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Repo info
    Jerry Jacobs
    Hi guys, I just dropped initial sftp backend but i'm a bit stuck how to implement the file interface.
    Jerry Jacobs
    Hmm forget the previous "stuck how to implement", finaly got it working :-). spf13/afero#47
    Alexandru Dreptu
    Hi. Is there any way to open / read files from afero mem fs using the std packages os / ioutil etc?
    Bjørn Erik Pedersen
    Bradley Weston
    Any idea why I get bad file descriptor when writing to a file I've just opened?
    Joel Cornett
    @spf13 Hey I just wanted to express my appreciation for an incredibly powerful abstraction system. Afero is awesome!
    Shawn Adams
    @spf13 Does afero support symbolic links?
    Urjit Singh Bhatia
    Hey guys, noob, maybe bizarre question - If I implement afero.Fs in my code, is there a way I can run afero_test on that implementation?
    short of copying it...
    Cameron Moore
    Glyn Normington
    Hi. I just bumped into afero while searching for Go file utilities - looks interesting! My reason for searching is that I implemented a file copy utility (think programmatic equivalent of cp with many of the same features) some years back and recently have been using it in the riff open source project. See the godoc for an idea of what's there: https://github.com/projectriff/riff/tree/master/pkg/fileutils. Since file copying isn't the focus of riff, I'm considering weaning riff off its own file utilities and using something else instead. Has file copying been considered for inclusion in afero? I know there were objections to including a file copy utility in the Go standard library, but I'm hoping those don't apply to a project like afero...
    Glyn Normington
    (signed in again using github instead of Twitter)
    Bjørn Erik Pedersen
    File copying isn't the focus of Afero, either.
    Glyn Normington
    Too bad, but thanks for letting me know.
    Fabian Baier
    Hi guys, quick question in terms of testing do you have more resources that talk about how testing is been done with afero, maybe examples on how it is being used and tested in a project?
    Cameron Moore
    Hugo uses afero for all file operations, including tests
    Kasun Vithanage
    hi, can we mount a local folder to afero? I want to mount one of my local folder(simply make a copy of dir with subdirs to afero) and change one file and create a zip archive
    Carl Berglund
    Hey guys! What a great tool, I could set up testing with afero mem-fs right away. Only thing I'm missing is symlinks, any clues on if this is coming or not?
    Carl Berglund
    Иван Сердюк
    spf13/afero#267 - this project should get some kudos
    Reuben Joslin Coutinho
    any idea as to what i am doing wrong
    Guru Govindan
    Hi I am a noob to golang. I am looking to get a file descriptor to file that is opened with Afero. Is it possible?