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Repo info
    Hello, I am a new developer and I am trying this with Spree 3.0. I am using the master branch for spree_digital. I am getting an error that it cannot find this partial: spree/admin/shared/product_sub_menu
    Hoping to see if there is anything I am doing wrong, or if I just need to do this as a Spree 2.4 project
    David Freerksen
    That file doesn’t exist in Spree 3. I haven’t started working with Spree 3 yet but I think it might have been relocated here https://github.com/spree/spree/blob/master/backend/app/views/spree/admin/shared/sub_menu/_product.html.erb
    Unfortunately I don't have a Spree 3 at hand. But pull requests are always welcome. It was just recently that support for 2.4 started, see halo/spree_digital@ee2c4d1
    I sometimes look in the forks on whether someone went along and fixed it https://github.com/halo/spree_digital/network but at a first glance I don't see something like that
    Thanks, I am kind of new to all this, but I want to start contributing, so I might look into adding the file and making a pull request. For this project though, I will go with 2.4
    In general, I have the impression that it takes quite some while for a new spree version to settle in, with all the dependencies and all... I saved myself some trouble by using a version which was already well established. So you'd certainly do no mistake with that.
    Raul Ascencio
    This is old, but yeah, the file doesn't exists you need to remove the call, and there's one exception raised for the call: ssl_required :show so you either remove it or work around, everything else works fine.
    Micheal Stroud
    Oh wow will this zombie the thread; sorry. Does anyone know if adding 'digitial taxons' is possible?