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Jan 2015
William Gorder
Jan 06 2015 20:37
@dsyer I am playing with your angular-oauth sample. It looks really good but it wasn't quite working for me so I tried cloning yours to play with it. Its not building though, I cant seem to get
Dave Syer
Jan 06 2015 21:49
It should be in GitHub
Maybe not in spring repo yet (surprising) or the project is missing a repo declaration
William Gorder
Jan 06 2015 23:08
It is in the repo but it could not resolve it. I started making some progress with a similar approach so I have been going with that.
I have noticed that for some reason the eureka/zuul stuff is very fragile.
If I take down a eureak client and bring it back up it re-registers itself just fine but the zuul proxy throws errors and the api-gateway must be restarted.
I would assume that the system should be able to recover from service restarts without having to restart the zuul proxy app