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Luke Hamilton
All good, worked it out. :) {{ if eq $index 0 }}
@kevindavenport I am starting with netlify now. Having trouble with my theme. I have it setup as a submodule, but the build is still not working. I have my site on google firebase right now until I can get netlify working correctly
@roybarber hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??
hey how can i create a multilevel dropdown menu in hugo??
Bruno Diniz
Where do I find the 'weight' value limit, positive and negative, for menu entries?
I am a Hugo newbie, but have a little of Golang background
As you can see it uses a list jobs
But I would like to make a list of details
How can I declare another list that belongs to the first ?
I added an indented [[params.jobs.details.list]]
and modified partials/experiences.html to range over it
I get no error when serving
but I can not see what I'm iterating
Anyone ? ican copy / paste ..
Anyone please ?
OK, found a way
Thanks for this very helpful channel :p
@0xTHMS try https://discourse.gohugo.io/ (this is dev forum)
Soni L.
hey can we get a support room yet?
Christian Oliff
@SoniEx2 - there's https://discourse.gohugo.io for support and usage questions
any idea how to use plantuml in hugo?
Soni L.
can we get an IRC yet?
Ross Moroney
hey guys, am getting an issue when using hugo-theme-learn, when I deploy the project, I am getting escaped html where I have {{% children depth="3" showhidden="false" %}}
anyone experienced this issue before?
tadziz Hello. Is there any Hugo themes expert who is selling services on fiverr? :)
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
You want a Hugo expert for 5 dollars?
tadziz Am, if i can find for 5$, then yes, usually they are more expensive on fiverr
Tony Alves
@matrixbot Go here and get a real expert that can add value. https://discourse.gohugo.io/c/services
Mark Carpenter Jr
Hey anyone happen to know what version mermaid is?
Is there a reason the --minify tag isn't defaulted when building? I understand some people may be using gulp, or a similar preprocessor to do this, but I would assume the majority of people would benefit from adding minification by default.
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
You can set it in config.toml -- but the reason is SPEED. You (or I) don't want it during development.
Siddharth Shanbhogue
Hi! Can someone tell me what theme was used in the Hugo Main site Page?
@siddharthx64_twitter looking at the source repo, this is the theme https://github.com/gohugoio/gohugoioTheme
Hello everyone! Is there a repo just for the documentation? Not the whole hugo site but just the documentation?
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
The hugoDocs repo is the gohugo.io site.
Hi I have a site that works fine if I do hugo server but when I build a static site with just hugo it doesn't seem to use the theme, is there something I am missing about what I should do when building the static site?
{{ range .Site.Menus.main }}
                {{ if eq $.URL .Permalink }}
                <li class="nav-item active">
                {{ else }}
                <li class="nav-item">
                {{ end }}
                    <a class="nav-link" href="{{ .Permalink | absURL }}">{{ .Name }}</a>
                {{ end }}

Using $.URL for menu entry gives false warning, Page's .URL is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use .Permalink or .RelPermalink. If what you want is the front matter URL value, use .Params.url.

It's a bug i guess.

because I'm not using Page's .URL but menuentry $.URL
Is there a guide on how to handle this deprecation?
.URL is not deprecated for navigation.menuEntry then why it shows deprecation warning?
Another thing i noticed if you have <!--{{ .Hugo.Generator }}-->, it is commented out still outputs a warning that tells to not use .Hugo
Wylel Hey all, i am new to Hugo and running into an issue. I made a test site, worked well, then I decided to create a new one that I am going to develop. The new one is having an issue where the /posts/ directory is not accessable. If I go to it on the webserver (after deploy) it gives a 403 error, and one local (hugo server -D) it just shows a blank white page, but other pages (not in posts) works fine.
Wylel I am using the hello-friend-ng theme
Roi Peker
Hello everyone
Roi Peker
Someone used gohugo just for a rest api?
https://lunrjs.com/example/ is access denied error....Not working which is reffered in hugo link - https://www.npmjs.com/package/hugo-lunr
Wylel prog20901 (Gitter): I think you might need to report/ask that to the maintainer of that package