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Feb 2018
Juan Diego Hereñú
Feb 16 08:27
Hello all! I have a question, I hope you understand why I do it. I've worked with Spock for three years, from 2012 to 2015. After that I moved to another company and I have been for the last two years working with JUnit and JMockit again, like oooold times. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to present and try to convince the team to move to Spock (our code is in Java but I have experience testing Java code with Spock). I told the idea to the most senior developer of my team and the only thing that he asked me is if the library still has support and is not a project that is going to die soon. I've been far away from the Groovy community for the last 2+ years and I know that a lot of things have changed. Grails does not have the support that it used to have, Groovy moving to Apache, etc. Please be honest, is Spock something that is going to continue evolving? Are we going to have support for Java 9? Now that Java 10 is in RC, is it too crazy to think about having support for it? I would love to migrate to Spock (actually I have already started, and It feels so good!) but I need to know if it going to last.
Thank you very much for everything you do! BTW
Leonard Brünings
Feb 16 22:51
Hi, yes I plan to continue to support Spock. Spock 1.2 will be the last one based on JUnit 4, 2.0 will be based on JUnit 5, I'm currently working with the JUnit Team to get the parallel execution support into the JUnit Platform so Spock can utilize it from the get go. Java 8 will be the new baseline then, as the majority of users are not willing to use short lived java versions and as a library Spock has to support the lowest common denominator. I haven't tested it with java 9, but since I don't have any projects with it I'm reliant on users to report issues. I already added Automatic-Module-Names to the manifests so you should be able to use it. I guess its more related to the groovy support of Java 9 instead of Spocks.
Juan Diego Hereñú
Feb 16 23:29
Thanks Leonard! Is everything that I wanted to hear.