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Mireille Raad
will improve it - but thought it is a fun start
I'm curious if there is a way to extend Hugo with Pipes or a plan to? I've been looking for a strong alternative to Gatsby and Hugo wins on many fronts. The only other thing I would like is the ability to perform SQIP and SVG Traces of an image for image placeholders.
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
@groundedSAGE try https://discourse.gohugo.io/
Tim Rose
hey hugorians, i could you recomment any start theme with scss, es6 support? webpack instead a gulp?
Why has switching between xhtml and html output not been made a blackfriday config option?
Kevin Davenport
anyone else using netlify?
@kevindavenport i use self hosted gitea + hugo + drone for that. what does netlify do better?
ah it also offers hosting i guess

Eric Drechsel hi all, newb question, wasn't able to find an answer searching:

How can I avoid outputting a bogus date if the value is missing in frontmatter?

I know go, so I understand that what's being output is the zero value of time.Time. How can I detect this value in a template and supress output?

Cameron Moore
The dates are time.Time structs, so you can check $date.IsZero. @bep committed a patch this week that will change ‘if’ and ‘with’ to test if the object implements IsZero(), so the next release will let you do {{with $date}}
Eric Drechsel thanks Cameron Moore (Gitter)
Eric Drechsel Any recommendations for themes that are structured to make them easy to override (granular partials etc)?
Eric Drechsel I'm porting a site from Harp and my old theme had a partial for every "atom" of output which made restructuring/reuse easy, at a complexity cost. I want to go down that road because I plan to add some pretty complex logic to my templates.
Eric Drechsel Seems like shortcodes would probably be a nicer encapsulation for complex logic
Keith wachira
Hello ...am new here and am not sure whether such question should be asked here
Keith wachira
i am developing a hugo admin interface ...all is going well however i have two issues....
mostly its with . git
  1. When someone has more than one branch in a hugo project how should i enable them to select the branch they want to commit to
  2. Should i be loading all the files when a user is opening the project for the first time all should i be loading a file content when i user clicks to edit it.
  3. How should i be handling the merge for the project
    this is how the project looks so far.
Frank Rosquin
hi, can anyone help me figure out why i18n isn't working on my site / the theme i am using?
the theme demo also doesn't seem to do it https://themes.gohugo.io//theme/KeepIt/post/emoji-support/
Frank Rosquin
right, so it doesn't pass through the keyword if no translation is found
i thought that was the default behaviour?
How to add another folder such as include to the watch list so when the contents inside include folder are changed hugo serve re-renders the site?
When changes are made to included mmark file site is not re-rendered.
Been a change to how Hugo processes subfolders? (Most of my content suddenly not visible)
any recommendations for themes that i can use to replace vimwiki? vimwiki has an export to html option that is splendidly ugly, so i'd like to replace it with hugo and a theme
Luke Hamilton
Hey how do I test a value in a hugo template? {{ if $index == 0 }} ?
that doesnt seam to work and I think im missing something here...
Luke Hamilton
All good, worked it out. :) {{ if eq $index 0 }}
@kevindavenport I am starting with netlify now. Having trouble with my theme. I have it setup as a submodule, but the build is still not working. I have my site on google firebase right now until I can get netlify working correctly
@roybarber hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??
hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??
Bruno Diniz
Where do I find the 'weight' value limit, positive and negative, for menu entries?
I am a Hugo newbie, but have a little of Golang background
As you can see it uses a list jobs
But I would like to make a list of details
How can I declare another list that belongs to the first ?
I added an indented [[params.jobs.details.list]]
and modified partials/experiences.html to range over it
I get no error when serving
but I can not see what I'm iterating
Anyone ? ican copy / paste ..
Anyone please ?
OK, found a way
Thanks for this very helpful channel :p
@0xTHMS try https://discourse.gohugo.io/ (this is dev forum)
Soni L.
hey can we get a support room yet?