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Jan 2015
Jan 23 2015 05:34
I'm not sure of the etiquette of this room, but if someone had a few moments to take a gander at my eureka config i would be much obliged. I am having trouble getting replication working properly.
Jan 23 2015 05:58's the hostname check that got me
Dave Syer
Jan 23 2015 06:37
Care to explain? Maybe we can add something to the docs?
Or samples.
"Any replica is considered "unvailable" if it cannot be found in the list. The logic to determine if something is "unavailable" is to take the URL in the replica list and find its hostname in the list of applications. This kind of indicates that the 2 instances can see each other and replicate information."
i was trying to do something similar with localhost for all the hostnames but different ports for each instance
in the end i mapped eureka[1:4] all to 127.0.01 in /etc/hosts
and made each hostname for each instance unique and corresponded to each URI in the list I set eureka.client.serviceUrl.defaultZone
Jan 23 2015 08:02
this might be more clear: schultzy51/netflix-base@db56801
i set the hostname for each instance as a parameter
or maybe i just got lucky and am thinking about peer replication all wrong?
either way i'm going to stop rambling and go to sleep for now