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Roi Peker
Someone used gohugo just for a rest api?
https://lunrjs.com/example/ is access denied error....Not working which is reffered in hugo link - https://www.npmjs.com/package/hugo-lunr
Wylel prog20901 (Gitter): I think you might need to report/ask that to the maintainer of that package

How to bring these in Hugo static site?

Need help on how to add the following features to hogo static for site search

a) type-ahead with no of matches found before search
c) highlighting the search word in found document or notes or text
d) easy navigation with next, previous, goto exact match button as well as
keyboard shortcuts
e) search only in titles or inside content
f) search results in less than a second
lunr or elastic search demo or showcase to customize.

Basically planning to built a cross platform search static engine...

In this way, the user just needs the browser no installation is required......

In this way, the application will be purely portable irrespective of OS....

Need couple of ways to customize it as per the needs

I went through the following but not sure...Please help


if somebody is available and able to customize as per requirement and will discuss about the estimate and cost as well...please ping me privately...
Jan Klass
How are images in markdown supposed to be handled?
Page resources seem to be a thing for the html templates.
I want to embed a simple image within the markdown content.
A simple relative URL breaks on a leaf page because the page is generated as a URL path folder, so one level too deep.
relref seems to be for pages, not resources.
It is a one-off image, so I am placing it next to the md file within content.
Jan Klass
reading page bundles docs again looks like I have to create a folder and index.md instead of a example.md with resources in the same folder. I guess what I tried is not a valid/expected use case...
Sysfuck Labs
Not sure if this is the right area to ask but has anyone used this for something to provide report generating? Would this or has this been used for creating static pages that can be used for some sort of final report format that avoids some of the issues with this all being done on the same place analytics and such are done?
From my brief assessment the taxonomy and static page along with some other features make it appear suited but wanted to know if Im missing something or if a use case exists, etc
John Langley
quick question about the handlebars scripting... what's the difference betwee {{ something }} and {{- something -}} ? TIA!
also, any pointers to learn more about that the use of the handlebars style of templating in hugo would be great. (Perhaps it is just go templating? I'm very new to hugo)
Brian Hogan
in a nutshell, {{ something }} prints out a value and can leave space around it, like a newline. {{- something -}} would suppress the newline. Think like an if statement - {{ if }} would leave a blank line in its place. {{ -if -}} would not. It's all about how you want the resulting source code to look. If you're generating a JSON file, then spacing might matter a lot more to you than if it's just HTML
Any Two panel or three panel theme with search....Any example ....with code...
https://watermelondb.now.sh/ and http://table.branham.org/#/main and https://lwbcast.org/Mobile
hello, I would like to build a subscription base website with hugo. Which CMS or API would you recommend (to handle authentification and membership)? Thanks in advance!
i want a beautiful responsive HTML datatable with search for static data which works offline. Can anyone help me with a good reference?
how can i prevent hugo from automatically wrapping images in a <p> element?


Does above hugo tailwind theme calls postcss for building hugo site only once or does it call it every time some change is made, I'm concerned about performance and security issues caused by calling nodejs code from hugo again and again.

Mani Kumar
Hello everyone! I published a package (python) that makes working with Hugo Archetypes much easier.
It supports bulk creation and population of markdown files from a CSV, and many helpful tweaks that work with any Hugo/NPM CLI you're using to make your files
https://medium.com/@helloitsmani/trying-to-speed-up-your-hugo-workflow-with-python-try-hugon-13e81cc32571 also put up some notes here if you'd rather just read it up on medium :)
Sorin Sbarnea
i have some stuff on s3 that I do not want to be removed.
Amith Mathew
I've been playing around and trying to build a deployment pipeline for a hugo site using Google Cloudbuild. I've got a custom "builder" docker image that inherits from Alpine and includes hugo (version 0.61). I use the LoveIt theme, however when trying to build I get a Parse failed error message Error: "/workspace/themes/LoveIt/layouts/shortcodes/admonition.html:3:1": parse failed: template: shortcodes/admonition.html:3: function "merge" not defined
Any pointers on what to look at would be much appreciated!
Sorin Sbarnea
Nobody using S3 with hugo? gohugoio/hugo#6681
Hi, so i have multiples of hugo shortcodes in a page. so each shortcode i need to call rest api. So there are redundant calling on same API already. How can i handle this. I did try put all APIs in one partial but i dont find way to retrieve back the data from shortcode. Kindly help. thanks
Manish Jung thapa
how to get list of tags inside sub content
I hit an interesting situation that unfortunately my Google-fu is not producing any answers on.
I have a static site (Hugo) that I want to also have an "app" embedded in.
If I want to have a react app hanging off that static site, what would be the best approach there? Just do create-react-app within a sub-folder?
Mani Kumar
I would want to ask, how's the app much different from the website? If it's a blog, you could just make it on react/OS frameworks and pull posts from the RSS feed Hugo creates.
@hithismani - The site content is very static and designed mostly for marketing/content/seo. The actual "app" is behind a login. I could host it on a separate sub-domain, but wanted to provide a more seamless experience.
I actually already got it sorted mostly. I just did create-react-app into a sub-directory.
any one here to help
Simon Désaulniers

Can weird spaces after inline mathjax expressions be avoided/removed?


is there a specific class around that mathjax? can you share an html link?
Simon Désaulniers

@migheille_twitter Nope. There's only this plain usage of mathjax calculer $f(3)$ et $f(4) = f(2) + f(3)$. On voit bien in a paragraph. I have uploaded a draft where you can look at the page.


Simon Désaulniers

I have also made notice of the issue on my theme's github if that's of relevance.


Simon Désaulniers
Finally, I've stopped using my theme's instructions for enabling mathjax and switched to instructions suggested here: https://www.gohugo.org/doc/tutorials/mathjax_en/. It works fine now!
Mr. N

I'm having trouble with uglyurls = true. After running hugo i still have pretty urls. will .Permalink output ugly urls?

and I get

hugo --uglyURLs=true
Error: unknown flag: --uglyURLs

Robert Butler
so I'm trying to wire up a material design docs site, however it uses {{< ref "/getting-started/index.md" >}} for the style of links, and it's causing hugo to not like them. What can I do to fix this?
(e.g. ```
  • Beautiful, readable and very user-friendly design based on Google's material
    design guidelines, packed in a full responsive template with a well-defined
    and easily customizable color palette, great typography, as well as a
    beautiful search interface and footer.
Chris Marabate
Can anybody help me figure out how to add a child page to a one-click-hugo-cms site? https://hugo.cmarabate.com/ I'm pretty sure I have it setup to pull in all child pages as sub-navigation menu items but I don't understand how I'm supposed to add a child page.
New to hugo ssg
i have a index.html under layout and _index.md under content folder