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i want to add a new custom site map and the documentation doesnt work
i add a new file in layouts/_default/ but it doesnt get generated
Udani Wijewardhana
Can I remove Talk start and end times in the talk widget and only display the date if necessary
aparcar hello
aparcar I have a data folder with 1500 entries describing devices. Is there a way to convert these data entries to pages withoutmanually creating "dummy" markdown files?
Any one have idea regarding support for Angular JS in hugo . If its supported want to know what are the challenges that needed to be faced while integrating and working with angular JS in hugo.
Juho Vepsäläinen
hi, an acquaintance of mine ported their blog from gatsby to hugo. maybe it's good info for someone :smile:


How can we create multiple template pages using the above Post layout with separate sideNav.

Repo: https://github.com/hugo-toha/toha
I tried many ways but no luck

Kieran Eves
Hi. Is there a way utilising a CLI command for a partials archetype data be appended to a pages frontmatter? Usage case being I am using dynamic partials on a page and want it to be a bit easier for someone adding a particular partial to a page to be able to just run the command for the partial they want to add instead of copying and pasting the required parameters
Jez (he/him)
Out of interest, how strict is the "DEV DISCUSSIONS ONLY" policy here? Would questions about developing custom themes, templating, etc be on topic?
this might look like a stupid question, but is it possible to not sort the data loaded via .Site.Data?
1 reply
Jez (he/him)
slightly obscure org-mode + hugo question: does anyone know how to have tags with spaces in in my frontmatter?
e.g. if i put #+tags[]: One Two Three "Forty five" that makes five tags rather than four
with yaml frontmatter there's no problem having tags with spaces
but i'm not sure the org metadata parser even has a way to parse them
ee Seviche
Hey,Could I use 'html' docs when setting a menu ?
name = "About"
pageRef= "partials/home/profile.html"
weight = 40
I setting like that, it doesn’t work, what is the right way to do that ? so confused.. 🤔
Ashton Bradley
newb question - I want to have a simple markdown landing page. How do I do it? if I put an index.md or an _index.md in content/, I get issues with either sidebar links missing, or content doesn't appear. I have a simple file for layouts/index.html that I copied from this page https://gohugo.io/templates/homepage/
sorry, wrong channel
Konstantinos Kontogiannis
Hello everyone!
Glad to join you!Newbie to hugo, yet fascinated so far!
Ι'm curious to figure out how to build an in-app help center with Hugo for an Angular framework (headless CMS?)
Patrick Kollitsch
You don't. A static website does not have dynamic components. GoHugo is a static website generator. Anything dynamic you want to add would have to be some form of JS-based script and that is not at all related to GoHugo.
Konstantinos Kontogiannis
Thank you @davidsneighbour. Perhaps a js script at header should make it visible during login to framework!
I just had to merge string translation files from e.g. about.en.yaml + contact.en.yaml => en.yaml since upgrading over 0.90
is there still some way to have strings split in several files per language?
Christopher Perrin
Hi. I just got into hugo again and during my work I started using the image manipulation functions. While working with them I thought that they could be more usefull with some additions. Is there a interest in my contribution in that regard?
Specifically I would like to add conversion without resizing and a function like Fit that fills the remaining space so the image has the exact dimensions as given.
A nice to have would be to also allow svg as in input to the image pipeline
Christopher Perrin
I would be willing to looking into implementing this if you want this.
this is probably the wrong place to ask, try opening an issue
Christopher Perrin
It is less of an Issue. More like asking if you would accept such a change.
is there any reason an hugo build would not include content i can actually browse just fine with hugo server?
$ tree content/
├── about
├── contact.md
├── privacy-policy.md
├── products
ex. my products and services pages are not being built
but i can access services/blah.md just fine
└── services
├── blah.md
├── index.md
└── teset.md
Hello, any thoughts on switching image processing to govips?