 4th point (0, 4, 8...), level 5 has every 4th + 2 point (2, 6, 10...) (so combined they would be every 2nd point), level 10 would have every 2nd + 1 (1, 3, 5...) point (so combined you would have all points). Thinking about it for forecast data which has a forecast every 15" of arc, so want to decimate when zoomed out