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Nov 2015
Nov 13 2015 18:19
Hi, I have banging my head against the wall with the issue where Carbon can't be imported. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)
At \path\Carbon\Import-Carbon.ps1:96 char:1
  • Import-Module $carbonPsd1Path -ErrorAction Stop -Verbose:$false @importModulePar ...
Just wondering if there is any progress on this issue or should I give up on Carbon? Otherwise I love it. I have tried everything I can find. Moved to local folder, unblocked, modified powershell.exe.config to allow loadfromremotesources, modified powershell_ise.exe.config
All to no avail
Windows Server 2012
Aaron Jensen
Nov 13 2015 19:10
@IanElsinga What is the full path you are using to import Carbon?
@IanElsinga My guess is that you are trying to import Carbon across an SMB share, which PowerShell doesn't allow. I'm not sure why.
Nov 13 2015 19:28
Hi, thanks, I finally conquered it. It seems that the owner of the carbon folder in the SMB share was in a different domain than the caller (even though permissions were allowing access to both domains). Once I re-downloaded Carbon, unblocked, redeployed to the share using an account in the same domain as the caller it worked.
So it is now successfully importing over an SMB share
Thanks for Carbon :)
Aaron Jensen
Nov 13 2015 19:37
@IanElsinga You're welcome! Glad you figured it out.