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Manish Jung thapa
how to get list of tags inside sub content
I hit an interesting situation that unfortunately my Google-fu is not producing any answers on.
I have a static site (Hugo) that I want to also have an "app" embedded in.
If I want to have a react app hanging off that static site, what would be the best approach there? Just do create-react-app within a sub-folder?
Mani Kumar
I would want to ask, how's the app much different from the website? If it's a blog, you could just make it on react/OS frameworks and pull posts from the RSS feed Hugo creates.
@hithismani - The site content is very static and designed mostly for marketing/content/seo. The actual "app" is behind a login. I could host it on a separate sub-domain, but wanted to provide a more seamless experience.
I actually already got it sorted mostly. I just did create-react-app into a sub-directory.
any one here to help
Simon Désaulniers

Can weird spaces after inline mathjax expressions be avoided/removed?


is there a specific class around that mathjax? can you share an html link?
Simon Désaulniers

@migheille_twitter Nope. There's only this plain usage of mathjax calculer $f(3)$ et $f(4) = f(2) + f(3)$. On voit bien in a paragraph. I have uploaded a draft where you can look at the page.


Simon Désaulniers

I have also made notice of the issue on my theme's github if that's of relevance.


Simon Désaulniers
Finally, I've stopped using my theme's instructions for enabling mathjax and switched to instructions suggested here: https://www.gohugo.org/doc/tutorials/mathjax_en/. It works fine now!
Mr. N

I'm having trouble with uglyurls = true. After running hugo i still have pretty urls. will .Permalink output ugly urls?

and I get

hugo --uglyURLs=true
Error: unknown flag: --uglyURLs

Robert Butler
so I'm trying to wire up a material design docs site, however it uses {{< ref "/getting-started/index.md" >}} for the style of links, and it's causing hugo to not like them. What can I do to fix this?
(e.g. ```
  • Beautiful, readable and very user-friendly design based on Google's material
    design guidelines, packed in a full responsive template with a well-defined
    and easily customizable color palette, great typography, as well as a
    beautiful search interface and footer.
Chris Marabate
Can anybody help me figure out how to add a child page to a one-click-hugo-cms site? https://hugo.cmarabate.com/ I'm pretty sure I have it setup to pull in all child pages as sub-navigation menu items but I don't understand how I'm supposed to add a child page.
New to hugo ssg
i have a index.html under layout and _index.md under content folder
not able to render anything on localhost:1313
Can anyone please help what is wrong ?
if I remove the front matter from _index.md , it displays the content
any pointers?
what do you have in index.html ?
can you put some lorem lipsum first, it displays?
small question: do you guys know if for hugo build command, we can give it only a folder as a parameter?
i think the idea would be incremental builds
Caleb Jasik
does anyone know how to use https://github.com/budparr/hugopipes-tailwindcss ?
It no longer builds on clone
Building sites … WARN 2020/04/04 16:35:54 found no layout file for "HTML" for kind "taxonomyTerm": You should create a template file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination.
WARN 2020/04/04 16:35:54 found no layout file for "HTML" for kind "taxonomyTerm": You should create a template file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination.
Built in 75 ms
Error: Error building site: POSTCSS: failed to transform "css/styles.css" (text/css): resource "css/css/styles.css_399150aa5120c2eabf9b104f4c7e1636" not found in file cache
Caleb Jasik
ah. i'm dumb. I didn't npm install and just expected that to be triggered from running hugo serve if needed
i've gotten spoiled by Rust's cargo run
Avahe Kellenberger
Can't seem to find any docs on showing line numbers in code blocks. Anyone know if it's a supported feature already?
Pol Dellaiera
weee... I just switched from Jekyll to Hugo ! https://not-a-number.io/ #showcase
Shreyas Ragavan
Hi guys. DOes running the command 'hugo -w -d <dir>' always build and deploy the website, even if the destination is already upto date? I see the message 'building sites.. already up to date' . Essentially, I am running a cron command to 1. run above hugo command , 2. Git pull , 3. sleep , 4. exit.
George Boukis
I am looking for a theme similar to this layout especially the header section:https://fivethirtyeight.com/
Is there a working demo for Hugo somewhere? I am not a dev but I am looking into Hugo for a client.
Alex Ivanov
George Boukis
No response to my earlier question on a theme for fivethirtyeight.com - is this the correct forum? , who can best respond to my question?
@boukisge You can check out the list of themes here https://themes.gohugo.io/
can somebody suggest a good theme for articles ??? have 3,000 text articles...only text.
Vincent Valeninte @prog20901 I am currently customizing Chuck Poster to fit my need. It’s worth taking a look at. https://themes.gohugo.io/hugo-theme-chunky-poster/
Maverick Stoklosa
hello, what could cause a discrepancy in the number of 'static files' detected between a local run of 'hugo' and one down in the deployed server directory?
John Levon
I have two tiny hugodocs PRs with no attention for 23 days. anything I can do to get them looked at?
what’s the default destination string? https://gohugo.io/commands/hugo/
Heinrich Hartmann


I am working on some markdown language extension for my own writings, e.g.

  • references that are indexed and listed a the end
  • grey boxes to track tangential content
  • figures with captions and references

In the past, I used Jekyll plugins for similar tasks.

I have been trying to use short-codes for this, but they don't seem flexible enough for these tasks.

I was not able to figure out if "hugo modules" can be used to build features like this. They seem to be more targeted towards building extended themes.

Is it possible to build these language extensions into hugo?
Where should I start looking, when building this?