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Alex Leferry 2>
It was because HTML files in layouts were empty
the generated files by hugo new theme {name} are empty
in themes/{name}/layouts
I think it’s a bug
The Hugo master branch build is currently failing on Travis. How are we supposed to submit pull requests now?
Bud Parr
@danielpost - I added your post about accessible footnotes to the Awesome Hugo repo. If you write any more, please do submit it there. https://github.com/budparr/awesome-hugo
Mireille Raad
:) hey! is it possible to create an archive page sorted by .ReadingTime ?
has it been done before?
i am more looking for a yes/no answer to see if i should spend time looking into it
Mireille Raad
now that I think of it, it is possible... i have to:
create different arrays for each reading time segment ( 0-5 mins, 5 to 15, 15 to 30 mins etc..)
loop through the content
get the .ReadingTime for each
depending on reading time, assign the post to an array
once done, just display the grouped arrays
is there anything faster?
is there a sort feature, rather than a group feature? and i will need to sort the posts inside each array...
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
Mireille Raad
i'll look. thanks for the hint
i got distracted building a little css bar chart
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 6.29.58 PM.png
{{ $total := len (where  .Site.RegularPages "Type" "posts") }}
{{ $n:=   (where  .Site.RegularPages "Type" "posts").GroupByDate "2006"  }}
<div class="archive-chart">
    {{ range $n  }}
      {{  $x :=  len .Pages  }}
      {{ $h := div (mul $x 400 ) $total  }}
      <div style="height:{{$h}}px" >{{$x}} </div>
    {{ end }}
will improve it - but thought it is a fun start
I'm curious if there is a way to extend Hugo with Pipes or a plan to? I've been looking for a strong alternative to Gatsby and Hugo wins on many fronts. The only other thing I would like is the ability to perform SQIP and SVG Traces of an image for image placeholders.
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
@groundedSAGE try https://discourse.gohugo.io/
Tim Rose
hey hugorians, i could you recomment any start theme with scss, es6 support? webpack instead a gulp?
Why has switching between xhtml and html output not been made a blackfriday config option?
Kevin Davenport
anyone else using netlify?
@kevindavenport i use self hosted gitea + hugo + drone for that. what does netlify do better?
ah it also offers hosting i guess

Eric Drechsel hi all, newb question, wasn't able to find an answer searching:

How can I avoid outputting a bogus date if the value is missing in frontmatter?

I know go, so I understand that what's being output is the zero value of time.Time. How can I detect this value in a template and supress output?

Cameron Moore
The dates are time.Time structs, so you can check $date.IsZero. @bep committed a patch this week that will change ‘if’ and ‘with’ to test if the object implements IsZero(), so the next release will let you do {{with $date}}
Eric Drechsel thanks Cameron Moore (Gitter)
Eric Drechsel Any recommendations for themes that are structured to make them easy to override (granular partials etc)?
Eric Drechsel I'm porting a site from Harp and my old theme had a partial for every "atom" of output which made restructuring/reuse easy, at a complexity cost. I want to go down that road because I plan to add some pretty complex logic to my templates.
Eric Drechsel Seems like shortcodes would probably be a nicer encapsulation for complex logic
Keith wachira
Hello ...am new here and am not sure whether such question should be asked here
Keith wachira
i am developing a hugo admin interface ...all is going well however i have two issues....
mostly its with . git
  1. When someone has more than one branch in a hugo project how should i enable them to select the branch they want to commit to
  2. Should i be loading all the files when a user is opening the project for the first time all should i be loading a file content when i user clicks to edit it.
  3. How should i be handling the merge for the project
    this is how the project looks so far.
Frank Rosquin
hi, can anyone help me figure out why i18n isn't working on my site / the theme i am using?
the theme demo also doesn't seem to do it https://themes.gohugo.io//theme/KeepIt/post/emoji-support/
Frank Rosquin
right, so it doesn't pass through the keyword if no translation is found
i thought that was the default behaviour?
How to add another folder such as include to the watch list so when the contents inside include folder are changed hugo serve re-renders the site?
When changes are made to included mmark file site is not re-rendered.
Been a change to how Hugo processes subfolders? (Most of my content suddenly not visible)
any recommendations for themes that i can use to replace vimwiki? vimwiki has an export to html option that is splendidly ugly, so i'd like to replace it with hugo and a theme
Luke Hamilton
Hey how do I test a value in a hugo template? {{ if $index == 0 }} ?
that doesnt seam to work and I think im missing something here...
Luke Hamilton
All good, worked it out. :) {{ if eq $index 0 }}
@kevindavenport I am starting with netlify now. Having trouble with my theme. I have it setup as a submodule, but the build is still not working. I have my site on google firebase right now until I can get netlify working correctly
@roybarber hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??
hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??